Outdoor Pounding at Butterfly Beach

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Masha always had one thing in her mind and that is she wants to get fucked on a secluded beach. Adam, her fiancé knew about her wish. But, Adam didn’t like the idea of taking the act of sex out of their bedroom. Whenever Masha and Adam used to watch porn together, Masha would always ask Adam to play a porn video on outdoor sex, preferably beach. 

Masha wanted Adam to behave like a man in front of her during sex and fuck her as hard as he can. She wanted Adam to pull her hair, fuck her in the ass, and slap her face. But, Adam couldn’t do them because he didn’t want to hurt Masha. Well, Masha was getting bored with Adam. But, she loved him and that was why she was adjusting to how Adam would treat her always. 

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A few months before their wedding, they decided to go on a trip to Goa, India. It would be their last trip as an engaged couple. The idea seemed very romantic to Adam. Masha didn’t oppose that idea either and so, they booked the ticket and accommodations and packed their bags to head out to Goa. It turned out to be a trip that they would remember for a long time. 

The Time of Their Life

Once they landed in Goa, they started to enjoy themselves thoroughly. The gorgeous Baga beach in Goa is very popular. There are more than 50 beaches in Goa and Masha and Adam wanted to explore every one of them. That is why they were excited. After swimming on the Baga beach, they had their lunch in a shack near the beach. After that, they went to the bedroom where Masha went down on Adam and gave him an amazing blowjob. Adam was just experiencing the sensations by closing his eyes. 

After that Adam went down on Masha and licked her pussy and fucked her with his fingers. Once he made her cum with his fingers, he straight away went to fuck her from behind. He was wearing a condom while fucking her pussy from the back. Masha never liked this. She always wanted Adam to fuck her without using condoms. But Adam wasn’t happy to do that. That was why Masha never said anything about it. She always wanted Adam’s happiness over her. 

Susan and Mike

On the third day of their Goa trip. Masha and Adam met a honeymoon couple, Susan and Mike on the beach. They were staying at the same hotel as Masha and Adam. As both couples were of similar ages, they bonded very nicely. Susan and Masha became almost like sisters. They were talking to each other all the time and Mike and Adam also bonded pretty well. 

During a conversation, Susan told that Mike had fucked her on the butterfly beach which was very close to the hotel they were staying at. It was a secluded beach and thus, a perfect place to have outdoor sex. Masha said with despair, “I want to have sex on the beach with Adam, but he doesn’t want that.” Susan replied, “Do you think Mike approved it first? All men are the same. You just have to make them do it.” Masha asked, “But how?” After that Susan told her the entire story.

“When we were at the butterfly beach, it was late in the afternoon and I didn’t see anyone around. So, the guide who took us there, I took him to the side and asked him about a place where no one can see us. He showed me a location. I think he knew what we were about to do. I gave him a generous tip and asked him to guard the fort and he did that. And, I took Mike to that spot which our guide pointed out.”

Susan continued, “Mike had no clue what I had in my mind and I didn’t tell him that either. So, I took him to that secluded spot and started kissing him. Mike thought initially that it was a romantic gesture because the atmosphere was very romantic. But, I had other ideas. I went down on him and took his dick out and started sucking it. I was going deep and Mike resisted initially but finally gave up because of his urges. I also took off my top and let Mike play with my melons as I kept working on his hard rod. He couldn’t take it anymore and got me in all fours and started pounding me from behind.”

Masha was surprised and said, “Wow bitch! You finally did it. But I don’t know how to get Adam into this. Will he do the same as Mike did to you? I don’t know because my fiancé is a bit different.” Susan with a grin on her face said, “Look, every man has a dick and when you get that up, they will not think from their brains. I did that with Mike and he said that he lost his control when I sucked his dick. The same thing will happen with Adam. Just get his dick up and make him lose all his control. And, the rest will follow automatically.” Masha knew that this was her chance and she knew what she would have to do to get Adam fuck her on the beach. 

A Trip to Butterfly Beach

Susan called the guide that took them to butterfly beach and booked him for Masha and Adam. She also told the guide that they would need the same service that he provided Susan and Mike. Masha was very excited about the trip and Adam had no clue whatsoever of the plan Masha cooked to get him aroused and make him fuck her on the beach. Adam was happy because he was able to forget all his tension from work and relax for a while. 

They took a car to many beaches which were secluded and finally, around the evening time came to the butterfly beach. The view of that beach was so amazing that Masha and Adam were lost in a romantic vibe. The guide came up to them and told them to go to a particular spot as the view from there was spectacular. Masha knew that this was the hint and it was time for her fantasy to come true.

They went to a place where nobody can see them and Masha saw that the guide was guarding the fort for them. Adam was a bit surprised but what happened after that shocked Adam. Masha went down on her knees and started sucking Adam’s dick. Adam resisted initially but Masha had his dick and balls all in her mouth. She was going as deeper as she never did while giving a blowjob to Adam. That was why it was a different feeling for Adam.

Surprisingly for Masha, for the first time, Adam took hold of her hair and started fucking her mouth. She wanted Adam to be rough on her for a long time but he never did that. It was all vanilla for Adam. But, now, he was pulling her hair. He took Masha’s top off and started slapping her tits. After that, he tit-fucked her. Masha got 34C tits and they were perfect for a tit-fuck. But, it was the first time Adam did it. It was like having sex with a different Adam.

After fucking her tits, Adam made Masha get on all fours and started fucking her from behind. Masha never thought that Adam will be so eager to fuck her without wearing a condom. He was rough. He was spanking her ass and making her scream by fucking her both holes. Adam was using Masha’s body and it was a dream for Masha to get used by Adam. He wanted to act like a slut in front of her fiancés because she knew that she had a slut inside her. 

Adam never came in her mouth or face or body. But, when he was about to cum, he took his dick off from Masha’s pussy and placed it inside her mouth and came. His entire load was inside the mouth of Masha and she swallowed it easily. She was behaving like a true slut and for the first time, Adam seemed so relieved after having sex. 

They didn’t talk at all after that and came back to the hotel. Later that night, Adam told her that he never wanted to fuck her like a slut. But, when she insisted, he did it. Adam said, “I always fucked girls like an animal in the past. I respect you and didn’t want to do the same with you. I can’t live without you. But, if you want to get fucked like that every night, then I can do that. I can be rougher you know.” Masha with a smile on her face said, “This is what I always wanted from you. I want to be your slut. Fuck me just the way you like.” Since that day, the relationship between Masha and Adam became stronger than ever.

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