My wifes much needed attention

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Lina was so absorbed in her thoughts, wondering how long she could get Jayden to stare at her breasts like the jerk in front of her in the bus did for that stupid girl and if she gasped and moaned that much when they made out, that she didn't notice her husband's car parked in front of their home. She let out a little gasp of her own when she walked in and noticed her chore list was complete.

Not only that but he also offered to give her a massage. "Let's see if we can massage those knots out of your shoulders, eh?" he offered after dinner. Lina obliged and moved to the couch where she sat in his lap as his hands started working away at her stress. His touch felt so nice, that she was pretty sure that the knots were disappearing just from him being there rather than him massaging away, but it felt so good she wanted him to keep going. Occasionally a hand would get distracted and wander to her hips and 'happen' to find its way back by crossing over her chest, sometimes lingering for an extra second or two, causing her heart to skip another beat each time he rubbed over her hard nipples. It took everything she had to keep from gasping out loud with every pass.

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She was enjoying the backrub enough that she could feel her vagina starting to lubricate and she decided she needed more intimate cuddles right now.

"Find a movie for us to watch. I'm going to go upstairs and take off my pants" she told him.

"Want some help?" he said with a wink and a smile.

"Ha ha no," maybe... "You find us a show and I'll be back down in a bit" she chimed. Her mood had improved a lot since she got home.

When she got her clothes off and was about to put on something more comfortable when she remembered the busty register girl. She put down the t-shirt, walked to the dresser, and pulled out her favourite lacy push up bra and put it on.

She went back to the dresser and the closet and pulled out panties and a slip to match the bra and went back downstairs.

It took him a bit to notice, but his eyes locked on target as soon as he realised what had taken his wife so long.

"Did you find a show for us?" she asked coyly, knowing full well that she was the only show he was interested in, at the very moment.

"Er... yeah. I picked out this comedian I thought you would like." 

"Nah, let's do something else" she said as she took the remote and picked out a romantic comedy, ignoring his groan. He won't be watching the movie anyway, she mused.

Sure enough, as she sat down next to him, he pulled her close and started gently caressing her with his fingertips. He started with her arms, gently exciting her nerves, giving her goosebumps all over her body, before moving to her stomach. The slip she had on was thin and silky, so she could feel every touch like it was on her bare skin. He caressed her hips and flat stomach, eventually moving to her thighs, his gentle touch sending jolts through her body when she noticed her juices starting to flow.

She lightly moaned. She was really getting turned on when she felt his lips on her neck, leaving a long gentle kiss that sent a wave of pleasure through her body. If she wasn't wet before, she could feel it now. He worked at her sensitive neck, his hands exploring her body.

While one hand was spending time gently stroking her inner thighs, the other was feeling from her hips, over her stomach, and finally to her breasts, occasionally finding its way under her lacy bra to play with her hard nipples which forced another moan.

"You're so hot," he whispered in her ear. "I love the feel of your boobs filling my hands as I rub your nipples."

"I love it when you grab my... oooh..." she didn't get a chance to respond before she felt him bite down on her neck and suck. At the same time, she felt a finger slide under her lace panties and rub the outside of her lips near her clit as he pinched her nipple with the other hand. Getting stimulated in those three ways simultaneously made her body.

With desire filling Lina's body, she flipped around and straddled him in one swift movement. She settled her lips on the hard lump in his pants, rocking side to side to swallow as much of that lump as she could through her panties, giving him a great view of her sexy curves while she straddled him. She reached under his shirt and pulled it over his head, feeling his toned muscles as she did.

He reached up and grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in for a deep kiss. She wanted to feel him, needed to feel him, but his pants were too thick to properly feel him as she grinded on him. Reluctantly, she pulled away from their deep kiss and moved down to undo his pants, making sure she kept her back bent and cleavage exposed to give him a great view while she worked.

"Go inside me!" she begged. "I want you inside me!"

He wasted no time moving from her clit down to penetrate. She let out a long, low moan as he slowly inserted himself deep inside of her, pleasure cascading over her as her body accepted the long-anticipated penetration. Her body started to move once again as if she were a spectator; she experienced what her body experienced though she felt that it moved of its own accord.

With pleasure flooding her body, she moaned as she moved, every movement bringing a new wave of wonderful stimulation. Pleasure started to build in her vagina and around her clit, building with each moan she made, each moan she heard, each thrust, and each touch of their skin. She loved this man with all her heart and being with him in this moment is all she desired.

As her screams subsided, his thrusts slowed and eventually stopped, but his penis still seemed to be as big as ever.

He's still going! she thought excitedly.

She took a moment to catch her breath, pushed him off, and went back to straddling him.

She moved her panties back out of the way and positioned her lips to wrap around his penis and started to go down over him, fully enveloping him in her before she started grinding up and down. In this position, his hands were free to explore, and explore they did! He unhooked her bra first, finally exposing her beautiful breasts which he fondled and groped and kissed and sucked. He had largely ignored her breasts until now, and the extra sensitivity from her orgasm sent new jolts of pleasure through her with every squeeze and every kiss.

Lina started grinding harder and his hands moved over her body, fondling her breasts, gripping her butt, and scratching across her back all while he had one nipple in his mouth. She felt so connected to her husband in this moment, each of them enjoying each other and each other's pleasure, stimulating each other as much as they could. They finally came.

Her breathing still heavy, Lina realised that he was still ready to go, his penis still hard, and, if anything, even larger than before.

I want that to go deep inside me, she thought.

As if he could read her thoughts, he sat up, holding her tight in his arms, and flipped her over on her back. He reached under her hips, getting a good feel of her butt, grabbed her panties, and pulled them off onto the ground. With Lina fully exposed to him, he grabbed her by her hips and pulled her into him, her legs held up by his arms and shoulders, and she felt him enter deep inside of her, pressing his way up to her cervix.

He started working his hips back and forth, each penetration ending with a satisfying slap to punctuate each thrust when his hips hit hers.

"Oh! Go harder!" she cried.

Deep moans started to escape his lips, adding to her own pleasured cries, and she knew he was getting close. Faster and faster he went, heeding her cry to go harder until his face told her he couldn't take it anymore. He let out a final deep moan as he made one final thrust to her cervix, filling her with semen.

After he finished convulsing inside of her, he took her legs off his shoulder and laid down on top of her, snuggling her close to him.

Lying there with her husband, she began to think about how lucky she was.

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