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Alina’s prying eyes were set on that fine ass for quite a while; tanning just like a queen under the burning sun, she fully displayed her gorgeous body for everyone to see. Still, her mind was set on one specific cock despite craving full admiration. 

She saw her nephew Ben emerging from the waves just like Poseidon; a tall amazing looking stature with perfect muscles that now dripped with the saltwater. The temptation was going through the roof, as she could barely resist going out there to grab what she desired. 

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The young man’s cock protruded through the fabric of his wet shorts, and she could see that well. 

“Damn!” she sighed biting her lips.

The view was filled with magic, thus she knew well she had to do something about it before his restless heart burst out of her chest. 

“What a piece of meat!” she muttered to herself looking at how Ben brushed his own dark hair backward to squeeze the water out of it. 

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That Baywatch-looking scene convinced this gorgeous cougar it was time; she rose from her long chair and walked behind the ma to give his thirsty soul a drink, but not before spanking that tense ass as a warning. 

“Ouch…” he was startled and as he turned around he saw his fine-looking aunt. 

Alina was a fucking bomb; big tits, wide fleshy thighs, and a round ass that begged for some hard fucking. Her dark blonde hair was caught in a reckless bun, and now that she looked at the young man from above her sunglasses, it became clear that she wanted to stir the water a little bit. 

“A drink?” she smirked knowing too well this young stud could read the signs. 

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Ben accepted it, as his eyes scanned the body of his aunt from head to toe; there was slight reluctance in his breath as the extended family was at the beach that day, thus Ben grabbed it with a smile, but did nothing else. 


The words are rather tricky at times, yet this time the young man chose to leave for his long chair and rest his soul while enjoying that drink. 

He had no clue the devil was lurking in the details and it didn’t take long for things to catch fire.  Alina returned under the shade of her umbrella, rubbing her clit discretely as she had covered that yellow swimsuit with a towel.

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Her fantasizing was intense, just like a wildfire under the burning sun; nothing in this world could ever put it down… well there was something that could do the trick. 

Less than half an hour later, her burning breath caressed the young man’s neck; the dressing room became too tight as Ben sought to change outfits, but now it was too late for that. 

Alina’s hungry lips touched his warm skin right under his neck.

“Ahh… what the…” he gasped and Ben turned around he saw his aunt’s allusive figure. 

“What are you doing here?” 

Of course, the cougar provided no reply as she had come there to fuck, not entertain conversations. 

“Shh…” she smirked while her right hand grabbed the man’s cock. 

Ben was now fully naked as he had dropped his former blue shorts to pick red pair; the scenery was perfect for Alina, who now pushed the young man with his wide back against the wall. 

“Auntie…” the young man smirked as if he couldn’t believe what was going on. 

His dreams had carried her for quite a while, but he could not possess the courage to move towards her. 

“Don’t say another word!” she uttered covering Ben’s lips with her left index. 

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His cock was trapped inside the woman’s hand and was now slowly coming back to life; the slight shame lingering in the young man’s breath was slowly fading, as this amazing cougar slowly squeezed and rubbed his junk. 

That mushroom head looked gorgeously and as Alina gazed at it, a strange idea came to mind. 

“I know you want me!” she smirked at her nephew. 

Those sparkling green eyes would slowly hypnotize his heart and he could feel his pulse going through the fucking roof. 

“I… I…” he tried to say, but all it came out was pure gibberish. 

This was the perfect signal for Alina! She owned his ass right now and she would do with it exactly as she pleased. Her lips aimed for his neck right now, cascading slowly towards the man’s tense nipples and down onto his fine abdomen, pushing him slowly towards a small wooden chair placed inside the dressing room. 

Ben fell prey to his own temptation, especially as Alina was nearing his cock with her lips; those meaty things looked like they could fucking suck, and soon he felt their amazing touch on that pulsing head. 

“Fuck!” the young man gasped as Alina’s tongue touched his cock. 

The warmth and wetness were unbelievable, but what made it even more incredible, was the woman’s desire to suck a young cock. She had dreamed of it for quite a while and now she’d give this young stud the time of his life.

Slowly but surely, she trapped the full girth in her throat as she began sucking Ben’s cock until her lips reached the balls. 

“Hmm, yess… god, so fine!” she kept moaning while sucking the very life out of it. 

Ben was close to losing his shit at this point; no other woman before had sucked his cock so beautifully and with so much devotion. Alina was now a fucking sex goddess whose hands and lips blessed that cock and balls at the same time. 

Those swirling motions around his cock were driving Ben on the fucking edge of madness; his fucking knees were shaking at this point while his cougar aunt was standing there on her pretty knees, choking and gagging on his cock. 

“Fuck me!!” he groaned gabbing her gorgeous hair and messing that bun on the process. 

By now, the young man was losing it and felt like he was cumming. 


That word put a seal on her fate as he began fucking her mouth, pushing down on her pretty head as hard as possible. 

“Fuck yeah!” the am smirked with satisfaction, seeing this bitch could take it all, no matter the strength of it.

The slurping sounds Alina made caused his young cock to turn into fucking stone at this point, and there was good reason for it as well. 

“Give it to me!” she demanded almost feeling too well that Ben was holding back. 

Alas, the fine cougar squeezed those balls craving for the cum, a blast filling her throat with Ben’s warm seed. 

“God damn!” the young man groaned like a beast as he bust a nut inside his aunt’s throat. 


Her tongue was soaking in cum at this point, and Alina even opened her mouth with a smirk to show him, how much she cherished Ben’s seed. Then she swallowed every drop with utter satisfaction. 

“So tasty” Alina smirked while her hand still rubbed on that hard cock. 

For some reason, it refused to go down, and that only meant more fun. 

“Get up!” Ben boasted now with new confidence and pushed her face against the wall. 

With his right foot, he spread those long legs until he felt it was enough. Ben craved to see that ‘fat’ ass out there in the open, spread perfectly, ready to receive his cock. 

Alina’s hands rested on the wall while her fine tits were hanging beautifully; this new position made her appear like she was being searched by the police. This meant her ass belonged to Ben, who rubbed that mushroom head against her clit for a second, teasing her ass closer to despair.

Then, he pushed her head against the wall so she could not see a fucking thing before he thrust balls deep into her wet pussy.  

“Ahhh!” she gasped while feeling his full girth. 

The man’s cock stretched her fine cunt to the limit, reaching the very depths of that soaking puss. 

“Is that how you want it?” the man groaned while pounding her from behind. 

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Alina did not reply at first as her whole body was trapped in a trance; her head was held tight by his hand while her ass clapped like a motherfucker. Those fat round ass cheeks were bouncing in beautiful fleshy waves each time he pounded her. 

Ben loved the jiggling motion and for that reason, he could only crave for more; that’s why he now grabbed both her arms arching her splendid sweaty spine towards him, while increasing rhythm. 

“C’mon, tell me is that how you want it?” 

Alina gasped restlessly. 

“Ahh, ohh yeah… yess baby!” 

She was now covered in sweat head to toe while Ben rammed that ass like there was no tomorrow. Faster and harder, he fucked her until his cock and her ass would become one.    

“Shit, I’m cumming…” she gasped at one point, feeling the cum dripping down her rich thighs.

Alina’s whole body was trembling at this point, while satisfaction spread like a disease through her flesh. The sex had been much more than she had ever imagined… it was pure heaven! 

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