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Long legs, shapely rear, beautiful face. Not many people would give Kristina fifty years of age. Yet, the painting teacher celebrated her birthday last week. 

After spending half a century on this planet, she knew what she liked and wanted. Her subjects were rarely aware of her longing and only a selected few were worthy enough to be awarded.

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Edward was one such individual. But he had no idea. 

He entered the studio. Barely twenty years of age, he was a tall strong man with boyish charm. With curly red hair and striking blue eyes, he was the perfect specimen to be drawn. His athletic physique and proper proportions made him a sought-after model. 

Of course, he knew the name of Kristina but the enigma surrounding the woman was the main reason he agreed to come. This outing was organized by his agency. What he didn't know was that Kristina and his boss were good friends. 

Both were above fifty and both were hungry for young flesh. 

Edward wore only his slippers and robe. He took the center of the room and waited. He expected to have a class thought with him serving as a model and that was it.

Instead, he got a surprise.

Completely naked, Kristina entered. She was barefoot and didn't care her feet were shoveling around torn pieces of paper, spilled paint, graphite dust, and all the other debris left by her previous class.

Her long white legs moved with a sensual swing. Her middle was adorned with a light bush. Her pink juicy vulva was clearly visible. She had a prominent clit and it hung between her labia lips. Its hood was already pulled and the sparkling, wet button looked eager to explore and be touched.

Her flat stomach showed some scars from aging. The skin was a bit crinkled but overall, she had no extra fat on her bones. Only extremely appealing curves ran formed her exquisite feminine shape. 

Above her perky small breasts carried proudly their big nipples, and the budding tops of her milk duds looked armed and ready for action. Her thin, long neck finished her classical-looking nude body. 

Her raven black hair flowed around her striking face. Big eyes, above sharp cheekbones, hid beneath big glass frames. It finished her stern and sexual image perfectly. 

She came close to Edward and her deep voice asked: 'Are you ok with nudity?'

The man only swallowed hard and nodded. 

'Good, I like to create freely,' she winked at him. 

'Am I late?' His boss rushed into the studio.

She was in the same state of dress as him. Slippers and a robe.

'No, just in time,' Kristina smiled.

'Hi, Edward,' the woman waved warmly and tossed her attire on the floor.

Never in a million years would he have thought that he would see his manager in the buff.

The small chubby woman was something quite spectacular without her clothes. She had tits for days, but not the sloppy cow kind. She had extra curves all over, but they didn't melt into one another. She was blessed with a good body. Her thighs were plump and appetizing. Her snatch was shaved and the smooth skin between her legs revealed the cutest set of lips one could ask for. 

'Did you ask him?' His boss asked Kristina.

'Yes, he said he has no problem with nudity. Isn't that right, Edward.'

'No, ma'am. I mean yes, ma'am,' he stumbled. 'I meant...'

He just shut up and dropped the robe. 

What he didn't expect and what never happened in any other class was to have his massive dick erect so hard. The flesh pole stretched away from his body as if it had a mind of its own. And that mind had only one goal. 

'Well, well, well. I might skip on these,' his boss said and neglected the paintbrushes.

She came closed and let her tits spill against his thigh. Her hands caressed his legs and ended at the middle of his firm buttocks. 

'Oh, you have to touch his ass,' she exclaimed and lowered her head.

Her mouth wrapped around his thick cock. She showed an obvious desire to cram all of his meat inside her cakehole but the length prevented it. 

'We cannot have this part left unloved,' Kristina joined and let her tongue play around the part of his cock that was outside his boss' mouth. 

Then she went on her knees. He looked at her pretty head bobbing while she was slurping his balls. Below her hair, the nice round shapes of her ass shook above the dirty soles of her bare feet. 

Edward wouldn't say he was into feet. Before. Looking at Kristina's ass above her feet, looking down at the cute small feet of his boss, he couldn't help it. It was nice, natural, and somewhat homey. Two naked ladies, a bit older, with no pretense to act like younger women. Happy in their bodies, not ashamed of their imperfections. They were completely exposed and were sucking on his cock and balls. 

The whole situation filled his balls with excitement. He wanted to burst all over them. His gland was sensitive and the pre-cum was generously spilling all over their faces. Mouths full of his package was not something he planned to happen to him today, but this was beyond any dream he ever had.

'Can I be first, please?' Kristina asked.

'By all means,' the boss said.

She climbed on the podium with him. She stepped on his toes and bend over. She leaned forward and rested her tits over the other woman. Their boobs smushed and nothing else was left for Edward to do but penetrate her.

He grabbed the soft ass of Kristina and opened her wide. Her anus and vulva gaped. The leaking vagina of the artist sent a nice whiff of a woman ready to be fucked and he obliged. 

He held her down and his cock entered her. He burrowed through her moist cave. Her ass cheeks slapped against his impressive stomach muscles. The sound of wet skin smacking echoed in the big atelier. 

It was as if two works of art had come to life and enjoyed their sexual awakening. He drilled into her with gusto. She moaned and sweated. Her harsh, commanding tone changed to the one of a very submissive woman. It was sweet, soft, and sensual.

It drove the beast out of him. He was a hunter ready to finish his prey. Kristina panted as his manager was playing with the painter's tits. She was massaging the nipples of the small tits and was laughing. 

Kristina on her end was letting her arms run all over the soft body of the short woman. She was grabbing at every accentuated curve. She was biting and kissing the big boobs. Finally, she embraced her and they kissed.

The tongues that had tasted his cock now played together. They mixed their saliva. The thick lips of the women entered a wild dance of passion. 

This invigorated his thrusting even more. Edward was living in pure fantasy. Here he was naked with two naked women. Sweat and genital sap rained and small puddles formed between their feet. Hot waves were rushing through their bodies and nobody could say where one stopped and another started.

They were this nude sculpture of flesh extracting all the satisfaction the three bodies could produce. 

'Cum inside me,' Kristina said through raspy breath. 'Cum inside me, Edward. Please. Fuck my cunt and drain your balls in my pussy.'

The vulgarity coming from such a classy mouth was all he needed. 

His balls prepared for the upcoming avalanche. They were gathering all that he could produce. And it was a lot.

Edward hadn't masturbated in several days. He thought he might have sex this weekend when he is out with friends. But this gift came early. Yet, he had so much sperm in reserve that he knew this would be hard and powerful. 

And it was. The volleys of hot cum shooting in the wet vagina of Kristina almost toppled her over his boss. His hard pushes forced the other woman to brace for the tremors.

His boss had her feet firmly planted and pushed against the couple. 

Edward was cumming and thrusting. He didn't want to stop, as the vagina rubbed his cock and the friction was bringing him so much satisfaction. 

He must have hit Kristina right in the spot since she joined in the thrashing. Her legs trembled and her ass wobbled. Her hanging tits shook from the orgasmic tension releasing through her body. She was about to collapse but the two people around her kept her on her feet.

She yelled in ecstasy and asked for more despite the shattering effect of the climax. 

Kristina exhaled.

She released the cock and took a step forward. Her hand was clutching at her pussy, keeping the sperm within but some was leaking through her fingers.

'We take five and we draw?' She asked the boss.

'Yes, sounds good.'

'Ok, Edward, get ready.'

He nodded with his cock still erect and glistening with cum.   


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