Beach sex story in the sun

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Palm fronds rustle in the breeze and the gentle wash of waves rolling onto the smooth sandy beach were the only sounds. Even the birds, rowdy in the morning and evening, rested quietly in the shade in the warm afternoon.

I am bored and alone on a friend's small yacht. It is tied to an old weather-beaten dock abandoned by smugglers long ago who valued the isolation of this far-flung little cove. No locals live anywhere remotely close to this pristine, white sand Caribbean beach. Even boats give such wide berths to the shallow reefs off shore that no one would ever spot the beat up little yacht from the sea. It would be romantic, if my husband were here. But he is at home. I have not seen him in nearly a month.

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This morning, I noticed my tiny red bikini in my luggage. I've only worn it a few times, for my husband, and then it came off quickly. I don't remember packing it, but when I saw it this morning, I was stirred by the times I had removed it for him. Maybe he stashed it in here while I was packing. I smiled and I slipped it on today even though neither he nor anyone else would see me in it. I feel sexy, almost naked. It will make me think about him, especially when I take it off.

I close my eyes. I run my fingers through my soft red hair. With my hands buried in my tresses, I stretch luxuriantly and sigh. I allow the exquisite breeze to touch my skin as I yield to the touch of his fingers across my flesh. I tingle in response. I squeeze my breast through the tiny bikini top and flex my butt as I extend my legs. I bring up my other hand and squeeze both breasts and moan softly with the breeze as I imagine his kiss; my lips, my neck, my breast.

I stroke my nipples through the fabric and relax my legs. A warm sensation runs through my flesh to my most intimate parts. I manipulate each nipple through the fabric of the bikini.

With one hand, I reach down to my vulva, kneading, grabbing my crotch. Every nerve becomes ultra-sensitive as I absorb the sensation of my touch, his touch. I part my thighs as I caress myself. I imagine his kiss down there. I slip my hand underneath the panty and find my lips moist. Gently, I stroke my crease like his tongue. He would press inside me and search for my clitoris, but my searching finger must suffice.

I feel my slick warm moisture coating my finger. I flinch when I find my clit, wishing for his soft tongue. I moan softly only to gasp in fear that I might be overheard. But there is no one to hear me now. I sigh unconcerned as I enjoy the pleasant tingle rising within me.

I withdraw my finger and raise it to my mouth. I suck it, tasting my own arousal, imagining his. I add my saliva to my juices and use it on my nipple. Lowering my other hand to the blissful duty of bringing myself to my release. I gasp and giggle as an electric jolt shoots straight from my nipple to my crotch. My juices are flowing freely now, but the panty is making access to my nether region awkward.

My eyes still closed, I smile as I envision myself removing my little bikini. How sexy to masturbate naked outside in the warm breeze with no one around but my vivid imagination. With a soft sigh, I hook my thumbs in the panty and raise my hips.

As I push down my bottoms, I crack my eyes. Someone is standing over me on the dock! A man! Looking down and watching me!

I scream in terror. I am humiliated! Caught in my most intimate private act! Why couldn't I have gone into the cabin?

The knob slips in my hands. I look back in terror, expecting my assailant to be on top of me. How could I do this!? How could I have been so careless!?

"Honey! It's okay!"

I recognize my husband's voice! I throw myself into his arms in desperate relief as he steps onto the boat. We kiss long and hard. I nestle comfortably into his firm embrace and I am consoled. I feel connected again to the part of me that was missing. I hold him, assured, knowing I complete him, too. He could take me right now. I am beyond ready.

"Hurry up. Take off your clothes for me."

He slips off his shirt and steps out of his shorts and underwear. He smiles at me. It's been so long. His is the penis I want.

He turns, smiling. His buttocks flex with each step, his hard body ripples, his muscles flow. His powerful legs drive him toward the sea. Watching him isn't enough.

I jump up and run to catch him. I slip my hand into his as he reaches the surf. I turned to kiss him. As a wave crashes on our thighs, exploding all over us. He kisses me tenderly. This time, he is uncovered. His wet skin slides across mine and I feel his bare hardness pressing against my hip, growing firmer. I am melting.

He walks us into the crashing waves. I slip my arm around his bare waist. He holds my shoulder. His strong embrace enlivens my body to his touch. He has appeared to me when I was most desperate for him, gliding in with the wind when I needed him most. I reach across, in front of him, and touch his hardening member.

The ocean lashes our bodies and rises to engulf us before subsiding. My own juices rise like the ocean, surging and insatiable. My legs are weak. We walk together waist deep. The cool water stimulates my inner parts. They moisten on their own. My rigid nipples strain to be sucked.

Chest deep and my breasts are engulfed. My nipples are like pebbles. The water around them sends shocks to my clitoris. My flesh is turning hot in the cool water. He turns to me, grabs me and kisses me tenderly, teasing my mouth with his tongue. My head spins. I yield, extending my tongue to meet his as our mouths come together.

My insides are churning as we press together. I feel his full hard erection in my waist. I want to give everything and the bikini is his last obstacle. He yanks off my panty. We are naked in each other's arms engulfed in the waves of the ocean, immersed in our love.

I feel his hands holding my back, pressing and groping my naked bottom, seizing my breasts. His warm rigid member reaches my stomach and my guts fall like on a bottomless roller coaster. I crave nothing more than the thrill of him taking me.

I am helpless in his arms as he pulls me to shore. I grab his neck with one arm and his hardness in the other hand and hold on desperately.

We arrive at the blanket and he lays me back. I part my legs and he lowers his wet dripping body onto mine. I guide his penis toward its home and he pierces me. Our deep moans are carried on the wind. I engulf him with my vulva and his hardness ploughs into my soft inner flesh. I contract around his member and grab his butt, holding him inside.

He thrusts. His shaft slides smoothly across my clitoris. Again and again his flesh slaps mine as he plunges in and out, in and out. He raves at me. I am ready. I have been ready for weeks. I was primed when he arrived. He has fanned my already sparking arousal into a hot torrid flame. All I want is to receive his humping. I am burning for him to explode in me.

I am taken and given. I hold on to his bucking flesh as he has his way with mine. I meet his every thrust, twist and slide and ride with him until both of our eruptions are imminent.

My orgasm is a loud one, echoing across the water. I feel his hot semen fill my hole. His thrusts quake, my back is arched, our bodies lost in absolute pleasure. Our extended orgasmic cries silence the birds. I hear nothing else. My head rings in the persistent flash of fire until my blood begins to circulate again. He is on top of me, breathing heavily. Eventually, the birds begin to call again and I hear the breeze in the palms and the waves on the shore.

He rolls us to our side, still inside me and we rest. I close my eyes, not having to imagine that he is in my arms anymore. He kisses my cheek. I look at him. We kiss tenderly, embracing nude on the open beach.

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