A Hard Promotion

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It was a difficult road for Sheena to travel. All throughout her budding career, she met head-strong men who didn’t deem the field appropriate for her. It was obvious what they were alluding to, but no one would accept the stigma being placed upon her. Growing up as a Muslim in Turkey, her darker skin always gave that fact away, instantly bringing a few unwanted eyes across her now that she worked in the US. 

Sheena had studied to become a data scientist, focusing on her skills in image recognition, and finally was able to spread her wings in a role that fit her skills. Only instead of technical road-blocks, she was met by physical ones…

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Her department was dominated by men, each stuck in their ways and refusing to accept a woman in the workplace so easily. Several of her workflows were interrupted by their intentional mistakes, even Sheena having to deal with curt remarks made towards her outfits! 

She had to get used to her new environment, the innate hostility towards her at every turn. It was as if she was trying to walk down a line of cubicles, except every had their foot stuck out, trying to trip her up. From her higher-ups dumping ridiculous workloads on her desk, some of which wasn’t even her department, to having work sent back for mundane, and sometimes downright incorrect reasoning. Still, she bit down and continued working diligently, the prospect of progressing still in sight.

Eventually, Sheena achieved this, though things only became worse when she moved up from a rookie worker, to someone with genuine, tangible power. She was being allotted more complex tasks, even respected for how efficiently she was completing them, which others did not like at all. Despite her new position, she was constantly sabotaged, but tried to keep her head above water.

On more than one occasion, Sheena had to oversee a large project, only to meet head-strong men who refused to work beneath her. Some would request transfers, while others would simply opt out of working on it altogether. This environment stalled her progress even more, being called into her boss’ office to brief him on what was going on, his perspective very rarely lining up with hers. Still, despite the occasional reprimands, she was moving forward.

Still, she found struggles, Sheena became vilified in the private talks of her company, any man within a major social circle snubbed her at any chance, ignoring requests and refusing to speak with her. It became so bad that she had to get a forward-thinking co-worker to mediate for her, this way the other people wouldn’t know it was her.

Having to jump through all these hoops wasn’t even the worst of it, but Sheena was also struggling with exhaustion, having to do so much more than her co-workers. Thanks to the awful working environment, her standards began to slip, only encouraging those who disliked her.

Even though she was under the constant mental assault of her hostile work environment, Sheena still found time to decompress outside of work hours. She had an expensive membership to a private gym, enjoying the feeling of leaving work, heading over and letting the sudden rush of cool air soothe her.

Ah… finally a break…

Each little break she gave herself, those were her thoughts. She’d run through recent events as she felt her blood rushing through her body, her workout releasing the pent-up tension. Still, there was a part of her that enjoyed this, the feeling of being surrounded by people that hated her like this. It was almost fulfilling, having their gazes over her, knowing what was in their minds as they spoke to her. In truth, she got off on it somewhat…

That knowing smile she flashed at them whenever she gained the upper-hand, knowing they wanted to wipe it off of her so badly! Every session at the gym ended in the same thing for Sheena, heading into the showers as the final thoughts of the evening took over.

What if they got what they wanted~

She had thought it many times before, some of the men in the office not being too bad to look at… What if they had their way, Sheena submitting to them for an evening so they could release their pent-up frustrations…?

She never allowed herself to get too lost in those thoughts, despite the allure, Sheena knew there was plenty of work for her to do still. There was no time for her to be lost in perverse fantasies.

After returning to work, she was subjected to a myriad of taunts each day, spiraling her mental state even more, leaving work most days in a rush so that she could get to the gym and decompress. Though it was beginning to not be enough, Sheena slipped into that perverted allure more with each day. Even one night taking it a bit far, imagining one of the more muscular men in the office grabbing her body in the showers, pressing her up against the wall as he…

Coming back from her thoughts, Sheena shook her head, catching a gasp escape her lips, panting to herself, she tried to recover her thoughts. It was getting too much, but there was still so much to do…

Despite all she did, the burning gaze against her skin at work was always present, the eyes that looked down on her, simply because she existed in their space.

Sheena heard a distant call for her name, a man motioning for her to come over. Her eyes widened with shock at what he said, letting her know that the boss wanted to speak with her personally about what was going on. Thinking there would be time to prepare, Sheena is once again thrown off-balance, urged to hurry and meet him right away. There was no hope in delaying things, and soon she found herself sitting there, right across from the man who held complete dominion over her career.

“So what’s been happening between you and the other workers?”

His tone was so frank that it almost didn’t sound like a loaded question, but it was. He, much like everyone else, was looking for a reason to hamper her career, stalling it just because of who she was. Mentally preparing herself for what she was about to say, Sheena felt a sudden relief when her boss spoke before her.

“I know you work hard, but people like this get in your way… what if I promote you above them?”

There it was, the tempting promotion that had been dangling in front of her face for so long. A smirk spread across the man’s face as she toyed with the idea of accepting. It would be an immense leap in terms of her career, as well as being given the chance to stand above the people who caused her so much grief.

“So, what do I have to do…?”

Her voice trembled, but as her boss continued smirking, all he did to answer was pull back his chair, leaning back in it while Sheena’s eyes snapped open, hearing him unzip his pants.

In an instant, all professionalism was gone, she was staring at a man who so arrogantly proposed that she demean herself for his pleasure, but the prize at the end was still a tempting one. Even after being ready to blow up at a man who lewdly commented towards her, she was now edging towards kneeling beneath her boss’ desk for a promotion. 

Sheena sat there for longer than she thought she would, staring down her boss as she pondered what to do. It would be the better idea, but each time Sheena thought about it intently, she became disgusted with herself. Though all of a sudden, he pulled forward his chair.

“Well, if you’d rather not, then-”

“N-no, wait!”

A smirk grew across his face again, and he pushed his chair back, smiling at Sheena expectantly. Under his mocking gaze, she slowly stood from her chair, walking closer to him before looking down, seeing his half-hard cock between his legs. After preparing herself, she crawls under his desk, taking a position on her knees before he slides his chair back under.

Sheena is instantly forced into her new role, letting the room fill with the sound of her subservience, all in an effort to progress in her career. Each sloppy sound was a step on the ladder, another inch closer to being able to sit comfortably in her new position.

The next few humiliating minutes are spent with Sheena trying to stifle the lewd sounds coming from her lips, trying not to imagine his smug face above the desk. To her horror, someone else enters the office, a man she had spoken to before was speaking with her boss. As the conversation moves on, it’s clear that they’ll be a while, but Sheena begins to feel something.

Without warning, Sheena is left to silently gulp down her ‘ambition’, feeling a tingle of shame at every pulse. It was agonizingly awkward, borderline humiliating to kneel there beneath the two men. Luckily for her, things didn’t last much longer, the other man excusing himself, a chance for her to finally stand from her spot.

“So, when can I start my new position?”

She tried to return to her professional atmosphere, but her boss’ smug grin made Sheena tremble in shame.

“Next week. We’ll have your first personal review in a month.”

With that, he waves her out of his office, leaving Sheena with a mix of both excitement and dread. On the one hand, she had taken a step up in her career, but on the other, she had another hurdle to overcome in the next month…

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