My cumslut wife: A never-ending load 

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One’s wicked desire can never find its rest until the deed has happened and Gina was that kind of woman, whose thirst for cum would never find appeasement. She wanted more and more, up to a point her Greg, her husband was forced to make her wish come true unless he wanted to lose her. 

Now, he found himself inside the master bedroom, along with Gina and three of his friends… waiting for the debauchery to happen. The tension was rising through the air as she was standing at the edge of the bed, dressed in a high school short skirt and top that barely covered her braless tits. 

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This bitch possessed a hunger that became unstoppable, and she just loved sucking a cock until there was nothing left of it, sucking it dry of its cum and energy. 

My wife is a cumslut professional

Looking at one another, they felt the oddness of the situation, thus Gina became the daring one.

“Come sweetie!” she smirked grabbing Greg’s hand. 

Her husband knew only what was going through his mind during those moments, but he succumbed to her desire and walked up to her. 

Gina then fell to her knees, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock, starting to suck on it flaccid as it was. 

“Hmm, yess, come on love, don’t be shy!”

Those words preceded a thirsty deep throating that swallowed Greg’s full cock, which now started to come back to life. 

“Ah, fuck…” 

He wanted but could not fight the desire, the touch of Gina’s burning lips and tongue provoked the blood into his cock. His heart began to pound inside his chest, pushing his dick to its full strength. 

He had to grab that head and fuck it hard since Gina wanted it. At least he got to be the first because only God knew what happened next.       

“Shit!” the man groaned hearing his gorgeous red-haired wife moaning with his cock in her mouth. 

Still, this was bound to be the beginning only as she called the three others with her hand, to join in the action. 

One cock with just one load would never be enough, as this cumslut wanted it all! she placed them all in a square around her, so she could reach all dick without moving too much. It was a fucking blessing of some sort, as Gina pulled the pants down to their men’s knees with a fucking urge one rarely sees in women. 

It felt like she was carrying hidden spite for all the dicks that hadn’t cum in the last hour. 

“Yess, that’s it!” she grinned biting her lips. And launched herself at Ben’s cock.

That was Greg’s friend with the largest cock of them all… a fucking  dong that looked like a horse dick, as long as Gina’s forearm almost. This was the perfect present for this hungry wife who now was struggling to suck all of it at once. 

“You’re mine, all mine!” she smirked like a crazy bitch who craved to die by cock that very night. 

At first, she choked while holding on to it with both hands, afraid it would escape her grip somehow, and looked at it as if she could communicate with Ben’s humongous cock. 

“Hmm, baby, baby!” she then looked behind at her husband with pride in her eyes her man could never understand. 

Voracious as she was, Gina returned her full attention to Ben’s cock gagging on it as deep as she could until she was left without fucking air. 

“Cough, cough…” she struggled to grasp for air while smiling at the same time. 

It was in a way, the provocation of her life, and there were still three more cocks to please. She focused on that one for quite a while stroking and sucking it with all her strength until her very joints softened. 

Wife swallows the cum load

The energy she showed at first diminished slowly, but it was the end of it by far, as she returned to a smaller cock, belonging to another friend of her husband. This one, only five-inch and a half looked like a fucking toy she swallowed it in full from the first try. 

Gina would even lick the balls as she did so, looking up at the man, loving how he was close to losing his shit under her amazing effect. 

“Hmm…” she hummed now throating with short strokes while she held the full cock in her mouth. 

“Aha, aha…” she smirked at the man (Erik) grabbing his ass with both her hands so she could ‘eat’ that shit up to the end of it. 

Her tits were rubbing on his thighs at this point as spit was dripping on her neck; Gina had now unleashed a sucking beast that seemed to never get enough cock no matter what, and Frank saw that. 

He grabbed her head and shoved his cock down Gina’s throat; it wasn’t the longest cock in the world but it was fat as fuck, stretching that bitch’s jaw to the limit. 

“C’mon, show me what you got.” Greg’s friend smirked holding her tight. 

Clearly, she loved the brute force and now she was bound to show him her true skill. Gina grabbed his balls in a strong grip while she swallowed it all, despite that amazing girth. 

She gobbled on it as if it was the sweetest candy, a state she’d never fucking forget. 

“Ughh” she groaned hard giving the man swift strokes, munching on his cock like a hungry lioness. 

Clearly, she knew exactly what she was doing, and she was loving it! Still, they were four of them and she was alone, and by now Ben began losing his patience. He craved some action, thus he grabbed her ass and pulled it up in the air, spreading her legs with his right foot. 

“That’s it!” he smirked touching her wet cunt. 

Gina was one of the lucky ones who got herself wet each time she sucked a cock; gagging on a fucking dong turned this bitch on like nothing else in this world and now she was more than ready to take that third leg inside her. 

Ben touched her soft soaking coochie, then slapped her ass with a strong hand causing Gina to squeal. 


“Shh, keep sucking!” the man added right before thrusting hard inside her. 


Her body trembled at the touch of that massive cock, almost losing its balance on her knees. She did resist in the end, as she was one sturdy woman who could resist hard pounding. 

With one cock fucking her, one in her mouth, and two in her hands, Gina was completely busy now, transforming her whole body into a pleasure machine. Still, she could feel Ben’s rough touch, something Gina had never felt with her husband, something that was completely new, provoking her to want more of that ecstasy. 

“Yess, harder!” she demanded with the voice of a sex boss, and she would get exactly what she wanted. 

Ben started fucking her as hard and fast as his body could muster, making that fat ass of her clap to a breaking point.

“Ohh yess, just like that I fucking love it!” she groaned then choked on Greg’s cock once again. 

She’d suck them all in turns, leaving not one cock unattended, because she craved that warm cum more than she craved air to breathe and Ben would be the first one to give it to her. 

“Ohh shit!” the man grunted as he fucked Gina mighty fast, making those ass cheeks go round and round. 

“Hold it!” he instructed her pushing the woman on her knees hoping to cum on her chest, but this feisty bitch desired more than that. 

She grabbed that giant cock with both her hands and shoved it down her throat, stroking it so hard that Ben would bust a fucking nut to choke her ass completely, his cum unloaded in her throat, causing Gina to lose her breath. 

She swallowed all of it forcefully, and with a smile too, and only she craved the taste of it even more. 

“Hmm, so tasty!” Gina smirked glancing at the three other cocks with a new thirst. 

Her hands and lips became voracious as she began to suck and rub with such an energy, that it felt like she was trying to rip those cocks from their roots. 

“Yesss, I want more… more!”

Her gestures looked so childish and sexy, that it made the men that she was blowing with come like they were trapped under a fucking spell. The true desire of a woman and that raw pleasure she enjoys comes at the best arousal possible. 

“Ohh yeahh!!” she grinned stretching her tongue out to the open as Greg, her husband bust a nut right in her face. Some of the cum entered her mouth while parts of it sprinkled beautifully all over her face.

Erik and Frank were rubbing hard while she suck the tip in turns until the cum came out. 

They came at once inside her mouth and on her tits, a fucking silver shower of desire that came with a deluge of ecstasy and satisfaction. Gina was now a satisfied cumslut who had her fantasy fulfilled, yet this would prove to be merely the beginning.       

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