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Anniversary is a special day in the life of a husband and wife. You get to relive all the happy memories that you two have spent together, starting from the day when you started dating to the day when you proposed and the day you two were married. However, for Shawn Collins, he wanted to celebrate his Anniversary with his wife Nova in a different. Actually, he didn’t want Nova to be a part of that day. He wanted to do something else. He was bored with his married life. 

The Best Anniversary Gift from a Wife

Shawn wanted to do something that will make his relationship with his wife better again. So, he decided to hire a high-end escort and spend the day of his anniversary with her. It might sound crazy but Shawn wanted to do that. Nova was out of town because of her work and he was alone. So, he decided that it was time for him to taste a different pussy. He loved his wife very much and didn’t want to divorce her. But, the way things were going, divorce was on the cards. 

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It was time for Shawn to mend things and in an article; he read that by having the service of an escort, he could get closer to his partner. He wanted to try that. So, he started searching for the best escort that he can hire. He stumbled onto a website of an independent high-end escort named Christina. He liked the pictures of that girl, although the face was blurred. But, that didn’t matter because all he was staring at was her boobs and ass and his dick was up in no time. 

So, he called Christina, “Hello, my name is Shawn and I would like to have your service.” Christina replied, “Hello, I would be happy to help you.” And they chatted and finally, they made their plans and decided to meet on the day of Shawn’s anniversary. He told Christina, “I love my wife but I feel I am moving away from her. I want to have her in my life. Will this help me to get closer to her psychologically?” Christina smiled and said, “I don’t know about that but you will surely don’t crave intimacy from your wife anymore because what I can give you, I don’t think you can have that from any other woman.”

Shawn and Christina met on the date of Shawn’s anniversary and felt comfortable with each other straightaway. The service was booked for the entire day. So, they first went to a deli to have breakfast. Shawn was telling Christina about how he met Nova. Christina was surprised that Shawn remembered every detail of the first date he had with Nova. Shawn told her, “I met Nova through an online dating site and this was the place where we came on our first date. I was immersed in her beautiful eyes from the first day. I have never seen a more beautiful girl than her.”

After breakfast, they went to a park. The bright sunshine made Shawn and Christina comfortable as the winter was coming. Shawn told Christina, “This was the place where I first told Nova that I love her. She didn’t say it back.” Christina asked, “Why?” to which Shawn replied, “I think she wasn’t sure about me at that time.” Christina said, “Or maybe she wanted to know how much truth was there in your words and whether you truly felt like that for her.” Shawn said, “You might be right but this place holds a special place in my heart because I proposed to her here.”

The next place they visited was the national museum. “Why have you brought me to a museum?” Christina asked. Shawn smiled and replied, “This was the place where we made out for the first time. I never felt so turned on by any woman. I kissed her moist lips like I was thirsty for ages.” Christina said, “Do you want to do the same?” Shawn nodded and took her to the men’s washroom and started making out with Christina. He was pressing her boobs while kissing her lips. Their tongues were entwined and they forgot where they were. Shawn unbuttoned her shirt and started kissing her neck area slowly caressing her with his tongue. After that, Christina couldn’t control herself and took out Shawn’s dick and started sucking it. Shawn was fucking her mouth as if Christina was a worthless whore. Finally, Shawn came into her mouth and Christina swallowed the load. 

After the museum romance which lasted longer than what Shawn did with Nova, it was time for lunch. Shawn took Christina to a very special place. “In this restaurant, Nova said she loved me for the very first time.” Christina said, “Then this place has a special place in your heart.” Shawn nodded. Christina asked, “Do you remember the food you ordered on that day?” Shawn nodded again. The past emotions were flooding his brain. So, Christina said, “Let’s order the same food.”

Once lunch was over, they went to watch a romantic movie. Shawn said, “This movie theatre also holds a special memory. This was where I asked her to move in with me. And she said yes straight away.” Christina said, “That was wonderful and what did you do after that?” Shawn replied, ‘We had the best makeout here after that.” So, Christina said, ‘Let’s do that with me now.” Without wasting time, Shawn and Christina started making out.

They made out throughout the movie. Once it was over, they went to a restaurant to have dinner. Christina asked, “Now, what’s so special attached to this place? Why did you choose it?” Shawn smiled and said, ‘Now you are getting to know me. Yes, this place has a special memory for me and Nova. I proposed to her here for marriage and she said yes.” Christina smiled, “Looks like you remember everything that happened between you and Nova.” Shawn said, “I already told you that I love my wife more than anything else. So, I will remember each and every moment that I spent with her.”

After finishing the dinner, they went to a hotel room that Shawn booked for them. Christina asked, “So, what is so special about this hotel room now?” Shawn smiled and said, “It seems to me that you are getting irritated.” Christina said, “Well, not irritated, but a tad curious. You seem a very interesting man, Mr Collins, and I don’t say that about all my clients, trust me. Now, tell me what is the secret behind choosing this hotel room?”

Shawn said, “I want to make a fresh memory of how I fucked Christina here, not Nova.” Christina said, “I am glad that you want to make a memory with me.” She went down and started unzipping Shawn’s pants and said, “This is how you want to make your memories, right?” Shawn said, “A bona fide whore like you should know it better and now suck my dick, you bitch.”

By saying that, Shawn inserted his dick in Christina’s mouth and started fucking it. He was holding her hair when he was fucking her moth. Shawn was stretching her throat. Christina was a bit surprised because she felt that a different man was fucking her and not the man she had spent the rest of the day with. He tore her clothes apart and started to press her tits very hard. Christina was groaning because she never felt pain like this before on her tits. Shawn was pinching her nipples. 

After fucking her mouth mercilessly, Shawn went down on Christina. He was licking her cunt just like a dog would lick water. Yes, Shawn had become an animal. His eyes were red and wanted to devour Christina. He inserted his three fingers inside her cunt and started fucking it. He was fucking her cunt very hard with his fingers, making it stretch. Finally, she squirted and Shawn took all those juices and make Christina drink them. After that, he took his manhood and started pounding Christina’s wet pussy. He was slapping her face and choking her at the same time. 

He even took the pillow and made her suffocate by choking her with it. Christina was enjoying it as well. She never thought that a romantic man like Shawn can fuck her like an animal. She told him to ejaculate inside her pussy. And Shawn did that happily. 

Shawn was exhausted and so was Christina. She slept in the arms of Shawn. He told Christina, “Thank you so much for this amazing anniversary gift, Nova.” Nova was smiling, “I will do anything that pleases my husband. I liked the way you fucked me. Why can’t you fuck me like this more often?” Shawn said with a smile of satisfaction is his face, “If you are Christina more often, I will fuck you like a whore. I can’t fuck Nova like that because you are my wife.” Nova said, “From now on, I will be your Christina in the bedroom.” And they embraced and started to relive the entire day once again. 

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  1. Malcolm Jensen
    November 23, 2022 om 6:30 pm

    Cute twist, but lousy story overall.


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