Summer camp sex stories: Steamy Camping

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My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. Every summer since getting together with Liam we've gone wilderness camping in the summer.

This year things didn't happen as routinely as I thought they would. We'd been planning this trip for a year, and I'd scouted out a place that looked really interesting, near a remote lake. Liam and I were going to go along with his friend Zee, and Zee's girlfriend. The night before the trip Zee and his girlfriend had an argument, a big one. This wasn't anything new, at 20 years old they argued a lot, but this time they actually broke up.

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Zee was devastated, and Liam and I didn't know what to do. We spent some time with him, trying to distract him, but he was just so down and dejected.

Sex on summer camp

The trip up there was interesting. I felt looked at me from both directions, but at different times. I've always been good at being able to tell when I'm being checked out; I think it's an extra sense or something. I had the uneasy feeling that both guys were thinking the same thoughts, since I sensed them staring at my tank top and my skirt and legs. It also dawned on me that sitting in the truck, my skirt was dangerously close to not even covering my panties.

After about an hour of hiking we reached what looked like our spot. It was different to see it in person than from a satellite photo. This was going to be an awesome trip. The air, the water, the scenery, it was all so beautiful.

Zee and Liam set up the tents while I gathered firewood and then scooped out a place for the fire pit. 

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After a while I went into our tent and spread out the sleeping bags. I took two sleeping bags and zipped them together to make a 2 person sleeping bag and then put another sleeping bag under it for cushion. I did the same in Zee's tent and then saw that there were a bunch of mosquitoes inside his tent. I started looking around and there was a rip in the side of the tent and another tear in the screen on the door flap.

So, we ended up inviting him to stay in our tent with us. It would be cramped, but what choice did we have? We could use his tent to put the supplies in so that bears or raccoons or other animals wouldn't get the food and supplies while we slept.

I took Zee's sleeping bags and put one more under ours for more cushion and one more across the top of our sleeping bag for extra heat.

Liam's a relative lightweight when it comes to drinking, but he'd had a few and he was the first to decide he needed to crash, around eleven o'clock. He'd been up much too late last night and got up much too early. He must have been so tired, because he never snores unless he's exhausted and tonight he was snoring loudly.

Zee and I sat there talking for a while, about the trip, about his girlfriend, about music and concerts, and anything we could think of. He noticed how dark it gets out in the middle of nowhere, without all those city lights, and how many stars you could see from the darkness.

I said "it's a good thing it's so dark because otherwise I'd feel pretty self conscious about sleeping in my undies next to him." He smiled but didn't say anything.

I was completely buzzed, maybe more. Finally when it was apparent we were both trying to wait for the other to make the first move to go to sleep, I said "I guess it's time to turn in."

Zee said "you go first and I'll hang stuff up and come in once you're safely inside the sleeping bag."

He headed to his tent and got his boxers and then came back to the fire. I finished my bottle and then went behind the tent, took off my bikini and then threw the tops then the bottoms to him which he hung up.

I went into the tent but it was so dark I couldn't find my bra and panties. I was sure I'd put them under the pillow earlier, but they weren't anywhere to be found in the dark. I could hear him starting walking toward the tent, and with me on all fours, ass hanging out of the tent, I decided I better get under the covers before I gave him a view!

I quickly slid into the sleeping bag, just in time to see Zee opening the tent flap and coming in. I could see the silhouette of something pretty big hanging between his legs, and I grinned. Liam was on the left side, on his side facing away from me, and so I slid in the middle of the bag and faced him, spooning him. I knew he didn't mind Zee sharing the tent but I was positive that he didn't want to spoon Zee or the other way around, so I knew I'd get stuck in the middle.

Zee zipped the flap and slid himself down into the sleeping bag. It was a tight fit, pretty much skin against skin. I wasn't touching Liam because I didn't want to wake him, but there wasn't really enough room for Zee.

He tried to face away from me and I could feel our asses pressed together, but it wasn't working. So finally he whispers "I better roll over the same way as you."

He rolled over and it was like a perfect fit. I hadn't envisioned Zee spooning me, but I guess knees and hips only bend in one direction, so it was natural. He tried several different ways to get his arms comfortable, but ended up with one up over his head and one on his hip, which kept sliding off. Finally I took them and said "here, let's just fix this" and put one under my neck and around me, the other around my waist and I said "I think that's the best we can do."

Everything seemed ok for a few minutes, I was aware of him pressing up against me but I thought possibly he didn't realise I was naked, and I felt like I might be able to get some sleep, but then I felt it.

I could feel him swelling up behind me. I didn't want to say anything at first, thinking it would go away, but it didn't. A moment or so later, his hand moved up a little from my waist to my upper stomach and sort of held me and I felt him move a little, trying to get comfortable. Next thing I knew, his hand brushed the bottom of my boobs, then he started to squeeze them, gently at first, then more firmly. He continued squeezing them tightly and playing with my nipples.

I arched my back, not sure what to do. I'd never done anything with Zee before. I knew liam was out cold, and wouldn't be waking up for hours. I knew I could probably object and it would end up making a huge scene and either end the vacation or make a very friction-filled two weeks, ruining the trip. I lay there in indecision trying to figure out what to do, hoping it would just stop. Meanwhile my body kept reacting, my nipples hardened and I found my ass wiggling slightly against him. I felt his breath on my neck as he continued to squeeze my breasts, I felt his hand leave them and then felt him starting to run his finger up and down the length of my slit, pausing to play with my clit.

With one movement I felt him put a finger inside my pussy. He whispered "you're wet, you must want me" and with that he started fingering me faster. My mind was reeling at this point. I didn't know if I wanted to stop him or even how I could stop him.

Then in a moment which brought me back to reality, pulled out his finger, moved slightly, lined up and slid himself into me. I felt his hand come back to my breasts and start squeezing them and kneading them while he forced the head of his cock further and further into my already wet pussy.

Harder and harder he pushed, slowly getting into me farther, inch by inch. I couldn't believe what was happening, and I also couldn't believe how big he was. Within a minute he had managed to get completely inside me. My survival instinct was kicking in, making me move back against him so that I didn't bump or nudge my boyfriend, who I could hear was still sleeping soundly just inches away. I didn't know whether to be annoyed at him for letting this happen to me, or to be thankful that he hadn't woken up.

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