My holiday sex story

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“Well stop gawking around, we’re already late, we don’t need you making us later

They had taken enough, for the entirety of that morning, Ashley and Megan simply accepted their sister’s attitude, biting down on it until they could finally be rid of her. With as little words exchanged as possible, they gathered their things and headed back to the car, steeling themselves for what’s likely to come.

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Thankfully enough, with their spirits beaten, eyes dreary and willpower drained, things were only somewhat painful during the first hour or so. However, as adept at grinding their gears as Heather is, she soon found a way to dig their hatred of the trip even deeper. Both of them felt their eyes widen in a mixture of anger and shock at what Heather suggested, watching the sheer gall on what she brought up.

“Oh, wow! Girls, look at that~!”

Heather cheerily pointed out a nearby lake, glistening with sunlight on the still surface. Both of them knew what was coming, but with each word it only made the next more aggravating as she spoke.

“It’s so beautiful~ We’re taking a quick detour, let’s get some pictures!”

They were disgusted, the absolute audacity of Heather to torment them openly for the last two days, only to spring this on them. The hypocrisy, the clear showcase of how little she cared for their comfort, everything boiled over in a single moment. They both felt as if they could blow their tops at any moment, but a single, solitary moment passed by, Ashley and Megan sharing a brief glance at one another, seeing the same feelings in each other that they themselves were feeling, and their faces softened. It was a wordless pact to get their revenge, no matter what it may be, they were going to do it together…

Heather was somewhat surprised how little they all spoke during the ride down to the lake, expecting some kind of resistance, she simply thought to herself that perhaps her teachings had finally sunk in. Minutes pass by at the lake, Heather taking in the natural beauty of it, the crisp, clean air brushing through her hair, everything felt so relaxing!

Relaxing enough for her to slump back against a nearby tree, taking a few photos on her own, slowly drifting off to the subtle sounds of the lake and forest surrounding her. If only she could have sensed the ill-intentions of her sisters, she wouldn’t have done so, both of them hurrying each other back to the car, collecting a length of rope packed in case of emergencies, they come back to see Heather still asleep.

“Let’s make sure she regrets her little detour, hm?”

Ashley spoke over to Megan with a sadistic glee, smiling to herself as they walked closer, trying not to rouse her as they encroached on their victim. Perhaps sensing their intent too late, Heather’s eyes flutter, staring up like a deer in headlights at her sisters almost having descended onto her, Ashley clenching rope in her fist.

“W-what?! Get off of me!”

In a flash, the duo lunged at Heather, who clumsily rolled to the side, trying to avoid the grasp of her sisters. Having gotten this far already, both girls decide to see things through, Megan grabbing hold of Heather’s ankles to avoid her running away, Ashley crawling up her body with rope in-hand.

During their little scuffle, Heather tries to kick off Megan’s grasp, feeling her clasp around her in response, battling for control. In their struggle, Megan occasionally holds onto Heather’s foot for leverage, hearing a juxtaposing giggle from her lips each time. In her curiosity, she forgets her main purpose, letting Heather slip free enough to briefly scurry away, panic in her eyes whilst she claws at the grass she was once comforted by.

“Not so fast!”

Ashley suddenly kips to her feet, taking a quick step forward before planting her other foot against Heather’s back, holding her in place against the dirt. Megan’s slightly taken aback, Ashley clearly having more of a distaste for how she had been treated than herself, but she couldn’t deny the excitement at getting a little revenge. Ashley casts her a quick glance, she trembles beneath her gaze briefly before following after, placing herself on top of Heather’s lower body, squeezing her thighs together to keep her from making her escape.

“What the fuck are you two doing?!”

Heather seemed to have woken up enough to articulate a sentence, calling up at them whilst Ashley kneels down, roughly grabbing at her wrists and forcing them behind her back.

“We’re going to be late if you keep fucking around, this isn’t funny you know!”

Her voice begins trembling at the last few words, feeling the rope tightening around her wrists, she senses her own control being stripped away, left with nothing but their mercy. Once secured, Ashley allows Heather to roll over, looking down at her to give Heather the ugly realization… The cold look in her eyes held no mercy, only contempt.

“Tell us the passcode to your phone, we’re not sleeping in some fucking sty you choose.”

With her now restrained, there was an awkward silence hanging over the forest, Heather at their mercy, but staying quiet, neither quite sure what to do with her. That is, until Megan feels the need to coax the same sound she heard earlier from Heather’s lips again, crawling closer before grabbing at her ankle, smirking up as she slowly traces her finger across her skin.

In an instant, Heather tries to pull away, but is kept in place by Megan, each second only eliciting more of a struggle. Before long, both Megan and Ashley were curious as to how she would react, Ashley leaning over Heather and holding her in place whilst Megan gains free-reign to torment her.

With nowhere to squirm away to, Heather is suddenly held at mercy to Megan’s tickling, staring up at Ashley as her own face turns to a forced smile, laughter escaping her lips as her thrashing only strengthens. Still with no chance at escape, it seems fruitless, but there’s nothing else for her to do, with Megan teasing Heather’s ticklish senses, her body screams for her to escape, to wriggle away from the uncomfortable feeling, but kept a prisoner to it.

“Ooh, she hates it… Keep going~”

Ashley’s cruel sentence finally digs the understanding into Heather’s mind, realizing how far she had pushed her sisters, she knew there was nothing left but to endure her torture. In a mere few moments, Heather was reduced to a giggling mess, madly flailing as much as she could, both girls holding her still on the ground. A couple comes through the clearing, looking at what the ruckus was, seeing the two girls hold down their sister and becoming concerned.

“Hey, is everything okay here?”

Thanks to her constant stimulation, Heather couldn’t let out more than idle babbling, allowing her sisters to spin any tale they liked.

“All good! She just lost a bet is all, we’re timing a few more minutes before we let her go~”

The couple only giggled, looking at Heather’s face, not understanding the suffering behind it, and walked along, waving goodbye to the trio. Once out of sight, Ashley leans closer to Heather, whispering into her ear.

“Tell us your code, or you’ll be here for a while~”

Heather’s eyes widen at the prospect, and she quickly blurts out her code, giving Ashley a sudden wash of relief, getting exactly what she wanted. After making sure it worked, Ashley leaned in again, a smug grin on her face.

“Let’s not have you screaming for help, that would ruin our fun~”

Wondering what she meant, Heather gets a clear answer in the form of a swath of fabric forced into her mouth, balled in the middle to gag her, and now truly felt helpless. With despair aching in her chest, Heather blankly endures her punishment, unable to hold back her involuntary thrashes and laughter, but no fight left in her. Time passes, a few minutes turn into five more, Megan and Ashley thoroughly enjoying every second of their smug sister’s pained laughter, but knowing it had to come to an end eventually, not wanting to be late still.

“Hey Megan, look where we’ll be staying tonight!”

Ashley proudly displayed a rather posh-looking hotel, nothing too expensive, but a definite change from their budget motels. The prospect of a good rest has Megan giggling to herself, looking back down at Heather, returning to a smug expression that causes a chill to run down her spine.

With a smile on their faces, feeling rejuvenated after such an awful trip so far, Megan and Ashley cheerily help Heather to her feet, but keep her restraints in place, pushing her forward with each sign of resistance. Each step was dreadful for Heather, being at their mercy only seconds ago, it felt more like being pushed towards her cell, not back to their trip… They took their little captive all the way back to the car, guiding her into the backseat where Megan took a seat next to her, Ashley getting in the front to drive.

“Well, now that we’ve taken care of your detour, let’s head to our hotel!”

Swallowing back her instinct to bite back, Heather bides her time for now, planning fully to take her revenge when given the chance. Though that didn’t seem like now, almost as soon as their journey began, she felt Megan’s grip before being pulled closer, looking over at her sadistic grin as Heather felt the familiar feeling of dread wash over her.

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