My sex story at the beach

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It was a painfully sunny day, the heavy beams of light striking down against my skin with each passing minute. I was only there as a formality for those around me, but was constantly looking for a way to escape the social circle I had found myself orbiting in.

That is until I locked eyes with her, well, with her sunglasses…

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– Rick G.

She was an incredibly gorgeous woman, her features emphasized with her slender body, curves that seem obscene to even exist, let alone be laying so close to me! After discovering her, I found my gaze constantly drawing its way over towards her. Ignoring the conversations around me, I succumb to openly staring at this woman’s gorgeous body, feeling my cock throb in my pants more with each passing second.

Almost as if I was hypnotized, I didn’t react when she stood up, not registering it as a threat until she was looming above me. She seemed much taller, blocking out the light that I complained about not but a few moments ago.

“So, you like staring, do you~?”

Changing room at the beach

While her words could have been taken as having an annoyed tone, she was dripping with a teasing atmosphere. She knew what I was going through and was openly mocking it, making me toy with the idea in my head that had been faint until this moment. She wanted to implant the thoughts of the two of us locked in a passionate heat!

With no more reasoning behind it other than we both wanted it, when she turned and walked away, the sight of her plump ass was all I needed. I felt myself crawling at first, but after seeing her judgmental gaze down on me, I rose to my feet, scurrying after her as she strutted to the nearest changing booth. In the middle of the entire beach, there was a good chance that a decent amount of people would see us walking into the same booth, but she didn’t seem to care, so I didn’t either.

The second the door behind me closed, I felt my body pulled into hers, my chest squeezing against her ample breasts, almost sunk between them as she clutched tightly to me.

“Fuck… I’ve been waiting to get a hot thing like you in private~”

It was like a dream, being swept away by a woman like this, even having her want me this badly! Her breathing was completely erratic, brushing against my neck as she poured her eyes over my body.

Fuck the clothes!”

If it weren’t for my quick reactions, I feel as if she may have torn them right from my body. I frantically strip myself down, letting her see my painfully-hard cock throb in the open air.

Her breathing became even more labored, as if she was as pent-up as I was, she leaned in to kiss me, melding our lips together as she moaned gently. Almost forgetting what was to come, I let her do what she wanted, but soon felt a warm, wet sensation spreading across my cock.

She had begun grinding her wet pussy across my shaft, moaning gently with every inch she covered in her juices. Having prepared myself, I felt her glide across me one last time, aligning her quivering hole with my tip. I swallowed deeply before she sunk me into her. In a single thrust, she took me, both of us crying out as my cock was pushed inside of her. I felt her walls tense around my shaft, as if she was trying to milk me for my load before we even began thrusting.

Before I knew what was going on, she had me pressed up against the wall, but was still able to mount me, pinning me against it as she bounced against my crotch, slapping me against the wall each time. The constant assault of pleasure was too much, her luscious body, sultry gaze and the overpowering dominance she held over me finally made me cave. My body trembled with pure ecstasy, tensing up, one of the most powerful orgasms of my life surged up my cock, painting the inside of her pussy in a frantic burst as I cried out to the ceiling of the changing room.

Not wanting to cause a fuss, the woman clasps her hand around my mouth, silencing me as I moaned against her palm, my eyes watering with the sheer intensity of the pleasure she forced onto me. My body thrashed against hers, not knowing where to direct my involuntary squirms, I simply lashed out, eliciting a mocking giggle from her lips as she continued to pin me against the wall, slamming her pussy against my crotch as I helplessly came inside of her.

This continued for far too long, my body and mind never being given a rest, it felt as if I was going to pass out, but she never let me, drawing me back with a simple squeeze of her pussy around my shaft. I was held there in a blissful purgatory, her captive toy to use and abuse, deep down I loved every second, but on the surface, my body was giving up.

The rhythmic smacking of her body against mine wracked my brain, feeling as it was dribbling from the tip of my cock with each load she milked out. Unable to hold her up any longer, I let my exhausted body finally slump down to the floor, but she didn’t stop. Her pace only increased, now straddling my crotch, she rode me relentlessly, forcing any number of loads from my cock as she wanted, draining me completely, to the point that each orgasm began hurting. Still, I was unable to hold back, her incredible body coaxing me to orgasm after orgasm, helplessly whining beneath her.

Riding me from above, I felt the full force of her body crushing my pelvis, as if she was trying to break her new toy. Still, I couldn’t help but fall into pleasure with her, the face she made as she felt my cock tense up inside of her each time was that of pure ecstasy! After seeing that, I couldn’t help myself from reciprocating, giving her exactly what she wanted as my own body gave into her.

Then, as her body trembled against my own once again, she didn’t begin her grinding again. Instead, she rose to her feet, flashing me a satisfied look, almost as if she had conquered me, and gave me one final look of her ass before she re-adjusted her outfit, strutting out of the booth, leaving me there. WIth my cum still trickling down her thighs she struts out of view, leaving me there in a broken heap. The door swung shut, leaving me alone for a short while before I was finally able to struggle to my feet.

“Oh, that didn’t take long~”

Her familiar voice called out from beside me, and turning around, I saw her voluptuous body next to mine, leaning up against the shack I was left gasping in after our intense session.

“You don’t think I’d let a stud like you go so easily, right?”

A chill ran down my spine, but was accompanied by a deep throb of desire in my chest. With both of those feelings battling for dominance in my body. I didn’t struggle as she grabbed the hem of my boxers, tugging at them gently as she led me off from the beach, onlookers taking glances of my situation as she brought me back to her car. Before I knew it, I was flung into the back seat, looking forward at her smirking face as she reversed out of the beach lot, taking me deeper into her clutches. I felt my crotch ache for a moment, knowing what was to come, but also feeling my cock tense up with the same thought, eager to be taken by this woman all over again.

After leaving her car, I peer up and across the street, not seeing any houses, just endless bushes in their place. That’s when it dawned on me, the woman pressed a buzzer and the metal gates swung open, service staff greeted her, people waited on her order…

I had just been acquired by a rich, high-class woman with a taste for what I’ve got! Not allowed to dwell on this thought, I felt her drag me away by the scruff of my collar, pulling me towards what looked like her bedroom.

“You did very well in that booth, but let’s see how good you are at cleaning up your mess~”

With that said, she tosses me inside, throwing me across the bed as she stripped herself down, strutting over with a confidence that pins me in place. Unable to move, I simply accepted as she swung one of her legs over my face, letting me look at her cum-filled pussy, feeling it drip onto my face. Without a word, she only lets me hear a faint giggle as she spreads her cheeks, descending slowly, right up until I let out a muffled squeal, silenced by her ass as she rode my face.

With my new place as this rich woman’s bitch, I felt my cock tensing up once again, still aching from before, but eager for attention. All she gave me was a taunting flick on my tip, grinding her hips against my face as I suffered, letting me hear her giggles echo in my head as she squeezed her thighs around my head. With her first orgasm wracking her body, staining my face with a mixture of both her and my own passion, I felt the last of my self-worth drip away, fully becoming her toy to use whenever she wants… and I loved that thought…

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