Getting fucked in the spa

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Melissa hadn’t had the chance to relax for quite some time, often working overtime to make sure the company’s needs were met, she could practically feel the ache in her body with each step. Though thankfully, those steps were towards her cabin for the next week, situated perfectly within a secluded forest.

She had been attracted to this for some time now, waiting for the chance to finally let her hair down and let the pains of her hectic lifestyle melt away in its famous hot springs! Entirely natural, the water came from an underground already steaming, and then flowed down into a heavenly pool of relaxation.

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Finally making it to her new home for her trip, Melissa sets her luggage to one side, the constant thought of sinking into those steamy waters in the back of her mind, eager to listen to the chirping birds and feel the gentle breeze brush past her as she sunk lower into her spa day. As she began unpacking her things, Melissa caught herself making a mental checklist of things that could wait until later, getting further into her luggage with each chore being put off until later, eventually ending up with just her swimsuit and a good book to delve into.

That was it, having convinced herself slowly of what she’d wanted since she stepped foot inside, Melissa makes her way into the bathroom to get changed, a faint smile on her face as there’s a noticeable skip in each of her steps.

Now ready for her little adventure into the woods, Melissa practically swings her door open, book in hand, and takes her first real step outside into the wilderness, leaving her chaotic life behind her for the week. Though she couldn’t help but recoil at the sight of someone else passing by, not used to being so scantily clad, she instinctively covers her body, realizing how silly it was and softening up, trying to smoothe over her initial reaction with a friendly wave.

“Hey~! You probably noticed me just arriving, but I suppose I should say hi!”

Her upbeat and genuine attitude was almost infectious, despite her initial reaction, prompting the man to awkwardly make his way over to greet her properly. As he came closer, Melissa couldn’t help but take in the sight of his body, just as little clothes as she was wearing, she could see his toned body glistening in the sunlight.

“It’s good to see you’re already getting into things here! I’ve only been around for a couple of days, but I’m already in the habit of spending most of my day in the hot springs.”

Melissa was glad he was friendly, enjoying the thought of having at least one other person to connect with over her holiday. Despite enjoying the idle conversation, she couldn’t help from taking greedy glances at him at every chance he got. She couldn’t deny how attractive he was, his well-built body making her feel submissive just at the comparison between the two of them. His jet-black hair was short, but messy, giving signs to just how relaxed he had gotten over the course of his own holiday.

“So, are you heading over there as well?”

Lost in thought, Melissa suddenly snaps back to attention, confirming just that.

“Yeah! I was about to go looking for it, I heard it’s amazing!

“Well heck, let me take you there! I’m going anyway and it can be a bit hard to find your first time.”

It was a nice offer that she couldn’t rightly refuse, and lets him take the lead as they head into the forest together. Whilst they walked through, Melissa couldn’t help from going ahead slightly, entranced with being out of her usual life and in the luscious wilderness. With her attention taken away, the man takes the chance to glance over her body.

It was involuntary at first, but he couldn’t tear his gaze away once he started looking. Her tight swimsuit emphasized her body, clearly taking care of herself. He admired the curve of her waist that led to her plump butt, just big enough to jiggle with each enthusiastic step she took. Glancing higher, he savors the sight of her chest straining in her outfit, threatening to burst free of their restraints with each bounce, yet staying firmly in place. Finally, he admired her flowing blonde hair, like golden silk draped across her shoulders.

Suddenly, Melissa turns to speak with the man, but he doesn’t notice her turning around, leaving her with a brief glimpse of him raising his eyes, hoping he wasn’t caught. A small smile grows across her face, making him slightly nervous as she speaks.

“My name’s Jonathan by the way.”

He had hoped she hadn’t noticed how intent he was focusing on her body, shaking his head slightly to recover his thoughts. Melissa replies, realizing how awkward it is to invite a stranger to guide her into the forest without even knowing their name! Though he was more focused on the kind of effect she was having on him, forcing Jonathan to clear his thoughts to avoid obviously tenting his swimsuit as he stared at her. With it in a more manageable state, he still tries to hide his arousal, but it’s a struggle.

“I’m Melissa! And thanks for taking care of me and helping me to the springs, it means a lot~!”

With their awkward, and somewhat late introductions out of the way, Melissa turns back to walk further into the forest, occasionally having her direction adjusted by Jonathan. He watches as Melissa exaggerates how she traverses the woodland terrain, wiggling her hips seductively with each step, and making exaggerated motions to emphasize her curves to his greedy glances.

Finally, after Jonathan had been struggling with managing his stares and his own arousal building, they finally broke through the thicket and were able to gaze on the steaming waters that flowed down into the springs. The water flowed into a natural mound of basins, each one overflowing and letting the spring waters flow into the next, until finally making its way down into a nearby stream.

It was almost magical, the steam rising and giving the area a slightly foggy atmosphere, it was as if they were in a man-made spring! It was almost too perfect, but they were constantly reminded of the nature surrounding them, the birds chirping among the trees and a gentle breeze mixing with the humidity.

“This is amazing!”

Melissa was beside herself, gawking at the natural landscape set out in front of her. It had been a long-deserved break from her lifestyle, and even though she had only just arrived, she already felt as if she never wanted to leave. Not wanting her to stand in awe all day, Jonathan breaks the silence.

“You know you’re allowed to go in the springs as well, right?”

Melissa casts a sarcastic gaze back at Jonathan’s remark, but not being able to help from smiling at his little quip. Together, the two of them get closer, Melissa letting her thoughts melt away to the sound of the flowing spring water, a shiver running across her body from the rush of tranquility.

Slowly, Melissa descends into the piping-hot springs, recoiling at first from the sudden rush of heat, but slowly adjusting and letting her body sink lower and lower. After carefully submerging, she looks up at Jonathan, who was making an over-emphasized show of stretching himself to get ready. Then, without warning, he climbs up onto the ridge of the basin, pausing for a moment before jumping forward, his body causing a decent splash as he practically cannon-balled into the steamy water.

There’s an awkward moment where Melissa is somewhat annoyed, but waiting for Jonathan to surface so she can voice it, which seems to drag on for a few seconds too long. Starting to get worried, she pulls herself up from her sitting position, darting her eyes over the surface as she can’t help but feel a tinge of dread.

Just as she’s becoming genuinely concerned, Jonathan suddenly bursts out of the water on the other side, far away from where he landed, having obviously swam there to give her a fright. It worked, Melissa jolting upright and letting out a startled yelp at the sudden surprise.

“I can’t believe you did that!”

Despite the reason for her annoyance being replaced with something new, she can’t help but smile at the goofy grin he proudly displays on his face, clearly pleased with himself.

“You’re such an idiot…”

From there, things quickly transition from idle conversation, to exchanging stories among friends. Melissa somehow loosening up even more than before, Jonathan struggles to keep up with her sudden shift in personality, trying desperately to ignore the constant urge to glance at her body, but failing often enough to be noticeable.

Melissa knew exactly what he was thinking, how he stared across her body, and found herself doing the same. She couldn’t stop herself any longer, those thoughts overtaking her ability to properly focus, Melissa finds herself finally giving in, letting her arousal wash over her. Jonathan had finally swam up next to her, looking like he had lost himself as well.


Jonathan suddenly snaps out of his lecherous thoughts, coming back to reality as he realizes Melissa was practically red-faced, panting in front of him.

“You win, alright? Fuck you’ve got me worked up…”

It was incredibly intense seeing her so suddenly swap from her cheery demeanor and into this! She was panting as if she was in heat right in front of him, and for a moment, Jonathan lost focus on keeping his cock restrained, letting it bulge beneath the water. Without having a chance to focus his thoughts, Melissa takes her own lustful urges to fruition, plummeting into the water to join him, reaching her hand down to clasp at his cock.

“Let’s see what you’ve been hiding from me~”

Not entirely sure if she meant it at first, Jonathan is pulled by Melissa onto the edge of the basin. His eyes widened at the realization of what she’s talking about. With the secluded thicket hiding them away, his heart is now racing at the scenario he had found himself in, alone with Melissa as he watches her pull at the hem of his trunks, his chest rising and falling with his arousal as her lips are only inches away from his dick.

It’s as if she’s unwrapping a present, almost ripping off his trunks as she tears away at them, finally seeing his bulge in front of her, she can't help herself.

“Holy fuck…”

It seemed as though Melissa was trying to stop herself from speaking, but let out her surprise anyway, moving forward and finally pulling down his swimsuit, letting his hard cock pop free from them.

“How the fuck did you hide this…?”

It was beyond impressive, something she had never seen before, at least not to this extent. Lost in the sight of such a bitch-breaker of a cock throbbing in front of her face, Melissa felt a subtle heat growing in her chest, and quickly threw her bikini-top over her head. In a swift motion, her tits were exposed for him, he could barely take his eyes off of them, causing his precum to steadily drip from his tip.

Left there in awe, Jonathan is speechless at the scene playing out in front of him, and Melissa has found herself lost in arousal at the thought of taking his cock inside of her, and leans forward, her tongue hanging out, ready for it. His feelings having built up over the night, it’s nearly orgasmic when Melissa finally lets her lips seal around his shaft, looking up at him as she smiles through her sucking, sinking his dick deeper down her throat.

Though her eyes slowly widened in shock at the intensity of his throbbing, feeling his cock swell in her mouth, she’s forced to pull back to avoid having her mouth pushed wider. She watches, practically in awe at the sight of Jonathan’s cock swelling to an even more incredible size! He’s surprised at the hungry look in her eyes, letting her tongue hang out of her mouth again before wordlessly sinking back down onto his tip.

Now, with her mouth stretched much wider, Melissa greedily moans around his tip, sucking on it as if it was a sweet treat. Still eager for more, she begins slowly sinking his cock down her throat, feeling it bulge with every inch she swallows. It’s somewhat painful at first, but as Melissa sinks her hands beneath the water, she moves them between her legs and grinds against her fingers. Her pace increases, letting Jonathan feel her tongue rubbing along the underside as she continues giving into her pent-up lust.

It was an odd moment together, the chirping of birds and sounds of the forest gracing their moment with the tranquility of being within nature, adding to the intensity of how far they had fallen into their pit of lust.

Finally, Melissa had taken every inch down her throat, her body trembling by this point, eager for release. Seeing her like this had melted away any hesitations for him, and with Melissa stretching her throat on his cock, he felt the throbbing only intensify.

Melissa on the other hand, felt his dick press against the back of her throat, pushing past anything she had felt before, and began gagging on him. Not wanting to give into this absolute monster, Melissa clenched her throat and began pounding her face into his crotch, savoring the sounds of Jonathan openly moaning at the sensation. Each time she throated him again, Melissa felt herself retching from how intensely her throat was being stretched, thinking she wouldn’t be able to finish him off, but was saved with the sudden feeling of his cock spasming in her mouth.

In an instant, Melissa felt herself gag a final time, the rush of his cum filling her mouth was too intense to handle. She coughed up his first load, letting it dribble into the waters, but as she felt his cock throb again, she became intent on pleasing him. In a single motion, she throated his cock as much as she could, feeling his cum hit the back of her throat and trickle down, her body quivering from the sensation.

Several surges of his cum continued, Melissa feeling as though she could pass out at any moment, but held herself there, not giving in. Finally, she felt his orgasm subside, slowly pulling her lips back, letting the wet sound of his cock pull free echo in her head. With his cock now twitching in front of her face, Melissa couldn’t help from planting several chaste kisses across his shaft, feeling the warmth against her lips, her throat still aching from her rough treatment only moments ago.

With her final kisses finished, Melissa swims back, looking up at Jonathan with a smirk, but finding nothing to say. They’re still somewhat strangers, and with their arousal drifting away, she realizes the odd situation they’re left in.

The two of them awkwardly stared at one another, not sure what to say after the haze had cleared. A few moments pass, Melissa making her way to the edge of the springs as well, half-submerged as she scrambles for how to break the tension. Sensing this, Jonathan whistles over, drawing her attention.

Instantly, Melissa feels a hot rush of arousal flood her body, looking down at Jonathan’s cock and seeing how hard it had gotten again. With his cock throbbing mere inches from here, she couldn’t resist, shimmying herself closer before letting out a whimper when he grasped at her waist. As she felt his cock, still slick with her spit, enter her pussy, she knew her spa treatment was far from over…

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