Car sex story: On the road

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My boyfriend and I were just going home after having a date at a local arcade. He was driving while I was sitting next to him in the passenger seat. I don’t really know how things escalated but all of a sudden we were touching and kissing each other while he was struggling to drive. He finally saw an  empty road as it was quite late already and people might be at home cozying in their beds rather than driving in this cold. He parked the car, not turning off the engine.

Having sex in the car

The song is still playing. Soft music filled my ears as the lights from the dashboard cast shadows over her sharp features. I looked up into his eyes as I leaned close and brushed my lips lightly against his.

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I moaned at the first taste of him, my hands flattening against her chest, my body leaning as close as I could get to him with the console between us. I felt my nipples harden as his hands slid slowly up my arms as I tilted my head to deepen the kiss as he sunk them into my long, thick brown hair.

He broke the kiss and leaned back a bit to reach between his legs, moving the seat as far back as it would go. I took the hint from the smile on his face and climbed over him. My pussy was already throbbing and wet as I settled on his lap on the driver's side before resuming the kiss.

I groaned into his mouth as my pussy pressed against the length of his already hard cock just behind the opening of his jeans. I was glad I wasn't the only one affected in the small space as I shifted my hips, pressing my sex full on against the bulge there.

Sex in the car parking

His hands moved to my shoulders pushing down the thin straps of my dress, the cool air moving over my skin like a light caress making my nipples hard as his mouth moved from mine to nip at the tender skin at the base of my throat. I ran my fingers through his short hair as he licked and teased me there, both of us breathing heavily.

He dipped his head and captured one hard nip between her teeth. I gripped his head tighter as he ran his tongue slowly around my areola then flicked it across the tip. My back arched, pushing more of my breast into his mouth as his other hand came up, cupping and squeezing as his mouth drew me in slowly. I braced my hands on the roof as he teased me, my hips rocking against him, making my already wet pussy even wetter.

His hands trailed up my thighs slowly, under my dress. He groaned low in his throat as he realised what I'd hidden from him all night; I wasn't wearing anything under the little black slinky dress.

His hands gripped my ass and pushed me hard against his cock. I brought my hands to his head and lifted his face; kissing him as we ground against each other, dry humping in the small space. I knew if I kept this up, I could come without him laying a finger on me, just from the rubbing of his body against mine.

But I didn't want that, I needed him inside me.

I shifted slightly, slid my hands between us and gripped the top of his jeans, tugging hard and slowly popping open his button fly. I looked up and smiled at him as his cock, hard and hot, popped out into my hand.

Seems I wasn't the only one to forgo under things.

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and squeezed, sliding up and down as his hands moved over my breasts. I leaned closer and rubbed my clit against the head of his  cock, moaning into his mouth as my body clenched in anticipation. I trailed my hands up, running my fingertips over his tight stomach as I slipped them under his shirt and tugged it over his head pressing myself close to him so my breasts were squashed against his bare chest. The feeling is indescribable.

We moved together as my wetness coated his cock, my clit throbbing as I bumped and ground it against the silky hardness of his shaft. I lifted off him, desperate to have him inside me as his hands gripped my hips and he shifted, positioning me over the tip.

The head of his cock opened me, I groaned as I sank down slowly, letting myself feel every inch as he slowly penetrated me. I arched my back, bracing my hands on the roof of the car as my muscles gripped him tight. I slowly started to roll my hips, sweet sensations coursing up and down my body as I moved up and down.

I felt it coming, that tell-tale flutter in my lower belly and I moaned loud, speeding up. My pelvis coming down against his harder, the sounds of our skin slapping against each other filling the car as I rode him harder and harder...reaching for that little taste of ecstasy.

His hands never stopped. Teasing my nipples...cupping my breasts...and driving me higher and higher. He slid one down over my hip as his mouth took the place of his hands on my breasts and his fingers moved across my stomach to where we were joined. My body shook as his fingers opened me and started to stroke rhythmically over my hardened clit, I gripped his shoulders and slammed myself hard down on his cock as my pussy clenched around his cock, gripping him tight and I came in a rush of moisture, his name a low moan on my lips.

"Yes baby, come for me."

His words low and breathy as he took over the pace, his hands on my hips gripping me tight as he pulled me down hard against him. My body clamped around him like a vice as I moved with him, meeting his strokes and coming again on the tails of the first, coating his cock as he fucked me harder and harder reaching for his own release.

I leaned forward, one hand snaking below him and gripping his ass, pulling him hard against me as my teeth bit into the soft skin of his neck and shoulder.

I half whispered and half groaned into his ear as his thrusts sped up, knowing it would set him off,

"That's it baby...fuck me hard...fill me up...god yes baby...he feel so fucking good...I'm so hot and so wet...come for me baby...COME FOR ME!"

I squeezed tight around his cock and kissed him hard, our teeth hitting as I groaned into his mouth and came again, my words affected me as much as him as I felt his cock pulse and throb inside me, capturing his groans and low grunts in my mouth as he emptied himself deep.

I collapsed against his chest, my body like jello as I felt his cock slowly soften and pull from me, our juices mixing and seeping from my body, coating the insides of my thighs.

My head snapped up as I saw the red and blue lights flashing behind the car.

"Shit!" We cried out in unison as I all but leaped from my position on his lap and dove into the passenger seat as we hurried to straighten ourselves, finishing just before the light rap on the window.

I couldn't help it and laughed quietly to myself as he lowered the fogged glass and blinked into the bright flashlight that shone in his eyes.

"Everything ok here folks?"

The officer's voice had a trace of amusement in it. I was sure he could smell the scent of our recent activities as it poured out the open window into the cool night.

Plus every window in the car was fogged up from the heat we had generated, a dead giveaway.

"Everything is fine Sir...we were just umm...talking?"

I tried not to smile as his statement came off as more of a question than an answer.

The officer looked us both over then pulled back, "Well I trust your 'conversation' is over now...move along please and next time...wait until he gets home to have a 'chat.' "

His emphasis was on the words conversation and chat; letting us know that he knew exactly what we were up to when he'd arrived.

We both laughed out loud as he returned to her car and waited for us to leave, feeling like kids who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar as we pulled out from the side of the dark country road. He smiled as he drove, the promise ringing clear in his words as he spoke,

"We will 'talk' more at home baby...maybe a 'chat' in the shower?"

And I wouldn’t be lying if I say I wasn’t looking forward to it.

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