My wife has sex with strangers

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I came to New York 10 years ago. I was nobody back then. Nobody knew who Rachel Harper was. But now, I am the CEO of the largest mobile phone manufacturing company in the world. During my initial years, when I moved to New York from Seattle, I was barely making ends meet. New York is an expensive city and I didn't know that the cost of living here would be so high. I was working at a McDonald's outlet. My life was very hard at that moment. However, an incident with a stranger changed everything in my life. 

Fake CEO wife slut

I don’t have any problem accepting the fact that I am a sex addict. Yes, I am a nymphomaniac who would like to fuck anyone I see. They say addiction creates problems in life. But, for me, it was the opposite. My addiction changed my life and made me the success I am. I didn’t have the qualifications needed to be where I am right now. But, I made it because of my sex addiction. They thought they were fucking me because I was doing it out of desperation. Those knob heads never understood that I was enjoying myself. The more dicks I had the better it was for me.

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Getting into the Office

I had a boyfriend named Richard when I first came to New York. He used to work for the company I am managing as a CEO now. Well, he did have a large dick and he used to fuck me very well. But, as you know, I wanted more. So, when he took me to an office party, behind his back, I fucked all of his bosses in a gangbang. There were six men and I made them happy. I sucked their dicks like a true whore. They were telling me, “Suck it bitch, and go deeper!”  

For many, that would be the use of abusive language. But, for me, it was like music to my ears. They fucked me in my ass, pussy, and mouth. They even did triple penetration and I took them like the true whore that I am. Once they spilt their loads in my mouth and I swallowed everything, they wanted me as their slut that they could enjoy anytime they want. They were offering me a job in the office.

I took it and the next day Richard and I broke up because he saw me fucking his bosses. I don’t give a shit about the relationship because I knew how I can go big and achieve success in New York City. Look, you will hear people saying do what makes you happy and success will eventually be yours. Well, I was doing that. Fucking was the only thing that made me happy. And, they were right because by doing the thing that made me happy, I became a successful woman. 

The first day I went to the office, each of the bosses in the office who fucked me at that party called me in their cabins and I fucked every one of them. Richard saw me going from one cabin to another and with each cabin, I go, the paler I started to look. He knew what I was doing. Poor Richard! He loved me so much that I know he won’t tell anyone about what I was doing. 

Going Up the Corporate Ladder

Do you know what the hardest thing to do in life is? It’s going up the corporate ladder. Some people take years to achieve what I did in 10 years. I had the guts and pussy which made my journey smoother. By the time I made my pussy work to satisfy my bosses at work, there were people in the office that started to become a bit suspicious about what my role was. However, my bosses never let anyone understand what I used to do for them. 

I wasn’t helping myself but my bosses as well when it came to rising up the corporate ladder. I remember the day when my boss came to me and asked whether I can fuck the owner of the company and his friends. It would help him to get a promotion and become the CEO of the company. I didn’t hesitate to say yes because I knew, this was my opportunity. So, when Simon Livingstone, the owner of our company came to New York City, I was given to them like a piece of meat that he and his friends can enjoy as long as they would stay here. I knew I had to be at my best. I never had issues while having sex with strangers. But, this was something different. 

I knew that if I can get to the good book of Mr Livingstone, then I would not have to worry about my livelihood. I already found out that Mr Livingstone had one addiction and that is women. That was why when he was about to fuck me I knew I had to be at my best. For the first time in my life, I was having performance anxiety. 

A Leap worth Taking

My boss took me to the farmhouse of Mr Livingstone. There were 13 men including him in that farmhouse and my boss dropped me just in front of the farmhouse and told me to get inside. I was wearing the sluttiest dress that one can wear. All my body parts were visible and my dress was transparent. I pressed the bell on the front door and one man opened it holding a glass of alcohol in one hand. He grabbed my boobs are soon as he opened the door and said, “Nice!”

After that, he placed his hand on my collar to tear my dress and make me naked. He said, “You don’t need to wear anything here. Go inside and serve everyone.” He then announced, “Guys! Our meal is here, let’s dig in.” I have never seen so many men who were looking like animals. I understood the man who opened the door and grabbed my boobs was Mr Livingstone. I knew I was in for a long weekend. 

As soon as he announced, all of them came up to me and started to grab my boobs, my cheeks, my legs, and every other part of my body. One went down to lick my clean pussy but the other one shoved him off and started to fuck my cunt with his fingers. I was surrounded by men and their dicks. But, I couldn’t see Mr Livingstone there. I noticed him sitting on the chair reading something and having a glass of wine. 

I knew he was the man that I would have to satisfy but I decided to focus on the task at hand. I would have to fuck these 12 men for good. So, I started to suck their dicks. They were grabbing my hair and fucking my mouth as if it was my pussy. They kept on fucking me until gagged and vomited. They slapped my face so hard that I started bleeding from the face. They fucked my ass with two dicks and had a dick and a dildo in my pussy. I was crying in pain but they were not looking to show me any mercy. So, I had no option but to cooperate and for the first time I got fucked like a trashy whore. 

After fucking me for over 6 hours, they dumped me in the bedroom that I was assigned.  One of them told me that they would come back to fuck me again in the morning so I should stay prepared. I couldn’t move. I was having a feeling that I might die. A ray of hope came to me when Mr Livingstone came up to me with dinner. 

Trust and Have Faith

Mr Livingstone came to me and asked me how I feel. He said, “Tonight was just the beginning. You will have to take this for another two days. Can you do this?” I told him, “I can fuck you now if you want. I still have the stamina.” 

Something happened to Mr Livingstone and he took off his pants and placed his dick in my asshole and started fucking. He said, “Guys did well, stretched it perfectly for me.” He tied me up, whipped me, and scratched my breast. He was punishing me. After he was done, I gulped his load and asked him, “Did you enjoy this?” He told me, “I am sorry. I am going through depression now. My company is dying and I will have to fire a lot of men, including your bosses and the CEO. I have to keep the company alive for the next six months just to avoid tax fraud. Can you help me?”

I asked, “How can I help?” He replied, “The men you were fucking tonight, some of them will take over the company. Will you be the fake CEO of this company for the next six months? I will pay you 5 million dollars for this. And you cannot open your mouth.”

It was like all my prayers got answered within a few moments and I became the CEO of this company. The company will close this week. Yes, the largest mobile manufacturing company is closing down. I don’t give a damn about it because I made the money I always wanted to make. 

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