Tricks of an older women

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The party must have been wild. The aftermath in the kitchen reminded her of being ravaged by a tornado place. Most of the partygoers were out. Except for Karl. 

He was still asleep. Spread out on the couch, her son's friend had only his boxers on and socks. Abandoned to be discovered by Jasmina. 

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In her forties, she was carrying a pound or two in excess but was still easy on the eye. Not downright beautiful but cute. With her long red hair and freckled skin, she was charming and always smiling. Her blue eyes were piercing and big. She was soft all around and not a single sharp edge existed in that woman.

Even seeing the mess in her home didn't send her over the threshold of anger. She just sighed and looked for her cleaning supplies. Dressed in her semitransparent robe, revealing thick underwear and a baggy bra, she was such a typical mom, right down to her fluffy slippers on her bare feet. 

At first, she didn't see the young man on the couch. He was half covered by the tablecloth, serving as an improvised blanket, and only his snoring helped her locate the individual.

The table was tossed over his torso, exposing his legs. That's how she determined he has only his boxers on and the socks. And a nice surprise was left for her in all the chaos.

His boxers were of a really wide variety. Leaving his left testicle exposed. The ball had slipped away from his underwear and the fuzzy scrotum was in her plain sight. 

She licked her thin lips. A longing scratched her loins and she couldn't deny the appeal of the offering. She was curious to see the rest of the package but at the same time just seeing it there, unbothered, provided an even more alluring visual. 

Jasmina was ready to move on but then she looked up a bit and their eyes met. The man smiled and nodded down again. She was horrified, she was caught peeping like a schoolgirl. A woman at her age. What was wrong with her? But she did follow his eye's direction. 

He pulled his boxers to the side and his cock spilled from the hole. With his soft and big balls, his whole manhood was for her to observe. Her breath sunk into her stomach, her heartbeat went straight past her ass and landed in her heels. She was frozen, mesmerized by the semi-hard cock. 

A memory of a morning wood or newfound excitement from the woman daring to check him out while he was out? She didn't care. She was also, after all, not some snotty brat. She was a woman with experience and as such, she decided it would be rude to decline such a spectacular invitation.

She tossed her slippers to the side and climbed on the couch. The young man smiled and did the same with the tablecloth. His chiseled hairless body was male perfection. He was thin but was taking good care of himself. Nice muscle definition charted his torso and Jasmina was eager to drag her lips over his hard flesh. 

His hands embraced her and pushed through her upper clothing. The robe spilled over her back and landed on his thighs, covering her legs, and letting her feet stick out from the pile behind her ass. She lowered her body and her bra pressed against his chest.

They both wanted the real thing and thankfully, he was skilled. With a quick snap of his fingers, the straps on her back separated their connection. Her big, juicy tits rushed to meet his pecks. Her erect nipples poked his skin before her boob tissue engulfed them and spread its substantial mass all over him. 

Their positioning was somewhat cemented now so they both had to move their underwear to the side a bit since they were unable to really release their genitals from its grasp. 

Her thick bush covered his pubis. It was ginger as her hair and her pale skin under it jiggled. Her delicate rolls over her stomach and thighs proved to be a favorite place for his hands. His fingers grabbed the soft surface, as he was positioning her ass over his cock.

Her vulva was hairy and tickled his shaft. The hairs were in the way initially but her excitement produced reivers of vaginal nectar. it streamed down her labia and drenched the cock under it. 

Her clit came out of her hood and looked to take a sip of their combined cocktail. It soaked up the sweaty moisture and the sensation curled her toes. It traveled all the way from her center to all her borders. 

As she was grinding against the meaty shaft the cock stood up and entered her pussy. It slipped right past in and filled her hole. Her vagina embraced the cock and supplied extra juice to make the friction as smooth as possible. 

Jasmina couldn't control herself. The rubbing of his cock inside her cunt forced a moan out of her. She was existing in such a long, dry spell, the produce of any sexual sound, coming out of her mouth, felt wrong and somewhat foreign. 

She was just a mom. Still helping her college-aged son to find his way in this world. There was no time for sexual satisfaction or nonsense like this. Yet, his son was now providing such a good experience to her lower region, she was desperate to show him all the good tricks older women knew of. 

She pulled his hands and firmly pressed them against her ass. He had to push his fingers under the edges of her big panties to have his palms work with nude skin. 

Jasmina was also feeling how his boxers were tightening up around his cock. The same was happening around her vulva. The panties were constantly threatening to come closer and obstruct the penetration. 

But this allowed them to both have a reason to play there. So, they didn't change the position, the couple proceeded as they were and Jasmina hurled her tits over his face.

She was a very top-heavy woman. Her boobs compensated for her flat ass, which was annoying her. She had curves, some rolls but her ass never blossomed. Only her thighs were jiggly and had meat on them. Her buttocks were squarish and almost directly went to her legs. Her bum was refusing to increase in size and create a visible distinction between her back and legs. A shame to be sure.

Thank God she had tits for days. Her mammaries were big, saggy and with such large nipples, any man would spend countless hours on them, just playing with the plentiful bounty. 

Jasmina always had doubts about her physique but the young man beneath her was cherishing every moment. His hands were insatiable. His mouth was sucking on her tits as if his life depended on it. He appreciated her soft body and loved to touch every part of it. And he was not skipping areas. He was sending his arms all over the place, seemingly without any plan.

He would start from her feet, play with her big toe or heel, just to go to the shoulders, then he would rub her ass crack and tap her anus. After that he either needed to readjust hers or his underwear, just to follow it with a caress on her legs or slap on her ass. But mostly his palms were her bra. Somebody had to keep those beasts in place and his hands were more than happy to oblige. 

He was getting closer. She pulled herself off his cock and snuggled below his balls. She took the member in her mouth and her fingers worked on his testicle and even dared massage his asshole. 

The man didn't mind and she continued servicing his package in full. Her saliva splashed as she was gliding her head through the cock's length. It was a tall and girthy thing. Filled her mouth, the same way it filled her pussy. 

She placed his legs on her shoulders. His feet pointed at the ceiling. Everything opened for her. He was hers and she was going to extract every single drop of cum he had collected in his balls. 

Her fingers became like his fingers. Her tips explored all the gentle curves and zones in his privates. While his cock was existing in her mouth, expanding ever still. 

The sperm blasted into her throat. The wave was so hard and, in such supply, Jasmina thought it would overflow and spill through her nose. The extracting blasts of his testicle, traveling through his hot cock, smeared the inside of her mouth. She was smiling and also struggling, as she was dealing with the never-ending avalanche. 

With hard swallows, she dragged the cum down her throat. She was not going to waste such a fine product. She winked at the man and stood up. His shriveling cock escaped back into his boxers.

Barefoot and topless, she continued cleaning the kitchen, while the man enjoyed the view.   


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