Business trip sex story: far away

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Julia was in her lingerie enjoying her time in her hotel room. She was on a business trip and had just returned from the meeting. Stripping herself naked she was dancing around when accidentally she broke a vase. She almost screamed hearing a man’s voice who suddenly barged in.

"I'm sorry, are you okay? I heard the crash and wanted to make sure you were OK. I didn't mean to walk in on you." A gorgeous man spoke, making her speechless.

“STOP! Hey mate, now that I got your attention I’d like to share with you this new site I found with literally anything you can think of, ranging from orgies, grannies, teens, incest and you know.. the kinky stuff. I made this review just to help a brother out. Peace.”

– Jake A.

Julie's anger sublimated back into lust, deeper and stronger than she'd felt previously. "Thank you for coming to my rescue." She fumbled for the right words, remembering her bare feet and the broken glass on the tiles of the kitchen. "I could use some help, I don't have any shoes on and I'm worried about stepping on glass."

"Oh." he said quickly, "let me assist."

In two long strides the tall young man had closed the distance between them and swept her off her feet, lifting her easily and carrying her to a couch before settling her down gently on it. It was Julie's turn to blush scarlet as she hurriedly tried to make sure all of her bits were covered, looking up at the earnest young man.

"I thought more that you could get me my shoes, but this works too." Julie felt her pulse racing faster as thoughts of being held in those strong arms for a little longer seeped into her fantasies for the night.

"Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes around pretty girls." 

Julie giggled, knowing her face was flushed scarlet from embarrassment and other, more fun feelings. "So. Why were you knocking? And who are you?"

"Oh. I'm Edward. I'm filling in as the penthouse concierge tonight and was told that I needed to introduce myself to the guests." The timbre of his voice seemed to vibrate through Julie's body with every word. "You were the last on my list, I didn't mean to barge in, honestly. And I didn't see anything. And sorry I picked you up. I'm not doing a great job today, am I?"

“I would say yes if you fuck me though,” she said boldly and the man froze for a few minutes before jumping onto her. He kissed her passionately. She break apart and whispered,

"I want to suck your cock." In an instant, four hands all reached for the waist of Edward's trousers, and after only a little fumbling, giggling and blushing, Edward was seated on the couch, pants around his ankles and Julie found herself only inches away from his cock. She couldn't stop herself staring at it, it was bigger than any she had seen before, long and thick. She wrapped a hand around it and felt a shiver of pleasure at the satin hardness of it, and how small her hand looked on him. She shuffled forward, and listening to the voice that had ended up with her in this position started to lick at the base of Edward's cock, her hand slowly running up and down.

She looked up at him as she started to move her tongue higher and higher, and she was a little surprised to feel wetness leaking from the tip of his cock and lubricating him as her hand started to stroke its head. She placed her other hand on his thigh, and nearly had a fit as she watched him take off his shirt, muscles rippling as he adjusted his position. Finally Julie's tongue reached the top of his dick, tasting the sweet and salty precum that waited for her and opening her mouth wide to take him into her.

She put a hand on his chest as she sucked, amazed at how good he felt, he tasted. She knew she couldn't take all of him in her mouth, but she did her best, tongue lashing him as her other hand stroked the base of his cock. She looked up at him and locked eyes again as he looked down on her, watching her work his cock. She felt rather than see him kick off his shoes and pants, and knew that he was now completely nude. She could hear him moan and could feel him starting to move his hips, trying to push more of his cock into her delicate mouth.

pShe bit her lip as she slowly released his shaft, fingers lingering as she slowly stood up in front of him. She looked at his eyes, clouded slightly with suppressed pleasure. His eyes flicked down her body as she slowly took off her bra. She slid an arm to cover them both, thrilling a little as her hands rubbed her hard nipples. One handed, she reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. She felt the pressure release as the straps fell to her sides, and she shrugged her shoulders, feeling the narrow ribbons of silk slip down her arms.

Julie grinned at Edward, who's eyes were glued to the arm holding her bra in place. She giggled again, cursing herself for it. Her eyes scanned his nude form as she lifted her arm away, catching a twitch in his cock as he caught his first look at her perky breasts. 

She then straddled Edward again, this time with nothing between her drenched pussy and his enormous cock. She reached down and ran his cock, slick with precum and saliva, over the wet lips of her pussy. Slightly more rational thought had her whisper in his ear "I'm on birth control, and I trust you."

Moments later, she could feel the head of his cock parting her lips, and she started to rock back and forth. She felt him grab her hips and start to guide her onto him. She gasped and threw her head back as the head of his cock slipped into her, stretching her tight pussy. An involuntary moan of pleasure escaped her throat as she slowly, carefully lowered herself onto him a little at a time, shifting her hips up and down slowly to ensure that every inch of his flawless cock was wet as it entered her. She could feel his heart racing as she slowly, inevitably filled herself with his full length, luxuriating in the sensation. She could hear Edward's breath coming quickly, in time with her own. She started to grind into him and was a little shocked at herself as she felt an orgasm tearing through her body.

She half screamed and half moaned as she felt her pussy squeezing tightly around Edward's cock. She heard Edward swearing "Oh fuck. You feel so good." He swore again, hoarsely as Julie moved faster on him, her orgasm still pulsing as she heard Edward gasp. His strong arms clamped around her shoulders and pulled her down onto his cock, and she felt herself peak again as his cock trembled in her. She groaned in renewed pleasure as she felt the first pulse of his orgasm slam into her. She pressed herself down on him as intensely as she could, and rode her high as wave after wave of heat filled her. Julie had never experienced pleasure so intense as she felt his orgasm completing, the warmth of his cum adding an experience she had never before felt to the satisfaction of his flawless cock in her. She looked him in the eyes as she came down from the peak of her pleasure and kissed Edward's mouth deeply, the afterglow of her orgasm heightened by the feel of him still in her. He kissed her back. 

She could feel how sensitive she still was as she ran those wet fingers along her dripping pussy. It was her turn to moan as she slid two fingers into herself, amazed at how different it felt to her usual wetness. She arched her back as Edward's roving mouth found her other nipple, and she fingered herself deeply.

After a few moments she paused, pulling her creamy fingers from herself before bringing them up before her face. She hesitated slightly before that inner voice told her that she would love it and she slid her fingers, dripping with her and Edward's juices, into her mouth. She marvelled at the taste, sweet and salty and oh so naughty. She licked the sweet mess off her fingers as Edward's lips caressed her nipples. She had never felt so completely sexual before, all of her senses on fire with lust as she felt Edward's cock responding to the taste of her, rebounding with youthful vigour in spite of the prodigious orgasm he had just delivered to her.

She reached down again, fingers lingering longer on Edward's cock this time before sliding quickly into herself, coming away sticky with both of their cum. As she raised it to her lips to taste her sweet prize, Edward's hands clamped tightly on her ass, pulling her in closer to him. She moaned as her clit slid along his thick cock, feeling it pressing against her with a delicious thrill. 

“ready for round two?” she whispered and he was already pushing into her.

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