A night at the Burj

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 It was the eve of the New Year, and there were quite a handful of parties going down across the beautiful city of Dubai to ring in the new year. Cruising on the Burj al Arab lake was a magnificent sixty-four-foot yacht belonging to an Arab Prince. 

There was quite the fanfare taking place on the sprawling, glittering yacht as a big party was hosted by the owner and quite the handful of aristocrats were also in attendance. The deck was dotted with men clad in the traditional Middle Eastern attire of a flowing white robe and checkered turban wrapped around their heads. Also in attendance were a couple of Victoria Secret's models who all had been invited to the yacht party after a pretty successful fashion show in the city. 

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Standing at a far corner of the yacht's deck and taking in the sights and sound of the city was Emily Shaw – a twenty-year-old blonde Caucasian supermodel, with glassy hazel eyes and high cheekbones, pursed lips, and a smacking hourglass figure which made her much sought after by the most exclusive modeling companies. Regardless of being a stunning beauty, Emily was quite naive concerning how things played out at such parties and was just enjoying the feeling of touring the world thanks to her beauty and poise. She was clad in a body-hugging black, strapless evening dress and red six-inch heels to match. Raising her champagne flute to her lips, Emily took a swig of her glass as she gazed out at the bright city dotted by kaleidoscopic bright lights in the night sky. 

"You seem to be enjoying the party all by yourself..." a male voice with a slight baritone background to it echoed from behind Emily. She was slightly startled and she spun around to see who it was, almost choking on her drink when she realized who the person standing before her was. 

"Oh, Prince Amman, excuse me. I had no idea it was you!" Emily tried to compose herself and flashed an innocent smile as she stood face to face with the billionaire Prince on whose yacht they were sailing. 

"It's alright. I'm sorry for sneaking up on you like that." He said in a casual tone. "Just that I've been barely able to take you off my mind since the show." He smiled warmly at her, and Emily had to giggle from the shyness that enveloped her. 

The Prince was an extremely handsome six-foot man with broad shoulders and deep brown eyes, along with a bit of well-maintained beards on his face. What was there not to fall for?

"Oh, thank you. Well nice to meet you." Emily replied with an outstretched arm which Amman took and held onto for quite a while as he gazed into her beautiful face. They both introduced each other, and a friendly rapport ensued. 

"You're welcome, Emily. Do you mind following me down to my cabin? I've got something I'd like to show you." Prince Amman smiled at Emily, and she nodded softly before taking his hand and walking down a flight of stairs into the cabin area, away from the buzzing rancor on the deck.

 As soon as Amman pushed the door open and ushered Emily in, she shut the door behind them, then flung her arms around Prince Charming's neck and pulled him in for a deep kiss. They both began moaning quite audibly into each other's parted mouths as they kissed while their arms roared around each other's bodies. The Prince savored the soft feeling of Emily's C cups pressing against his chest as the kiss lasted, and his palm wandered down to her rear, where he groped rather savagely on her ass mound, making her gasp softly into the kiss. 

Emily loved how spontaneous everything was going, and the fact that she was hooking up with a total handsome but popular stranger got her really hot and bothered. She kissed the Prince deeply, and her arm wandered down to his crotch to see he was now sporting a rigid tent in his pants. 

"Hold on..." Prince Amman gasped softly into the kiss once Emily gripped tightly on the outline of his swollen bulge, touching it sensually. She pulled away from the kiss and watched him as he took off his robe and undid the buckle of the black pants he had underneath. A  gasp of shock escaped Emily again as the Prince's nine-inch swollen and veiny cock sprang out in the open. 

Acting almost hypnotized, Emily dropped down to her knees in awe and reached up to wrap a firm grasp around his base. "Wow, it's so damn huge!" She giggled as she stuck out her tongue to flick the pool of precum leaking down his tip before parting her lips open and engulfing the bulbous tip of the tasty cock past her lips, sliding down his warm shaft till a loud gag that made her pause echoed from her throat. 

"Ughhh...yes Habibi...go deeper!" With a firm grip on her head, the Prince forcefully plunged an extra three more inches down Emily's stretched throat and held his throbbing meat down her throat as she gagged, wheezed, and sputtered with a throat full of cock. He let go of her head, and Emily, in response, began bobbing and twirling her lips madly on the delicious cock; moaning her excitement at each slurp down the tasty shaft. Soon, Emily had gone delirious with her slurps and gags as she drooled all over her cleavage while choking on the throbbing cock. She pulled away to catch her breath with a sharp wheeze, and the Prince let out a deep grunt.

"Ow, you're so nasty! Open your mouth!" He commanded her, and she did as told before he spat down into her open mouth, then slammed his cock down her throat to resume throat-fucking her.

Already hot and bothered, Emily began to play with her pantyless pussy as the shaft drilled her slobbering throat. The Prince noticed this, and a smirk flashed on his face as he stopped humping her face and pulled her up. "Get over there on your knees!" He commanded in a stern tone as he shoved Emily towards a leather couch, and she straddled it with her back to him. He hiked her evening dress to take in the view of her soggy pink cunt, before running a finger along the seeping vulva. 

"Hmmm...yes, please fuck me silly!" Emily was already moaning like a total slut at his first touch. The Prince's smile grew and he straightened behind her, lined up his cock right up her wet pussy, then slammed all the way in. A combined cacophony of groans and moans filled the cabin as the Prince lodged his shaft all the way into the spasming juicy cunt and stayed still for a while. Once he became used to the searing heat of the slippery cunt, the Prince pulled out halfway, then rammed back in with full force, slamming Emily's petite 5"3 frame into the couch. 

"Mmph....aahhh Fukkk!!!" Emily cried out with a shrill voice as the brute cockhead tanned against her cervix. She clutched at the head of the couch and gripped tightly onto it, as the Prince also gripped tightly onto the small of her back and began railing her with unforgiving full thrusts of his fat phallus. "Yess...pound that wet pussy baby...owww..." Emily gasped and bit down seductively on her lower lip as multiple sensations coursed through her shuddering frame.

"Ugh fuck yes! That greedy cunt is taking all of my cock really good!" The Arab Prince let out a tensed sigh as he pummeled the slick cunt with unforgiving thrusts. The sounds of loud slapping, wet flesh echoed around the cabin now as his huge dangling balls repeatedly slapped away at Emily's seeping vulva. Each slam into her brought him closer and closer to the edge, and he knew he couldn't last long in such a wet, creamy cunt.

"Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me hard!" Emily cried as she felt her pelvic floor burn from an orgasm and began flicking on her clit as she got pounded silly from behind. "Owww fuccckkk!!!" She cried at the top of her voice as a shattering orgasm completely took hold of her, wrecking her cunt to gush out endlessly on the plunging cock inside of her. 

The spasmodic feeling of Emily's fiery cunt was too much for the Prince to bear, and he bellowed aloud as he began pumping his seed deep into Emily's young cunt; stuffing her up with his seed as they both moaned loudly from their joint orgasm. 

He slammed hard and fast into Emily for the duration of his orgasm until he finally slowed down then slid out of her depths with a resounding plop. Emily spun around in an instant and ducked behind to wrap her lips around the smeared, half flaccid mass of meat now, slurping hungrily and greedily as she cleaned up every trace of semen and fluid from the pulsating cock, while moaning into it. She finally pulled her wet lips away from the flaccid clean cock, and her attention was broken off by the banging sound of fireworks exploding in the night sky to ring in the new year. Smiling up at the heavy breathing Prince, Emily leaned forward and planted a soft kiss at his base, then grinned up at him with cum smeared lips. "Happy new year, my Prince." 

The Prince chuckled halfway as he reached down for her face to scoop the traces of semen off with his finger and feed them to get slurping lips. "Happy new year, my dear Emily. I think you just became my new cumdump!" He grinned down at her, and she laughed softly.

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  1. Phil
    June 13, 2023 om 9:43 am

    I have heard a story about the models, and going the way the story went, it could be true she knew what could happen and was waiting for Prince Amman as the show was that afternoon, and anything could have happened there. They both knew each other.
    And who knows, a nice wink from her or him was all on.
    So that evening, when they met, they knew what they wanted. Once in the cabin, he dropped his pants, she was on her knees to suck it as she had done in the past, and we all know the ending.
    But two adults want sex with each other.
    A great story. It must happen every day somewhere in the world


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