The First Time Dogging Experience

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Melissa was tired of her sex life. She has tried everything that she could have done to make her sex life interesting again. But, the feeling she had when she used to have sex in her younger days, she wasn’t having that same feeling now. She was 32 and single because she couldn’t find a man who would make her sexually happy. She tried every type of sex one can possibly have.

Look, she knew that she was addicted to sex. She was a nymphomaniac. She had shagged most of her friends and college professors in her college days. She was a bona fide whore of the college and any men or women who felt horny came to her. And, she never declined anyone in giving them sexual satisfaction. But, she wasn’t having the same satisfaction that she used to have during her college days. 

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A few days back, she fucked 5 men in a gangbang and they were rough to her but she didn’t feel satisfied. She also tried to fuck men in front of the camera but she failed to find real satisfaction. Now, she was getting frustrated. Yes, she was a porn star for a few months and then she left porn because she didn’t enjoy sex while shooting porn. For her, sex is something that she will do for enjoyment and not for money. So, her sex life was bland and she was getting hopeless with her sex life. 

A Ray of Hope

Melissa was scrolling her Facebook feed when she found a group for dogging. She laughed at first because she found the name dogging hilarious. Melissa had no clue what dogging was. So, she ignored it. But, after scrolling down a few more posts, she realized that the post about dogging was in a sex group that she was in. She was a part of many online sex groups to find sex partners. 

She realized that dogging could be a form of sex she didn’t know. So, she scrolled back to that post and she read, “IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN DOGGING, THEN MEET ME AT THE DESERTED CAR PARK NEAR THE CLOSED BACKSTAGE LOUNGE BAR IN CHARLOTTE, NC, AT 7 IN THE EVENING.” Now, Melissa knew that dogging must be some sort of sexual act that she doesn’t know. 

So, she started to read about dogging and the experiences of the people involved in dogging. She also found a few scripted videos on dogging but as a former porn actress, it didn’t excite her. What excited her the most were the stories that she was reading of the people who were involved in dogging. Melissa was excited because she could shag any stranger in a public place and others will stand there and watch her getting fucked. Just the thought of it made her pussy wet.

Melissa knew that she needed dogging to rejuvenate her sex life. She had to do this. She knew where she would find people who are interested in dogging. She had the address noted down from that Facebook post. She knew the time when she would have to be present. It would take her around 4 hours to reach Charlotte, NC, as she would be going from Virginia. And it was 2.30 already in the afternoon. So, she didn’t waste a single minute and got into her car and drove. 

She was so eager to have that experience that she didn’t even bother about researching and finding more about dogging. She wanted to have first-hand experience. Yes, her heartbeat was going up with each minute passing. She was tense and anxious because she never had sex in front of people who will be there just to watch her and jerk. Also, she would be having sex with random men whoever would want to fuck her could approach her and fuck her. It made her feel alive again. 

First to Turn Up

 Melissa was feeling alive again because she knew that the sort of sex she will have within a few hours was something completely different from what she had experienced in her life. The setting of the place where she will be having sex will be completely different. And, that was what made her more exciting. She was having different sorts of thoughts and all of them were erotic. So, her pussy was already wet even before she reached the location for dogging. 

When she finally arrived at the given location at the BACKSTAGE LOUNGE BAR, she found that the bar was closed and she knew that from the post. She went towards the back of the BAR and there was no one. The entire site was secluded and she felt a bit spooky. She waited there for 15 minutes because she reached the place at 6.45. Even at 7.15, there was no sign of another individual. She was getting impatient and frustrated. She came here with lots of hopes.

But, now, as things stood, she would not be having sex. She would have to drive back to Virginia alone with her wet pussy. She thought that she was the first to turn up here and she would be the last to leave because no one was there. She was kicking herself for believing in such bullshit. But, she had an idea. She didn’t need anyone to have sex. Her pussy was wet, she had porn in her phone, and she would lie back on the hood of her car and play with her pussy. And, she started doing that. 

The Flash of the Lights

Melissa was in a different world. The excitement of playing with her pussy in a public place and the spooky atmosphere made her lose control of herself. She felt like she was in a different dimension where she was feeling the sexual pleasure she wanted for a very long time. Her eyes were closed and suddenly she felt the light and she opened her eyes to see that 4 cars were flashing lights.

She had read that flashing lights sometimes could be the signal from someone who would want to join the action. Melissa had no problem in having dicks now and so she flashed her car’s headlights as well. And around 6 men came out of those four cars and started to come close to her. It was like her fantasy coming true. She just wanted to get manhandled by these men. 

One of those men picked her up from the car and made her stand with her leg up and entered her pussy. The other 5 men stood in a circle as she sucked each and everyone’s cock. Suddenly, that man picked her up in his arms and asked another man to enter her ass. Melissa wanted it. She wanted to get a double penetration like that for so long. And now, she was getting it. 

Another man came in and grabbed her hair and pulled her towards the cock to make her suck it. The other men were busy fondling her boobs, slapping her face, and spanking her butt. The two men who were fucking her was about to cum. So, they made her kneel and ejaculated inside her mouth. And, she swallowed their load. After that, she licked the rest of the spilt semen from her chest and boobs. 

Next, it was the turn of another two men and this time, one laid down on the hood of the car and entered the pussy of Melissa and the other was fucking her from behind. And she was sucking the dicks of the other two men who were standing beside the hood. And, when these two men were about to cum, they also made her kneel and cum in her mouth.

Like the slut she was, she gulped the entire load in on go. After that, it was the turn of the other two men whose cocks she was sucking. They sandwiched her in a standing position and fucked her. The one who was in front of her and fucking her pussy slapped her face as if she was a worthless whore and the other guy fucking her ass from behind spanked her butt. 

When they also ejaculated, in her mouth and while she was about to gulp their load as well, the other four men came forward to drench her once again with their loads. Her body was completely covered in their semen because they massaged her body with their loads afterwards. It was a messy affair, something that Melissa wanted for a very long time. 

She came back to Virginia that night driving totally naked because she still couldn’t believe what she experienced there. She gave her number to one of the guys present there to call her whenever they make plans for dogging again. It was an experience that Melissa would crave now all the time. Since then, Melissa had been a regular member of their group and she regularly goes out for dogging because she understands how thrilling sex can be during dogging. 

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  1. zena
    November 4, 2022 om 12:35 pm

    Love this story. In my case I was in this dogging site along a wooded lay-by lane in York, it was about 10 pm, getting impatient waiting for about half an hour. Suddenly I spotted a young man. I flashed head light of my car. My sexual instinct lit up watching this man in his 20s appeared to my car window. I unrolled my window and without any delay he kissed me shoving his hand into my unbuttoned shirt. I hurriedly opened the door and raised my thighs up. He drove his hard throbbing cock into my wet pussy in one go. He did not last long though. He got up and I came out of the car to straitening up my dress. WOW! within a few minutes four of his friends appeared from no where – they fucked me, ravished my pussy and tits in all positions – one tried to enter my asshole but came too soon and failed.


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