Office work sex when daydreaming

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It’d been a long day already, having finished most of her quotas, she took the time to sit back in her chair and close her eyes for a moment. As she drifts off into a much-needed nap, she can’t help but have her boss come to mind, the man who puts so much pressure on her, sure he owns the company, but it can get overbearing sometimes with her duties.

As reality slips away and her dreams take over her consciousness, thoughts drift to scenarios in her head, one in particular stands out. Her boss, the gruff, masculine man in charge of her duties, expecting a tad more from her and displeased with what he had received, enters her office and speaks with her.

He’d walk around her desk, clearly disgruntled with her performance, and she’d suddenly feel his rough, ruggish hands glide across her shoulder, causing her to shiver as he spoke down to her.

“Why would I keep you here if you can’t keep up with your work?”

A tinge of fear set across her mind, the job she battled so hard for is suddenly at risk, and her mind races with thoughts of how to appease him.

“You’re lucky you brighten up this office with your fat ass, or I would have fired you!”

Those words send a warm shiver across her body, it’s an odd juxtaposition to have her boss, who she admired for his unyielding intelligence, using such crude language directed at her. Although she can’t deny that it causes a perverse tingle to quake between her legs, eliciting a subtle whimper from her lips at the sudden arousal.

As if sensing it, he guides her from the chair and to her feet, then runs his hand down her back, feeling her shiver with both anticipation, and an innate arousal at the sudden touch. Without a word, her boss applies gentle pressure to her back, guiding her to press her chest against her own desk. As she trembles beneath his gaze, her boss grips at her skirt, tearing at the fabric as he rips it in half, letting the destroyed clothing drop to the floor as he focuses on her exposed ass.

The feeling of having herself stripped by him had her in a frenzy, her pussy had already been soaking through her panties as he spoke to her, but now, she can’t hide how turned on she was. He had a full view of how she was dripping down her thick thighs, quivering in anticipation of what he would do next. That answer came quickly, as she soon felt his rough hand swat against her pert butt, eliciting a squeal from her plush lips as her eyes rolled up in a mix of pain and pleasure.

“You’ve been a bad girl, not finishing your work, but now your boss is here to punish you~”

There was no hiding her excitement now, and she arched her back for him, giving him a full view of her butt as he continued spanking her relentlessly. Before long, she was trembling on her desk, both from the pain of having her ass punished, but the arousal of being put in this situation, completely at his mercy, had her mind melting!

In a sudden switch, the feeling of his hand squeezing at her ass was replaced by the gentle, but persistent prodding of the tip of his cock pressing against the fabric of her panties. A silent threat that she’s about to be fucked for her failing work, and deep down, she wanted this. Sensing this, he gripped at the fabric once again and tore it from her skin, exposing her wet cunt to the air before he couldn’t hold back any longer, pressing his cock against her bare pussy. In one thrust, he drove it inside of her, stretching out her pussy more than she had done before, his thick, manly cock claiming ownership of her body with every thrust.

It was like a fantasy coming true for her, the boss she had fingered herself to the thought of so many times had finally taken her sense of control away and claimed her body. She couldn’t help but admire the man, let alone crave his touch!

Her thoughts were quickly pulled back to the situation at hand, as her boss began picking up his pace, thrusting with little care for the woman twitching beneath him, instead using her as if she was a sextoy, a fleshlight pinned against her own desk. Not only was he treating her like this, but she felt it deep inside as well, the feeling of her being his compliant toy, desperate for his attention, and eager to please him in every way possible. Before long, his thrusts became erratic, the breathing next to her ear became grunts of pleasure, and her pussy couldn’t stop from squeezing around his shaft, milking her boss’s cock for his load to fill her, until her mouth cried out for the same thing.

“FFuck me harder! Fuck me, fuck me!! Cum inside me, you stud!!”

That was the final straw, he reached his hand across her mouth, silencing her as he slammed his hips against her faster, listening to her muffled screams into his palm as he pumped his cock faster, listening to her squeals quicken until her body began trembling uncontrollably. He could feel it, her new slut had begun cumming her little brains out beneath him, and it urged on his own orgasm, painting her tight pussy with his cum as his cock pulsed inside of her, helped on as her pussy squeezed around him.

It was almost too much to handle, her body spasmed violently beneath him, mouth covered for her to scream into as her vision slowly whited out, losing her consciousness to an overwhelming wave of pleasure crashing over her. When she finally passes out from her quaking orgasm, her boss simply stands above her, smirking before raising his hand in the air, letting out a final, harsh swat across her ass.

That sound wakes her up from her little fantasy, realizing that her boss was in fact standing right in front of her, and had smacked her desk to wake her up.

“What the hell are you doing, sleeping at work?”

The look on his face shows both frustration and anger.

“We’ve got work to finish and you’re lounging around in your office?”

As she’s getting chewed out by her boss, she can’t help but notice how absolutely soaked she is between her legs, her fantasy having taken a bit much out of her. She wipes the drool from her chin and nods in agreement.

“So you understand that you need to be reprimanded for this?”

Anticipating the impending punishment, she dejectedly rises from her chair to follow him to his office to get yelled at, not realizing until it’s too late just how soaked she really was. Her crotch wasn’t just dripping, but it had run down her thighs and was visibly staining her black tights. Her boss notices this obvious stain, raising an eyebrow as he understands what has been distracting you so much.

“Make your way to my office, we’ll discuss a position better suited for you.”

Her heart sinks when she hears this, a demotion?! Before noticing just how interested he was in the damp patch between her legs, then realizing what he had meant.

“I’ll meet you there, I have some papers to pick up. Make yourself at home.”

With that, he leaves. When she enters his office, she’s still alone, and the mutual understanding of what had been going on still swims in her head. Then she realizes how she was allowed in here alone, and to make herself at home? A sudden surge of perversion runs through her head, a risk, but something she thought was implied by her boss already.

Before he gets back, she scurries behind his desk, crawling on her knees to fit under the crawlspace by his feet. Now hidden from view and awaiting her stud of a boss to come give her what she’s got coming to her, she unbuttons her shirt to give him a view before hearing the click of the door, and his manly footsteps coming closer to his chair. Before he comes into view, she leans forward and parts her plush lips, sticking out her tongue expectantly, awaiting her punishment~

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