Pool sex underwater: Wet pussy

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Kara had had a tiring but enjoyable day. She had made many notes and, after only the first of three days, she already felt that she had enough material for an excellent article. My time in a foreign country was going well.

Now she was back to her hotel and standing, in her tight, white one piece swimsuit facing the indoor swimming pool. She puffed a relaxed sigh and once more stared down into the peaceful water. This really was the best bit.

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Momentarily she glanced out of the large panoramic windows surrounding the pool. She could have been naked and no one would have seen her. The night sky was beautiful and Kara felt her body tingle at the thought of being so alone in such a gorgeous surrounding.

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Taking up the correct stance she aimed her hands at the pool and dived in. Kara rested at the pool's edge and paused for breath. This felt so good. Back she swam to the place where she got in. Upon completing her second length Kara placed both hands on the pool side and motioned herself up and out of the water. She looked stunning with water dripping everywhere from her nubile frame. Reaching back she took her long brown hair and scooped it up. She needed a tie and moving to her discarded robe she took out a blue bobble and fastened her beautiful mane into a long, wet ponytail.

Roving eyes watched her stretch her body tight as her back arched and she completed the tying of her hair. She was not alone.

Kara turned back to the pool. Once more her lovely 5 foot 2 inch body prepared to enter the water. Her bare feet felt for the edge of the pool, helping her to balance.

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The eyes roamed over the tight firmness of her pussy covered by the sheer, white material, high cut at the front of her groin to reveal a considerable expanse of thigh and abdomen. Then up the long, seductive length of the black zip that held the material tightly around her breasts and slim waist. The first few teeth of the zip were undone revealing a tantalising glimpse of cleavage and servicing an undeniable fuelling of lust filled intent.

The eyes belonged to a body and the body to a man. A local man, who knew that Kara was alone in the house. Kara finally noticed the Italian man who was humming something in English. Suddenly, Kara saw him come closer and  unexpectedly engulfed her body.

" Wanna have fun?" And maybe she shouldn't have nodded.

He suddenly held her, dived under the water and headed for the centre of the pool. 

She felt a tight grip around her waist. The lovely swimmer's arms were pinned back and she was grateful for the small mercy that she still had her Lycra swimsuit clinging to her skin as the man's unyielding erection probed at her pussy.

Pool sex stories

Shocked, but relieved, she inhaled eagerly, watching as her escaping breath drifted upwards towards the surface. Letting his delicious girl take her final gulp of air the man pulled the mouthpiece back, leaving Kara to hold her breath again.

 The slim, wet beauty watched as, almost in water restricted slow motion, the zip on her swimsuit was pulled down revealing more and more of her smooth, naked breasts. She wanted to groan but, given her situation, could not. Her sensitive nipples came into view already erect and crying out to be stimulated even more.

Then she was dragged up and out of the water, air all around her head as she desperately sucked in lungs full of oxygen. Kara was still held tight, her arms pinned behind her, acutely aware that she could be dragged back under at any moment. Her water soaked breasts glistened in the light of the pool room. She felt the swimsuit slip off her shoulders and over each, temporarily freed, wrist to bunch around her waist. The zip was fully wound down breaking the surface of the water and coming to rest just above the line of Kara's neatly trimmed pubic hair.

She spluttered, as she felt a hand move under the water and down to her groin.

She returned his stare. Unwittingly her lips opened in implicit invitation. His mouth, free now entirely of the mask, descended onto her red, moistness. Driven by his insistence their tongues' danced freely, fuelling his ever growing desire. Her mouth was soft, as was her body. She was pushed into him from behind, moulding her lovely, slim, almost naked frame against his. Even though her groin was under the water the flow of her juices warmed his hand as his fingers crept inside the hem of her swimsuit and parted, ever so slightly, Kara's engorged pussy lips. Teasing further inside the hem of the soft, stretched fabric he slid a finger entirely past the skimpy material until he was embedded to the knuckle inside her.

"Ohhhhh!" she groaned into his mouth.

A second finger joined the first and opened her up even wider.

She gasped, breaking the kiss. The man drew her lips back to his, reconnecting their embrace. Just a taste of her was all he needed to inflame him beyond reason.

Once more Kara groaned.

“Take off your swimming costume." His fingers freed themselves from their sensitive holding. Kara gasped at the rough exit made by the invading digits.

She looked sideways, embarrassed, aware that she wasn't free enough from the hold on her arms to carry out the simple order.

Kara reached down into the water and rolled the bunched up suit down her tanned, smooth legs. The man watched, smiling as, even through the water, he could see her, now complete, nakedness staring back at him. He grabbed the suit from her and threw it onto the pool side.

"Good girl."

"Ouchhh!" Once more she was taken in a firm grip and held securely from behind. This time her eyes bulged wide as the man at her rear her thrust his cock, still rock solid, onto her pussy. The length of his large shaft jutted up, sliding up and down between her cheeks making him hard, then harder than rock solid. He wasn't inside her but he was damn close.

She felt her nipple tweaked.


Kara's nipple was pulled savagely downwards. She had no option but to follow. He went down with her as they both disappeared under the water. His grip on her erect bud was strong and it hurt. She held her breath as did he. He twisted. She wanted to yell but couldn't. Then he pulled and forced her to move forward having the effect of bending poor Kara over whilst still underwater. Then there was a probing, prodding and pushing at her rear. He was in. Kara could hold back no longer as his penis invaded her pussy. Her mouth opened wide and filled with water. She was dragged quickly upwards.

She felt the rigid muscle being pushed inside her body, her pussy being opened.  She was being fucked mercilessly.

Again he shoved in after pulling out completely. First 6, then 7, 8 inches and more, on and on fucking her in a way that she had never been fucked in before. Again she was bent forward.

He also reached his hand under to cup her pussy once more and he slipped his finger back inside her moist slit. She was silent save for the guttural groans escaping her mouth. She could feel the invading length deep inside her pussy whilst at the same time she was growing ever more turned on through the sensitive touches of the other man's fingers.

"Do you want to come yet?"

Kara was being fucked hard when she felt the fingers worm out of her and rest on and then below her neatly trimmed pubic hairs to trail gently along the warm, wet length of her slit, caressing the lips of her pussy and the moist fleshy groove that lay between. To his delight he heard Kara moaning softly.

Behind her the man began driving his cock forward with increased urgency and she became momentarily oblivious to her surroundings, her mind focusing on the extreme experience of being used so forcefully. Her body felt awash with the sensation of being controlled and subdued by the large penis upon which she was mounted. Kara grunted each time he rammed into her and her stifled cries seem to inflame him more and more.


Her used body felt his cock thrust deep one more time before jerking and throbbing madly as he came inside the warm embrace of her pussy. His hand scratched down her tender, tanned back wracking additional pain through her exhausted body as she felt his breath hot against her neck. She was sandwiched between the two men.

Dazed, her whole body aching deliciously, Kara felt the slackening cock slip from her rear as the man at her front continued to frig her making delightful circles that excited her, edging her closer and closer to an orgasm. She shuddered as her pussy released the huge invader upon which she had been impaled. She was fortunate that the water stopped his semen from spilling down her thighs as instead it floated thickly to the surface.

Kara wanted to drop her exhausted body to its knees but she was prevented in so many ways from doing that.

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