When nature turns wild 

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Hiking seemed like the best that Sunday afternoon; the weather looked and felt amazing, with a bright sun that cast its lights through the timeless pine trees. The game of light and shadow along with the slight breeze pushed Lance to just stop and ponder. 

His eyes were now lost towards the endless canyon spreading in front of him. Its depth and strange allure had a special calling that dazzled all his senses.

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“My God.” He sighed for a second, wiping the sweat off his wide forehead. The heat was soon to take its toll on him, but Anna did not seem so affected.  

She dared to climb even higher, with her beige booth and dark green sorts that underlined the roundness of her ass close to perfection. With each step she made, she pushed those endless legs to the limit, flexing them with pure temptation. The whole trip she had harassed Lance, forcing him to climb faster, higher. 

All he could see was her amazing back, and how it arched and twisted like a living work of art. Her black tank top could barely hold her fancy tits as they bounced on and off with each hard step she took.      

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” she shouted from afar. 

The man did not react at first as he had lost his eyes inside the canyon; the might of God’s creation was utterly mesmerizing, but more than that, Lance had his mind on a different creation that was equally fantastic. 

“I’m coming!” he whispered almost without turning his head towards her. 

Anna had stopped climbing as well and peeked beyond the edge that lay quite close to their designated trail. She craved to see what he was seeing, but it was clear that she would see a different thing soon enough. 

The sweat that had conquered Lance’s forehead had now trapped Anna’s tits; beaded drops were slowly trickling in between her gorgeous tits, as those damn things were slowly rubbing against one another. The pinching sensation created caused Anna to stick her hand in between those fucking melons to rub slightly, hoping to get a bit of comfort. 

“Fuck.” She gasped slightly turning her eyes towards Lance once again. 

“Hey, are you coming or what?” 

The man broke out of his trance and started climbing towards her. Anna was only a few feet ahead of him, but she was restless to get on top… as always. 

“Hurry up, I’m trying to climb on top of this mountain until the evening.” She added causing the man to smirk.

“Wouldn’t you rather get on top of this dick?” 

Of course, she didn’t hear his words but in a twisted way, he was convinced that she could feel the vibe… and indeed Anna could feel the same restlessness that was plaguing Lance’s body. 

His eyes were set on her, watching that fine round ass, dreaming and fantasizing about it; that shit deserved some spanking and even more. Lance had no clue that luck would soon turn to his favor, as she pushed hard to catch her from behind. Anna was nothing but a feisty bitch who loved to challenge any man who merely dreamed of having her. 

She wanted to get ahead as always, seeing that Lance was now pushing hard. Her effort was condemned to be in vain, and as Lance tried to grab her from behind and slap that fine ass for a bit, Anna tripped suddenly.

Her recklessness might’ve been programmed, but now she was about to fall; luckily, Lance was right behind her and trapped her slender body in his arms. The strength of the man’s grip stole Anna’s breath away. 

“Ahh, God!” she uttered with a frightened voice.

Those hazel eyes looked up at him, and they remained like that for a few moments. The shock soon turned into a smile as Anna understood her savior would always be there for the job. 

“Where were you hurrying?” 

Of course, her meaty lips could never churn an answer. It was too late for that anyway as Lance was now losing himself amidst that gorgeous cleavage. Those sweating tits looked like the best thing he could look at and for that reason, his cock already started coming back to life. 

“You should be more careful.” 

The woman's giggle acted like a poison, invading Lance’s body with every passing moment, up to a point where it became irresistible. 

A kiss ensued, where her fine lips were searching for the pleasure; as she was sitting fallen in his arms, Anna pushed her neck hard to reach for his lips. She bit her own at first, to show her man that she was fired up already. 

Arousal occurred instantly, and now Lance lowered this gorgeous goddess to the ground, as he kneeled with Anna in his hands. The silence in between was proof enough that words had lost their meaning altogether. 

Some outdoor fucking felt like the best idea, and she would take the lead as usual. Anna pulled her tank top underneath her tits, revealing those gorgeous areolas. Lance was completely smitten and gazed at them for a few seconds, right before his lips delved in; the smell of sweat mingled with pheromones was rather dazzling, and she moaned like crazy in his hands, the man could hardly control himself at this point. 

His fingers squeezed and pulled those tits as if he craved to suck pure Eros out of them. 

“Ahh fuck…” she squealed once more with restless lips. 

It became clear Anna could not rest there for eternity; her body trembled with desire and as Lance hovered over her, she sought to push the man aside. Her hand was holding the man’s cock already, feeling that girth and stamina. The thought of feeling it turned Anna beyond description. 

She reached inside his pants with a devilish smirk on her face.

“Out!” she demanded while she handled those balls. 

It became clear she wanted more than kissing and now Anna began to strip those fucking pants to reach that pulsing cock. 

The belt fell off and now her gorgeous eyes stared at that huge cock; the breeze caressed their skin, as her lips touched the tip. 

Lance was close to losing his fucking mind, as she looked up at him. 

“Do you want me?” 

Of course, that was rhetorical, as Anna desired no answer. Her tongue wrapped itself slowly around that mushroom head causing Lance to feel shivers down his spine. 

“Fuuucckk…” he gasped with all his essence now as he looked down at this gorgeous vamp. 

Anna was nothing but a cock hungry bitch who loved to such a good dong and feel the very heart beating through it. That sort of energy was something she couldn’t find anywhere else. 

Now her long tongue, licked that cock’s belly up and down, blessing the head with gentle kisses right before choking on that shit. 

Having his dick sucked in the middle of nature felt godly enough, especially as Lance had this gorgeous bitch who blew him like she was drawing pure nectar out of it. 

“You like it like that? Huh?” 

Her moaning was intense, a fucking tease who knew exactly how to pull the best out of him; Lance was now trapped in a trance of her own making and grabbed her head to fuck her right cheek, thrusting that dick deeper than ever. 


Warm spit was now dripping from her chin, as Lance’s cock was digging deep, and those amazingly large balls pounded it at the same time. 

“That’s it, baby, I’m loving it!” he groaned hearing the woman choking on his dick. 

She loved to gag on it, and now Anna grabbed the man's ass, with both hands pulling hard; that no hands sucking was sublime, a sort of sexual art only a few women know how to perform. 

By now, the gorgeous Anna was all on. She lived and breathed for that cock sucking so hard with her eyes closed as if she now experienced the deepest fantasy. 

“Hmm, yess, God…” she squealed with every breath as she began to suck those fleshly shaven balls. 

The taste of it was truly divine and now Anna began to feel her fine body transforming; she wanted to more, she wanted to feel that cum blessing her… she wanted all! 

“Come on!” she urged him now as she rose to reach Lance’s lips one more. 

“Fuck me!” she demanded while her eyes pierced deeply into his. 

That gaze felt rather magnetic, a spell the man could not escape from. She even grabbed his hand to slap and grab her ass. those pants were still resting on her waist but not for long.

Her soaking cunt craved for cock right as she rubbed her rich thighs due to restlessness and desire. 

A kiss would seal the deal, and as their lips mingled together, spreading the lust in between, Lance grabbed her ass and pulled down her pants in a fierce move. The sweetest white thongs were revealed… simple yet gorgeous in nature. They spread those perfect ass cheeks in the middle, giving Lance two amazing things to focus on. 

The curves, the roundness pushed the young man to fucking slap twice. 


The moans occurred immediately, as Anna peeked at him over her shoulder.  She loved to get it doggy style, and now she found a sturdy tree to hold onto. Anna's shorts were hanging by her knees but that was now more than enough. 

Fucking like that half undressed felt rather exciting; she even rubbed her ass against Lance’s dick trying to tease the young man.

“C’mon… Ahh…” 

The woman’s gentleness had gotten now under his skin. That curving back looked simply amazing, a sensation that turned into a fucking headache if he didn’t penetrate soon enough. 

There were such women in the world whose sexiness could drive a young man crazy; Anna was one of them and her mere gaze could cause a man to lose his fucking mind. 

Lance pulled those thongs down spreading those fine ass cheeks in the process. He craved to see it all, the cunt, the clit, the gorgeous labia, they all belonged to him. With a slight move, he reached and touched them with his hand, feeling the warmth and wetness of that puss. 

“Fuck.” The man gasped “You’re so fine!” 

He could hear Anna’s whimper, feeling the thrills trampling her flesh. 

One last push of that ass against his cock and Lance took her hard this time. thrusting balls deep he churned out a violent gasp of out her. 

“Ahh, fuck!” 

That move crippled her fucking knees which bent for a second; now he could sense her weakness, and this realization caused Lance to smirk. 

“You’re mine!” he muttered as he grabbed that ‘fat’ ass with both hands. 

He then began pounding Anna so hard that her head almost bashed against that fucking tree. 

She loved the energy nonetheless, and the intensity of every thrust, as it was exactly what she desired.         

“Yess baby, yess… that’s how I want it!” 

Her words encouraged Lance to push things to the limit. Slap after slap turned her ass cheeks to fine while those hanging balls were clapping on her clit. That was a new sensation she enjoyed and  Lance just loved to have those legs kept tightly together as it would squeeze his cock. 

The clenching feeling in her cunt was meant to squeeze the cum out of his dick; they were a sign of Anna's lust and ecstasy. Her body was bound to transform right there in the middle of nature, as she was getting closer to orgasm. 

Her thighs were soaking wet dripping up to her knees and it was clear Anna could not resist much longer. 

“Fuck, I’m cumming…. Fuck!” 

“Ohh yess baby, that’s it!” Lance smirked increasing rhythm. 

That ass was bouncing on his cock louder than ever, clapping those cheeks like a mother fucker until they both reached the best orgasm ever. 

“Ahh… yesss… Godd!” Anna clenched her teeth while she struggled to stand., 

Her muscles had given in already, melting that flesh in the pleasure. Lance was not holding her to his chest while his balls emptied their cum inside her. 

The feeling they enjoyed was amazing, with nature all around watching their ecstasy. 

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