A memorable day at the market 

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Divya was a twenty-three-year-old lady with a petite but feminine physique. Her long black hair was constantly sweeping at her waistline, and her eyes were large brown orbs that seemed to stare into one's soul. Living in a conservative city such as Bangalore, Divya was clad in an overflowing sundress and a scarf wrapped around her head. She exited her apartment and set out for the main clothing market a few miles away. She boarded a cab once she was out in the street, and approximately thirty minutes later, she arrived at the cloth market and then made a beeline for her favorite clothing store, which a longtime friend of hers owned. Thronging her way through the hordes of people at the market, Divya finally located her friend's store but was struck with surprise as she noticed a slender male figure adjusting the mannequins displayed outside of the shop. It seemed her friend had hired a new help, and Divya found him extremely attractive from afar as she crossed the street and made a beeline for the store. 

“Good morning, miss. Please, check with us for all your clothing needs...” the six-four lanky man clad in an overall brown abaya and a grey hat on top of his cropped silk black hair. His grown facial hair splayed across his face made his smile even more charming and irresistible to Divya – who had used her vibrator before stepping out but was still crazily horny for some reason. 

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“Good morning. Is Naya around?” Divya asked with a smile. 

“Oh, she’s out of town for a week. I’m her cousin and will be handling her business for the time being. I’m Amar.” He stretched just a hand to shake Divya's briefly. “Please come in. We've got new arrivals.” He ushered Divya into the store, brandishing a blue embroidered dress to entice her.

“Looks nice, but Naya always tests my outfits before choosing. Will that be a problem for you?” She asked with a sweet smile as she took the dress from him. 

“Oh, absolutely not, ma'am. Please head to the changing room.” He gesticulated at a jam-packed store section demarcated by a curtain. Divya thanked him, got into the charging room, and then stripped to her undies. A lewd thought crept up her mind, and she decided to go with it, calling out to Amar that she needed some help. An unsuspecting Amar hurried into the changing area to see Divya in nothing but her pink bra and panties, and his eyes grew wide at the sight of her toned sexy body. “Oh, sorry, I had no idea, you were almost naked.” 

“That’s fine. I need you to help with my bra. I think the hook is stuck. Can’t test a new fit without seeing how well it holds up my tits.” She giggled at him, and he laughed nervously in reply as he took another step closer to her and reached around to unclip her bra hook quite effortlessly. 

Divya was staring into his tensed face as their bodies stood close, and she could perceive his tensed breaths. Her eyes scanned down, and she smirked at the tent in his pants, then smiled up at him before rubbing her palm casually down at his bulge. “Oh dear...” he gasped softly. 

“Shhh... let me help you with that.” Divya smiled at him once her bra came off to reveal her perky tits. Sinking to her knees, she hiked up the flowing robe, and Amar held the rolled-up bunch to his torso as she undid his zipper, pulled out his throbbing eight-inch uncut cock, and began stroking him gently, pulling out deep groans from him with each stroke. She ducked forward with parted lips and engulfed his tip in her mouth, and began moving her head down his hot shaft. 

“Uhhh... that feels so good...” Amar let out a slurred grunt as Divyas hot lips slid down his shaft until she gagged on his meat. She began bobbing defiantly on his meat, and he reached down to wrap around her hair as her tightly sealed lips pulled back and forth on his cock.

She pulled out the cock to a resounding plop sound from her wet lips, then ducked below to snatch his dangling scrotum in her warm mouth, lapping, and suckling on each ball with her wet tongue.

“Oh yes... Ughh... get up!” Amar growled softly as he pulled Divya up on her feet, then roughly shoved her around, so she grabbed onto a naked mannequin in the corner of the fitting room. Amar snuck his fingers into her wet panty line and pulled it aside to reveal her unshaven but glistening moist cunt.

“Mmmm... you like that?” Divya swayed her hips gently with a sultry smile before a sharp scream shot out of her throat once Amar slammed his thick meat into her tight wet entrance, forcing himself down her soaked and burning cunt with a sharp grunt.

“I fucking love it!” Amar smirked at her as he gripped the small of her back for support while his entire length throbbed violently inside her fiery cunt. He pulled out slowly, then slammed back in, making Divya’s back arch from the flash of pain mixed with pleasure. She began caressing her tits with one arm while holding onto the mannequin with the other as Amar picked pace and began ramming his cock into her guts with reckless abandon, wrecking her insides with each powerful thrust that brought her slight pain but overwhelming pleasure. 

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me pleassee... harrrddeerrrrr...” Divya’s slutty moans were a bit incoherent as a hard breathing Amar kept pounding furiously at her, his crotch slamming nonstop against her reddened and undulating plump ass. 

“Yes, I’ll fuck and breed you like the fucking slut you are!” Amar quipped with tensed sharp breaths as he rammed her gushing and squirming velvety tight cunt nonstop. He reached for her silk hair and grabbed tightly onto it as a rein while he kept his steady pace that almost broke her in half.

Hearing Amar call her degrading names like slut turned Divya on a great deal and drove her over the edge as a sharp, slurred wail escaped her parted lips. At the same time, a powerful orgasm shot through her entire frame, making her gushing cunt spray endlessly on Amar’s pumping meat. “Owww... Yesssss... don’t stop! Fuck me, baby! Pleassseeee... oh...” Divya kept on mumbling and wailing throughout her shattering orgasm that sank and triggered Amar’s.

"Ughhh... FUCKKK!" Amar let out a deep bellow as he pistoned his meat in and out of the dripping and squelching hot cunt, before slamming all the way into her with so much force that her body jumped forward. Still, his steady grip on her hair and waist held her onto his monster cock that instantly began to coat her vagina walls with thick burning ropes of semen. The overwhelming feeling of her tight cunt getting pumped with buckets of semen threw Divya into another orgasm. Both moaned, whimpered, and groaned throughout the numbing orgasm until Amar had completely drained his balls inside her now frothing cunt. 

Their mixed fluids gushed out of Divya’s pussy once Amar finally slid out of her with a sharp gasp of relief. Divya immediately spun around and sank back down on her knees as she took the smeared, flaccid meat in her mouth, slurping it with care until it was squeaky clean. She planted a soft kiss at the tip, and Amar shuddered at the post-orgasmic feeling that jolted through his heaving frame. “Hmmm... tastes so good... I think I’ll have to come back tomorrow to make a decision on the dress.” She smiled up at him, playing with his flaccid meat on her tongue. 

“Uh... anytime, Miss Divya.” Amar quipped with tensed breaths and a smug on his sweaty face. He couldn’t wait for the close of the market to tell his friends about what had happened on his first day at work. 

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