Steamy sauna sex story

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I'd always promised myself a house with a sauna. A time spent being utterly lazy in a hot sauna, stretched out naked in the warmth, especially after a massage is just one way to heaven.

Even better if there is some pleasant company to share the experience with. And after a lot of searching, visiting places and a whole load of form filling, I found my paradise with its own sauna floating over the tranquil water of a small and extremely picturesque lake surrounded by a forest of proud, tall pine trees. I was with Ben but we both halted our steps seeing a nude woman, she was Anna, Ben’s girl which he was ready to share and she was coming today but I didn’t expect her to be so ready.

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Her breasts were even lovelier than I'd imagined. She stretched her arms up and went on tip toes, savouring the sunlight on her skin. It was an all over tan after all! Her line was fantastic; elegant, smooth, well-toned and proportioned. I was mesmerised. She turned to me and smiled, then arranged her towel on the chair to sit on. She sat back down and adopted a wonderfully relaxed pose.

As the heater started doing its job, I couldn't help noticing their displays of affection getting less inhibited. Ben was stoking Anna softly from head to toe. She just lay there soaking up the touch. It was very erotic just to watch them.

We sat for a few minutes, letting the warmth get into the skin and muscles. Her hand stroking his arm was electric. That simple gesture, nothing extraordinary, was nonetheless making me as horny as hell. She was so relaxed, almost nonchalant.

We were starting to get the first little beads of sweat when his stroking extended to her shoulders. I was willing him to start on her breasts and after a few torturous minutes when I was afraid nothing would go further, he did!

She purred gently under his touch. I was struggling like hell not to get a hard on, which started to seem stupid under the circumstances but I still didn't want to assume anything. I moved very slightly to the right to let my leg rest against her foot. This, I thought, would be a good tester as to how comfortable they felt.

The feel of even just that foot against my leg made any further attempts to fight the hard on futile and my cock rose quickly.

Ben was now massaging Anna's fabulous breasts with skill and passion and she was moaning softly with her lips parted, eyes closed and pushed her feet into me. Her pussy was also getting wet and I began to notice the sweet intoxicating aroma of her arousal. This was a dream come true! They were going to let me watch!

Ben was now hard as a rock too and Anna noticed his proud cock beside her face. She turned her head and with her hand, guided his member to her lips. The heat built as she wrapped her lips around him and sucked him slowly into her mouth... taking the whole length!

I decided to test the boundaries a little further and began stroking her legs and thighs. It worked a treat. It seemed to be what she had been waiting for as she started sucking and licking Ben's fully erect cock with more and more passion and opened her legs to allow my hands freer access. I bent over and kissed her thighs... No resistance!

I began licking and kissing her gorgeous skin, trying to control my impatience to reach that sweet warm pussy. But I still had a doubt; I wasn't sure where the limit was until I heard Ben's aroused voice saying, "Taste her pussy! She loves it...... and so will you!"

I did as I was asked, closing my mouth over her lips and then pushing my tongue between them. She was unbelievably delicious! I heard her moan with pleasure, the sound coming from around Ben's dick as I pushed her lips apart with my tongue and then delved as deep as possible inside her.

Her juices flowed freely over my tongue. Then I started paying attention to her fantastic clit, flicking it with my tongue and sucking it between further explorations up and down her slit.

I managed to look up and saw her body heaving and bucking and her determination not to let Ben out of her mouth.

This went on for I don't know how long until Ben said gently to her "I think we need to show some appreciation to our host Anna, don't you?"

"Mmmmm," she said and looked towards my cock which was now as hard as it ever was. Ben settled back against the wall again and Anna wrapped her heavenly form around my leg, positioning her face near my groyne.

"Enjoy!" said Ben, smiling and Anna slowly sank my rock hard cock deep into her mouth. I was in heaven! Again she took on that slow, almost nonchalant approach, slowly sliding her lips up, up up and then down, down, down my shaft.

She looked Ben straight in the eye the whole time. He was stroking himself and Anna just kept on and on sucking and licking me like someone enjoying her favourite ice cream for what seemed like ages. The sauna was hot as hell now.

Then Ben's hand traced a line up her leg and he pushed a finger inside her soaking wet pussy and began waggling it around. This made her squirm with pleasure and her sucking became more energetic. I thought I would explode right there but then she stopped suddenly, turned to Ben and shouted "For God's sake, fuck me. NOW!"

The effect was stunning! Ben moved Anna onto her side and grabbed one ankle, lifting it in the air to his shoulder. He positioned himself and without hesitating, plunged his now huge cock into his beautiful wife.

In and out, in and out he drove into her like a steam piston. Her fabulous breasts bounced and shook with every thrust and her cries of pleasure got louder and louder as she held onto me for stability. He fucked her hard and long; the sight of his cock pounding her carrying me away.

Suddenly he pulled out and turned her onto her knees on the bench. He grabbed her hips and lifted her ass towards him and without pausing drove his cock hard into her pussy again and continued fucking her doggy style. Her back arched and she threw her head up and noticed that my cock was throbbing right by her face.

She didn't wait to be asked but grabbed it with one hand and greedily shoved me into her mouth again. She didn't need to do much. With every hard thrust and pull of her hubby's cock into her fabulous pussy my cock slid in and out of her mouth.

Then Ben pulled out again and sat down.

"I wanna see you suck him while fuck you," he said. His cock was standing and throbbing high from his lap. Anna practically jumped onto his lap, spreading her legs either side of his and impaled herself on him.

"Come here!" she said to me, beckoning with her finger.

Right beside Ben's face she began sucking me again. He seemed amazingly turned on by the sight of his wife's mouth hungrily sucking the living daylights out of my stiff cock just inches in front of his face.

He began thrusting his hips upwards from the bench. Anna seemed equally turned on by having these two incredibly hard and horny cocks pumping her pussy and mouth simultaneously.

We continued in this way for a few minutes more until she managed with a muffled cry to tell us she was about to cum and wanted us to do the same.

The fucking and sucking got even harder. The sweat was pouring off us. Her breathing and moaning got ever more ecstatic and Ben was now grunting with every thrust of his cock while I was almost crying with pleasure.

I shouted a warning that I was about to cum, not knowing where she would want to take it but she just kept up the same frantic sucking until, with perfect timing she sensed my orgasm and opened her mouth.

Leaving my cock balanced on her lips and I shot a huge load of warm spunk all over her tongue. I came to a bucket load which washed all around her mouth and was in full view of Ben. This seemed to be the trigger he was waiting for and he yelled in pleasure as his pumping stopped and he buried his cock to its maximum depth in his wife's heavenly pussy and filled her with another massive load.

"Oh God I can feel it filling me! His cum is filling my whole body!" Anna shouted, at which point wave after wave of a huge orgasm washed over her. Watching her cum was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen! We lay there in the sauna for a while afterwards before skinny dipping in the lake and later heading back to the house.

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