Naya’s wildest fantasy

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Naya was truly the nicest girl, a slender body with chocolate skin and eyes looking like wild berries; young and inexperienced, she had never felt the touch of a man, at least not in that way. 

Despite it all, she dreamed and craved of feeling the love. Too many times she had rejected Jay, her boyfriend as she was too afraid to get to the next base. A dream changed everything as she woke up one day with her fine body sweating. The things she saw and did inside her dream churned some of the wildest desires in her chest. 

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She grabbed her phone and texted him. 

“I miss you, I wanna see you.” 

She was no teen, yet her soul felt like that, and now that both her parents had gone off to work, this splendid Indian Goddess had some plans of her own.   The restlessness was growing high as she awaited the answer, which came eventually. 

“Miss you too! Right now?” 

“Yes!” she replied knowing too well that Jay could not resist another second without her. 

Jay grabbed some roses on the way, wanting to surprise his girl, but he had no idea what her true intentions were. 

Knocking at the door, the young man felt a special scent assaulting his nostrils. Soon after Naya appeared at the door, wearing a tight pair of dark boxes and a tank top revealing her light brown nipples through the fabric. 

The young man’s jaw dropped to the floor. 

“Come in,” she giggled looking at his dazzled eyes. 

Jay walked slowly, unable to take his mesmerized gaze away from Naya. 

“Wh… what is going on?” 

She now covered his eyes with both her hand leading the way towards her bedroom. There, scented candles were burning while the curtains were fully pulled, creating a magic atmosphere. 

“Lay down.”  She now instructed the young man who could only obey her command. 

He looked around amazed, then his dark beaded eyes moved to this shy girl who looked like she had a hidden secret to tell.  

“Are you ok?” 

Naya nodded her head with a giggle, while she bit her lips slowly. She wanted something, but couldn’t find the words to utter. Her hair was tied in a long ponytail that cascaded on her gorgeous back. 

Without saying a word, she slowly straddled Jay who was now sitting at the edge of the bed; the young man spread his arms to trap her tightly and could hear Naya’s quiver. 

She wanted to be there more than anything else, as those strong arms meant safety, yet now she craved for more. She squeezed her perky tits against the young man’s chest as if she wanted him to feel the texture. 

Her very skin was close to taking fire, and now she landed her first kiss; the magic of that touch excited both their bodies, and now she felt his cock becoming harder rubbing against her clit. 

“Ahh, yess!” she moaned slightly, as she was about to pull the ace up her sleeve. 

Another kiss and she began lowering herself little by little until her knees touched the floor; she smiled slightly, with shyness in her gorgeous eyes. Naya appeared reluctant, even afraid of what was about to do. 

The silence in between was maddening; only their hearts could be heard now as they pounded inside their chests, pushing the tension levels through the fucking roof. 

Jay looked at her, watching Naya’s every move; she reached his belt and pulled it slowly, giggling as she did so. her hands could feel the cock through the jeans, but now she wanted more. 

The young girl pulled it out, feeling its fiery allure; that shit was burning at this point, pulsing with each heartbeat… it was amazing. 

“Ahh…” Jay gasped with her first touch. 

Naya admired it for quite a while, as she was seeing her first cock up close; the smell of it, the shape and color all looked amazing! By now, her lips began to tremble with desire, craving to feel that flavor, but she had no idea how to do it. 

Still, the desire overcame every uncertainty, and she kissed it slowly; those lips were shaking still, but as Jay reached and pulled her tits out of her tank top, she dared to move further.    

First she engulfed the head, feeling the shaft with her hands; it felt so big and warm, yet now she felt like she could take it all. fearful s always, she thought Jay might not like her technique. 

“Am I doing it well?” 

The young man barely gasped as Naya pulled the cock out of her mouth ending with her fine lips caressing that mushroom head only. The slowness of her move and the inexperienced sensuality were crippling Jay. 

“Yess…” he groaned dropping his head backward. 

Another giggle from her part as Naya sought to swallow more; it felt more like a test to see how much she could take. Slowly, while she rubbed Jay’s cock with her hand, she pushed her lips deeper and deeper until she almost choked with his hard meat.    

“Ahh.. Yess… Hmm!” She kept moaning while she truly enjoyed the moment. 

By now, the girl had gotten wet… amazingly! She didn’t think this could happen, but sucking cock for the first time felt like the greatest thing, and she just loved the feeling. 

Now it was time to crank things up a bit, as Naya started sucking harder, deeper, blessing that underbelly with her tongue.  

“Aha, ughhh… Mhmmm!!” she groaned with thirst for cock thinking that would eventually last forever, but she was wrong to think that way. 

Out of nowhere, Jay lost control and bust a nut inside her mouth. His warm cum filled her entirely and now Naya just stood like that, not knowing what to do. The surprise blast captured her now; the only instinct she could think of was to swallow right as she dropped Jay’s cock out of her mouth. 

She did it with a smile, slightly ashamed, but now Naya knew well she wanted more!  


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