A dirty sex story by my wife

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It was a grey rainy day and I was home alone, bored and browsing Netflix - as if watching TV was going to cure my boredom! I was relaxing on the couch pants-less in just some pink panties and an oversized black band tee shirt. I’m 29 and curvy in all the right places. My long brown hair was pulled back into a high ponytail with a few stray hairs that escaped, framing my large brown eyes and naturally pink pouty lips.

I put on some music and began the recipe, carefully adding ingredients into the mixer as I did a little dance to the song that was playing. As I turned the mixer on, a huge puff of flour flew into the air and onto me - absolutely covering the front of my shirt and speckling my face with flour.

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Laughing to myself, I turned off the mixer and began to clean up my mess

"Looks like someone has been enjoying her rainy day...." He trailed off eyeing my breasts, naked except for the minimal covering the apron offered. "I have been!" I exclaimed, telling him about the cookies that were currently in the oven, and the flour fiasco. He moved towards me, grabbing my chin and gently brushing some flour from my nose - "ah, I guess I missed a spot" I said, smiling up at him.

"We'll then, let me check and make sure you didn't miss any other spots" he said softly, "we wouldn't want you to track flour into the rest of the house after all." Holding my hand he raised it up, slowly spinning me in the kitchen under his watchful eye. Just then the timer went off - "the cookies are done!" I exclaimed.

I set the sheet of cookies down and he pulled me towards him as I slid off the oven mist. He kissed me passionately, sliding his tongue into my mouth. As we kissed his hands slid from my face, caressing my cheek, and then moving suddenly to the apron tie at the back of my neck! In one swift movement he had it untied, and the top of the apron fell forward, exposing my perky breasts to his waiting hands. My husband absolutely loves my breasts, having stated that they are the "perfect handful".

He continued kissing me while playing with my breasts, flicking his thumbs over my nipples and caressing them in maddening circles until they had formed stiff peaks under his strong hands. I let out a breathy moan into his mouth and he nibbled my lower lip gently. He started to trail kisses from my swollen lips, to my earlobe, and behind my ear to my neck - god he knows how that makes me shiver- still not stopping his movements on my breasts.

 He smirked and pulled his hand away, grazing my breast with some chocolate. "Oops..." he said, eyeing the small smear of melted chocolate he left on my breast. "Let me help you with that." He bent his head to my breast, lightly licking at the chocolate. I slid my fingers into his hair, holding him there as he continued to lick, swirling his tongue and taking my firm nipple into his warm mouth.

At this point my back was pressed up against the kitchen island and my spine was arched, presenting my breasts to the sweet torment of his tongue. He unbuttoned his pants, pulling down the zipper and exposing his already hard cock. I knew what to do and immediately bent down, taking his dick into my mouth.

Wanting to savour the moment I began slowly sucking on the head of his cock, using my tongue to flick that most sensitive spot right under the head. My eyes were closed in concentration as pressed him deeper, starting to suck gently around his cock. He grabbed my ponytail gently, guiding my head as it bobbed on his dick.

Soft wet noises started to emanate from my mouth as I drooled on his dick, getting it nice and wet, knowing what was coming. He began to pull more firmly on my ponytail, forcing his cock deeper with each bob of my head as he began to slide into my throat. I love seeing how deep I can take him, loving the feeling of his cock stretching my throat as gulp him down.

"You are such a good girl, swallowing my cock like that!" He said gruffly. I sped up my sucking, wanting to please him. "

This continued for a few minutes, and my pussy was starting to throb with want. The next time he spread my cheeks, exposing me fully to his watchful gaze, he grazed a finger over both my holes. I froze, holding my breath, wanting him so badly to continue to touch me there. Giving me what I quietly wished, he slowly slid a finger into my wet pussy.

Pulling out his fingers I felt him adjust himself, only to plunge two fingers back inside me. This time though, when he reached his knuckles, another finger rubbed at my tight asshole. He was making me absolutely crazy with need - and he knew it! Knew I would let him have his way with me, in any hole, if he just made me want it enough.

He continued pumping his two fingers into my soaking slit, wiping some of my juices on my asshole to aid in small circles he was making around the tight rim. Slowly, using his thumb, he pressed into my asshole. He entered me only a little and then pulled right back out to continue the gentle but firm circles around my asshole. My heart was thumping loudly in my chest, I was feeling absolutely naughty - but also extremely sexy.

He again pushed into my tight pink asshole, wiggling his thumb to get me used to the sensation. He continued to massage my cheeks as his other hand slowly pumped into my pussy and ass. At this point I was bucking back into him, driving his fingers deeper, needing to be filled by him - stretched by him!

He was pumping into me at a steady pace. My pussy lips were now swollen from the pounding and my asshole was puckering when he removed his thumb, beckoning him back inside.

"That was fun, but I need to feel you around my cock!" He slid his hand under me, helping me to rise up from his lap. I was a bit stiff, and sore in all the right places. I stretched, arching my back.

"Having you bent over like that gave me an idea!" he said in a dangerous tone that told me the night was far from over.

He grabbed my hand and led me back to the kitchen island. He spun me around so my back was to him, taking my hands and placing them on the island.

He grabbed my hips and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to my slick pussy, rubbing it up and down the smooth shaven skin. I moaned and tried to push backwards towards him and his waiting cock. He pulled back and a chill ran through me at the sudden cool air on my ass when his body left mine. Not for long though as he quickly pressed forward, again slamming into me as I felt his balls slap against me. He began ramming into me with reckless abandon, adding soft slaps on my ass amidst the pounding of his cock in my pussy. After the extended foreplay and my earlier orgasm my pussy was stretched tight around his thick cock and oh so sensitive. He continued at that relentless pace, sometimes pulling out to the tip and then quickly sheathing himself fully inside my warm waiting pussy.

As he fucked me I felt a finger at the entrance of my ass yet again, circling. I was mad with lust at this point and eager to take whatever he would give me. As his cock pounded into me, his finger slowly pressed into my ass, pumping in and out a few times until it was joined by a second finger. I was moaning loudly under his touch, loving the feeling of having both my holes stuffed by him - used by him.

I felt him remove his fingers from my ass and I groaned at the empty feeling, missing his large digits stretching me while he pounded into my pussy. I pushed back, searching for him. It was then that he slid out of my slick pussy - only to line up his fat cock head with my tight pink asshole and begin to press in.

He continued somewhat slowly, letting my ass stretch to accommodate his thick cock, not wanting to hurt me. The juices left on his cock from my pussy acted as a slick lube, helping him ease inside me. He groaned at the tight feeling of my ass wrapped around him. Then the thrusting began, slow at first. He increased his speed, and his balls swung, slapping against my pussy as his hips smacked into my thick ass, the perfect cushion.

We both came finally after chasing our orgasms.

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