Mature gilf tasting young blood 

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Their hungry eyes absorbed the young man’s sculpted body as he was bathing in the sun right at the edge of the pool. 

“Ohh my, ohh my… and who’s that fine piece of meat?” Angela asked biting her lips. Her restless sipping from her fancy cocktail betrayed the woman’s anxiety.

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Sandra chuckled as she turned her head in Jack’s direction. 

“It’s my nephew, Jack, my cousin Laura’s son. He came to visit us two days ago, he’s kinda best friends with my boy, Derrick.”

That’s all Angela had to know, because her thirsty mind began to plot already; she had a strange desire for young blood, as the gorgeous redhead was the type of woman who liked to enjoy life to the fullest. 

“So, are you going to introduce me or what?”

Sandra rolled her eyes instantly. 

“My God, when are you going to calm down?” 

“Never!” Angela retorted with a smirk. “You know I like what I like!” 

In her early forties, Angela portrayed the perfect mature beauty, a woman with a lustful taste for cock, and curves to make even a goddess envy her. She saw this part of life as her second youth, and for that reason, she sought to profit from every occasion to feel pleasure. 

“Shall we?” She grinned grabbing her glass, ready to walk out of the patio. 

She wanted to fuck and nothing could stop her now, as Angela was bound to push that young cock to the limit. Her fine round ass bounced gorgeously as she walked slowly under the sun; those fine pumped tits of hers were close to jumping out of her beige bra as her large nipples had hardened already. Sandra still had something holding her back, but she had fantasized about the ‘boy’ and not just once. 

The woman had dreamed about feeling that fresh flesh under her lips, biting and kissing it, while her hands and thighs caressed his fat cock. She saw it through the shorts too many times and even once fully naked as Jack went in the shower. 

Now, she made her mind, on a whim, and followed her friend Angela, who was close to reaching him. She grabbed another drink for Jack and darted out of the lavish patio. 

Jack was resting with his eyes closed, clueless of what was bound to happen; Derrick had gone out to the city to meet his girlfriend, and would be hours until he returned. That fact alone gave the two ‘devils’ the necessary room to put their lustful planning into motion. 

“Ohh…” a violent gasp could be heard as the water splashed the young man’s body all over. 

Angela had ‘fallen’ in the pool pretending she didn’t know how to swim. 

“Ohh God, no…” she kept on acting. 

Scared of the occurrence, the young man jumped to save her; he hadn’t seen this lovely mature woman before but he would get to know her well enough. As his arms wrapped around Angela, he could feel her large tits pressing against his tense chest. 

“It’s ok, I got, don’t worry.” He reassured her while Jack pulled her to the edge. 

Sandra looked at the two, shaking her head; the drink was resting in her hand and she had no intention to let Angela steal the spotlight. 

“It’s only 6 feet deep, you’re not gonna drown.” She added to deaf ears.

Angela had made her entrance already, and it was clear she pushed on hard; her arms wrapped themselves around the young man’s body, touching his fine round ass in the process. She made it all look random, but Angela was craving it in fact. 

Jack pushed her out, squeezing that ‘fat’ ass with his hands and he could feel his cock’s reaction instantly. Angela looked like a fucking vamp that could suck a cock dry only by looking at it. Her lustful curves and energy were drawing him like a magnet. 

“Thank you, you saved my life,” Angela smirked insisting to embrace him once again. 

Water dripped in between her tits, while those round nipples turned rock hard; she fucking pocked Jack’s chest with them. Still, that was nothing compared to what she would do next. 

“Fuck me!” she whispered slowly to his ear causing the young man to freeze instantly. 

He thought he heard the wrong thing at first, but it was clear that Angela was craving for his cock. She even pushed herself against it wanting to feel the man’s stiffness.     

Jack’s eyes moved to Sandra hoping to get some clarity, but there was none to see; his ‘aunt’ looked at him with the same hunger, or maybe even worse as her white teeth kept biting on those meaty lips. 

Desire was floating through the air as Sandra gave Jack the drink. 

“Here, have a sip, you must be cold.” 

After the first sip, she invited them both to the patio since the sun insisted on hiding behind a fat cloud. 

“Come, I have some towels and housecoats there.”

Jack didn’t debate and followed to the women, wondering what they were planning now; those two words still echoed in his head, as Angela’s eyes kept throwing lustful gazes. He was old enough to recognize those ‘fuck me’ eyes, but the situation felt rather surreal. 

Those fine round asses walked slowly in front of him, as thin thongs spread their butt cheeks to perfection. His heart ran wild now, pushing that blood through his system at the speed of light. 

“Shit…” he thought to himself as he began drying his hair. 

For just a glimpse Jack couldn’t see anything, but he felt well enough; Angela had neared him, grabbing his hard cock through the wet shorts. She didn’t say a fucking thing at first, as those lips were busy kissing his neck. 

“Ahh!” he gasped instantly losing the towel as he did. 

Now he was met with Angela’s devious smirk; the woman had lost her bra already leaving those big round tits to hang out in the open. They looked so fucking stiff for her age, calling his name almost, in a language that was driving him crazy already. 

“What the...” the young man murmured as Angela pushed him violently towards the fancy white couch. 

“No words, mister!” she smirked as her right index pushed against his skin. 

Jack fell prey to temptation soon enough, falling on his back; the two assaulted him instantly, with Angela pulling his shorts. His hard cock almost slammed her in the face upon breaking free. 

“My God!” Angela gasped as her hand could finally embrace that piece of meat. 

Sandra could not be far as well, as she engulfed Jack’s head; she choked him with her tits despite being ‘relative’. Such things had lost their purpose during those moments, as only lust and sexual desire dictated every breath. 

He looked at her for just a glimpse before trapping those nipples with his lips; assaulted from both ends, Jack began feeling overwhelmed with sensations pushing his senses to the limit. 

“That’s it, hmm!” Angela moaned as her hands rubbed that cock and balls. 

Her meaty lips were drooling already, yearning to feel that gorgeous taste. A slow kiss on that mushroom head of his cock, sent instant thrills throughout his whole body. Jack startled. 

“Fuck!” his lips gasped right as Angela went balls deep. 

Her sucking skills were fucking godly as she gagged on that cock spreading spit everywhere.  

“Yess, so good… fuck!” Angela kept moaning with that cock in between her lip. 

She sucked no hands, because her fingers caressed Jack’s body all the way, feeling every inch, and every spasm her skillful tongue sent through his flesh.

The man was trapped in between as Sandra climbed and straddled him, dropping her tits right in his face, choking Jack with her desire. Their flesh was close to taking fire and Angela clearly craved for his cum. 

She grabbed his ass with both her hands and started throating on his cock, stretching her insides to the limit. 

“Hmm, give it to me, give me your cum… I want it!” the vamp kept begging. 

Her thirst would know no limits a spit was trickling on her tits; she went full in as she demanded her fair share. Her groaning turned insatiable at this point as she could feel that cock pulsing inside her mouth, ready to bless those cheeks with the man’s seed. 

“Ahh fuck, I am cumming… aww fuuucckk!” Jack growled as he just couldn’t hold it in. 

That’s when Angela’s cock sucking turned berserk and she would use all energy to see that cum filling her hungry mouth. 

“Aha, let it out!” she groaned stroking that cock with all the force until it finally burst. 

The huge load stole her breath, filling her throat with lustful warmth.       

Sandra dropped instantly to feel at least a bit of it, and now she grabbed Jack’s cock in her mouth and such the last bit of cum out of it, swallowing it with a strange sparkle in her eyes. 

These mature bitches knew well what they wanted and now they shared a fucking kiss with loads of cum in between. Their smirks were more than obvious, as Jack looked down at them. Angela wanted some more, thus she grabbed his balls and trapped the cock with her lips, licking underneath to stir a bit more cum to come out. 

“So good.” She smirked squeezing that mushroom head with her lips.   

Clearly, she wouldn’t let Jack get away so easily and would expect another round from him; that young blood was condemned to please those hungry mature cunts in ways he hadn’t even thought of. 

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