Bus sex stories: Bumpy Road

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I sigh as the public bus stops in front of the small crowd of people who stand to get on. Like normal, a zombie-like crowd steps off the bus, and then another zombie crowd enters the bus. And I'm one of those zombies. An early morning, having to go to work, bored as all hell, zombie.

"Beth, you need a change," I tell myself out loud right before I step up the stairs of the bus. No one says anything to this. No one even looks at me even though I'm alone. I have a feeling this isn't because they didn't hear but because they don't care. Early morning zombies only think about one thing, which is their routine.

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I move towards the back of the bus like I normally do. Not all the way to the back, but like 3/4 back. Once there, I stay standing where I grab hold the bar overhead with one hand. A few moments later, the bus starts off. In about 40 minutes the bus will stop downtown and I'll get off.

Having sex on the bus

I leave for work early, so the bus is only about half full. Someone moves past me, where he bumps into me as well. His shoulder bumps into mine in a way that feels like it is on purpose. And the guy is a big guy so it could have knocked me over if I didn't have such a firm grip on the bar overhead.

When he does this, I expect him to say sorry or something but he doesn't. Instead, the guy moves right behind me. Like, right behind me. To the point his body is touching mine.

He stays pressed against my back side as if we know each other. As I begin to turn, he brings his hand around me. This surprises me greatly and I actually try to step back but can't as he is behind me. His large hand then reaches up and grabs my chin. His grip is very firm and stern to the point it makes me gasp.

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Then he turns my head so it is facing front. Just force it forward, despite what I was going to do. Once I'm facing front, he lets go and removes his hand.

Stunned, I keep looking forward, not believing that happened. I gasp again when the man puts his hand on my ass. Wide eyed, I stand there not moving, feeling him lightly squeeze my skirt-covered ass. That's what he's doing, grabbing my ass and squeezing. He's groping. Groping me on the bus where no one sees.

Long moments pass as he gropes my bottom, changing between cheeks as I stare forward as if my life depended on it. His hand cups my bottom, then squeezes lightly, then much harder. He repeats this as he changes from cheek to cheek.

Fucking in a public bus

The man grabs my left wrist that hangs at my side while still groping my ass with the other hand. With a death grip on my wrist, he slowly lifts it upward. Is it so slow that no one seems to notice that it's not me doing this. He keeps on lifting until he puts my hand next to my other hand on the overhead bar.

He's telling me to keep my hands up and on the bar. Still overwhelmed by all this, I do it. 

As I hold the bar overhead, I can feel him moving behind me. I can't see him but it feels like he's going into his pockets. Another set of long moments pass as I stand still and look forward like this.

His hands move up again towards the bar and I notice just how large the man is. The guy towers over me like a movie villain. It only adds to my fear.

To my horror, he does exactly what I fear he was going to do and ties my wrists with the thing over the bar. Ties it tight, pressing my wrists together, making my forearms press against the bar as I'm stuck. It makes it so I can't lower my hands.

I let out a soft groan as I feel his hand on my right breast. He's still behind me, pressing into me, but he's reached his hand around and now holds my boob. Has it in his hand and squeezes as much as he can on the outside of my shirt.

I'm not sure why no one has noticed as it is so obvious. I close my eyes as he gropes my left breast now. He holds it and squeezes, making my shirt and bra make soft rustling noises as he does. Much like the right boob, he gropes it openly and roughly.

I try to think what to do as he pulls his hands back only to start to lift the back of my skirt. He's moved on from groping me and now is starting with my clothes. He's pulled my skirt all the way up in back. Pulled it up and tucked it into the waistband. I can actually feel air on the back of my legs once he does this, making my face redden. 

I've spread my legs in order to prevent them from falling to my feet as I felt them about to do that. I feel his hands on my bare ass now, groping me once again. Only this time he's rougher, much rougher. A small whimper escapes me now as he's brought his hands around to my front.

He unbuttons the top button of my top. Then the second. He goes slow with it, making sure not to make any fast movements to make people turn to look. My white bra can clearly be seen as the sides of my top part. 

Then he grabs my bra between the cups and lifts, making my tits bounce out. They bounce and jiggle out, making them feel much larger than I know they are. And I watch it happen. Watch my own tits be exposed in such a lewd manner.

My eyes close again as I feel him grab my bare left breast. His rough hand grabs it and squeezes, lifting it up as he does. 

Now he's grabbed my nipple between his thumb and finger. Slowly he pinches, pushing harder and harder on it. I whimper as it hurts, my feet slowly moving to my tiptoes the harder he gets. Soon he's damn near crushing my nipple and I'm as far up on my tiptoes that I can go.

He then moves his hand under the waistband of my skirt, where he tries to lower it to my womanhood. 

This makes me nearly pass out. My legs sort of quiver and give out, forcing me to hang on the bar overhead by my own bonds. It feels too much for my mind to believe.

At the same time I feel like this, my body feels hot as an oven. The dark excitement feels like it's about to reach a fever pitch. I'm not sure if I'm going to explode or turn into a puddle of goo. Gosh, I've never been this excited, ever.

My tits are exposed. My bare tits are exposed on the freaking bus. And I'm amazed no one notices. Everyone stays in their world, looking at their phones or trying to sleep. No one sees me like this, hanging helpless with my tits jiggling with the bus's movements. Nor does anyone see my panties around my ankles. No one notices anything.

I know the large woman in front of me is blocking me some, but I thought by now someone would notice by now. Or is it that I want them to notice? Oh gosh, that's it, isn't it? I actually want someone to see me like this. To see me being molested and used. To see me humiliated. It excites me. It excites me in a way I can't even describe.

The warning to let him do as he wants is made clear, as if I don't he could literally strip me or worse. So, showing he wins, I open my legs. I even part them to shoulder width so there's plenty of room. He pats my bare bottom at this, as if saying "good girl."

Now he moves his hand back to my stomach then forces it down into the waistband of my skirt. A moment later, he's literally cupping my womanhood. With a defeated sigh, I stand here, feeling him trail his fingers up and down my slit. He uses two fingers as he does this, petting my pussy from end to end. He trails over, up and down, letting me feel that he could enter me at any moment.

A soft groaning moan comes out as he inserts a finger inside me. Just darts the top of his finger in to get a feel of my pussy, as if checking the warmth. When he does, I feel just how wet I am. I knew that I was wet, but didn't know just how wet I was. Dear me, I don't remember the last time I've been like this. He then impatiently opened his zipper and without any warning entered me. He fucked me senselessly not caring about anyone looking. He fucked me as he liked and got off the bus when his stop came without looking back. I had no idea what to even think of whatever happened but it surely made me excited.

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