An unexpected answer

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It wasn’t exactly a planned state of affairs. Cliff had said it mostly as a joke, teasing the two of his co-workers as they seemed rather comfortable with one another, being sisters after all.

“Well why don’t you two come home with me tonight and we can all get comfortable together?”

He hadn’t expected them to agree so easily, after all, they were both Muslims! He thought they’d end up being more uptight, but here they were… The car ride home was somewhat tense as they giggled in the back at his sudden hesitation.

“Awhh, look who’s getting cold feet~”

Amani can’t help but tease Cliff as he doesn’t seem to have thought this far ahead, though Nahla stays quiet in the back during the journey, even as Amani continues teasing.

Once they had finally arrived, Cliff took the short walk toward his house to psyche himself up, stepping into his home with a newfound confidence as the ladies followed after. They each separated to prepare for the evening, getting cleaned up and undressed, before all meeting back in his bedroom.

Both Amani and Nahla stood there awkwardly for a moment, looking at Cliff who was already tenting his underwear, and looked at one another, deciding they would have to make the first move. Without letting Cliff think, they push him back onto the bed, letting him sit up before they strip him of his boxers, pushing over who gets the first taste of his cock in their mouth. The brief struggle of mouths is won by Amani, who takes the leaking, twitching rod into her mouth, sucking on the tip gently as Nahla resides herself to licking at the base of his shaft.

The sudden descent into carnal pleasures has Cliff struggling to catch up, his cock throbbing in Amani’s mouth as he stares down at two beautiful women, both vying for the right to suck his cock. Their near-naked bodies kneeling at his feet, their tongues working across his dick in a way that almost has him bursting already!

Amani notices the sudden twitching in her mouth, and lets his cock pop free from her lips, looking over at Nahla to make her move. Nahla trembles slightly as she takes position between Cliff's legs, kissing awkwardly over the tip, leaving him somewhat pleased at the break in pleasure, and a chance to recover after Amani’s assault on his cock. This doesn’t last long, as Amani becomes impatient and pushes down on Nahla’s head, forcing her to suddenly throat Cliff's cock with force, letting him feel her throat squeezing down on his shaft, eliciting a deep moan from his lips.

That moan is followed by Cliff's thighs involuntarily squeezing around Nahla’s head, trembling as his orgasm quakes across his body. She struggles and gags around his cock, feeling his cum surge down her throat as she fights for air. Cliff is able to control himself and let go of her, just in time for her spit-covered face to pull free from his shaft, and the final rope to spray across her cock-drunk face.

Just as he’s about to apologize, his own words are thrown away as Nahla instantly lunges back forward to clean off the rest of his dick, licking at it madly, as if possessed. Amani then leans close to her face, currently servicing Cliff's dick, and taunts her.

“Awww, look who’s all cum-drunk! You know Sis, w-!”

Her taunts are silenced when Nahla turns to her, ignoring the fact that she was covered in Cliff's cum, and pulls her in close for a kiss. The two of them make out madly, Nahla urged on by her intense lust in the situation, and Amani out of pure surprise at her. They hadn’t known each other long, but here they were, sharing Cliff's cum as their lips pressed against one another, their tongues melting into each other’s mouths as their pussies rubbed against each other’s thighs.

Nahla notices how easily she trembles beneath her grasp, and grinds against Amani’s pussy without mercy, feeling her whimper between their kisses, a silent plea to not force her to a shameful orgasm, but a plea ignored. Nahla easily forces an orgasm from Amani, giggling between their kisses as she spasms beneath her, squealing into her lips. Nahla doesn’t stop making out with her until her orgasm fades and Amani is finally able to push Nahla off. In that act of defiance, Nahla already hatches an idea to make her squeal even more.

“Come here, Sis!”

Nahla reaches between Amani’s legs, pulling them apart as she lifts her off of the ground, with her back pressed against her tits, she presents Amani’s pussy for Cliff, spread and ready for him to pound as Nahla holds her up.

“It’s only right that your big Sis helps you get fucked, right?”

Cliff has had plenty of time to recover, and thankfully as well, the sight of his best friend holding his crushes legs open for him, both of their faces blushing intensely, was enough to make him throb with desire. He stood from the bed and cupped Amani’s chin, making her look into his eyes as he stared back. The both of them smiled softly at one another before locking into a passionate kiss, Cliff taking a final step closer as he slid his slick cock inside of her, stretching out her oversensitive pussy to fit him.

She was still recovering from her ordeal earlier, and the feeling of the man who she fantasizes about stretching her pussy was almost too much, she began quivering in Nahla’s grasp after only a few moments. That quivering built up to another orgasm, reaching its pique as she wraps her arms around Cliff, her body trembling in bliss as his cock continues pounding her pussy, causing it to quiver even more from the constant stimulation.

Before long, she was lost in a haze, an absolute wet mess, dripping onto the floor and mumbling to herself as multiple orgasms had wracked her brain. Cliff was reaching his own as well, urged on by the constant milking of his dick as Amani relentlessly came around his shaft. As Amani was reaching another earth-shattering orgasm, Cliff's thrusts sped up as he came close to joining her in that pleasure.

The both of them began moaning madly into each other’s mouths, not stopping their passionate embrace whilst their bodies were quickly overwhelmed with pleasure. If it weren’t for Nahla holding Amani in her arms, she would have collapsed long ago, Cliff on the other hand was leaning against her slightly, his thighs trembling as his intense orgasm had him pulsing cum inside of Amani incredibly hard, some of it already dripping out of her pussy and onto the floor.

Finally out of strength, and noticing things were at a close, Nahla lets them both collapse to the floor in a heap. Nahla wasn’t finished, still needing that satisfaction that these two had so greedily taken, she came up with another lecherous idea. She pulls Amani to lie across Cliff, his cock between her legs as she lay across him, and Nahla does the same, locking both of their legs together as they sandwiched Cliff's dick between their wet pussies. Nahla then began grinding her hips, causing both Cliff and Amani to writhe in pleasure, and soon, Amani joined in, grinding her pussy back against Nahla and across Cliff's dick, all three of them suddenly lost in a perverse display of arousal.

Things began getting intense as the two girls sped up drastically, moaning loudly as they desperately slid their pussies across his shaft. Cliff was soon lost to the pleasures as well, as he began thrusting his cock between them, fucking the wet embrace surrounding his cock as his ragged breathing turned to erratic moans, his body beginning to tense up.

In a supreme display, Cliff thrusts one final time before his mind-melting orgasm washes over him, and his cock spasms between the two girls who continue grinding. His load shoots out of his cock with force, landing several ropes across the two girls, eliciting whines and moans as they too begin growing close. Now being covered in Cliff's cum, they both couldn’t hold themselves back, and they both threw their heads back as their pussies began trembling once again, they both collapsed their heads back and squealed from the intensity, completely lost as their eyes rolled up into their heads.

After a few moments, the three of them collect themselves, and clamber their way into the bed, still covered in their messes, idly giggling as the two girls clean each other off, Cliff in the middle. They all smile when they realize the time, suddenly aware of just how long they have left together...

By the end of their experience, Cliff had a new respect for the openness of Arabic women, as well as how kinky they can get when given the chance. Though he wasn’t going to let them win.

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– Jake A.

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