Shared my wife for 30 years (Part 1)

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In 1988 I met Samantha in a bar and we had our first date and we fucked on first date, no mention of condoms, much to my initial surprise, she was obviously far more experienced than myself, we arranged to meet the following weekend even though I had hoped for a date the next night, but to be fair to her she told me she was seeing someone on a regular basis, which I have to admit did not surprise me

The other worth mentioning was she was shaven which was a first for me as all before had been hairy 

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I was in the same pub the next night and saw her come in with a guy much older than her, she did however acknowledge me and said hello, and shortly after  she left alone leaving this guy still in the bar

I thought she would come back as he appeared to be waiting for her.

Walking down the street I saw her walking arm in arm with a much younger lad with long hair arm in arm,I followed discretely and the walked through the park gates into the park, this was a short cut through to ma local housing estate where I knew she lived having dropped her off the night before

I saw them walk away down a path away from the main path, it was dark under the trees but beyond the trees it was moon light and I stayed back in the shadows and watched as the sat down on a park bench, within minutes of them sitting down, I could see her legs spread wide and his hand up her dress , I moved within 20 yards of them and could see quite clearly him kneeling on the ground and they were fucking, I could hear her moaning and clearly heard her say," no don't stop,please don't stop" then he moaned and without any doubt he was shooting his load.

A few minutes later they walked right past me as I stood behind a big oak tree, they walked back to the street, and parted company, and I watched her walk back to the pub she was in before, walking in I ordered a drink and saw she was now back sitting with this older guy and chatting away laughing and joking as if she had not left him for 45 minutes, I was totally confused what was going on, I stayed until they both got up and left and jumping into a sports car parked outside

I went home and couldn't get the sight of the two fucking on the park bench.

Sharing Samantha (Part 2)

I met her the following night, she looked stunning long blonde hair around her shoulders wearing a short min skirt and t shirt and no bra with her nipples showing through and high heels I had a hard on just looking at her.

I made no mention of her date, we had few drinks and she told me she was moving into a flat that weekend, we went to few pubs, and everywhere there were lads chatting to her and obviously she was very popular amongst the local lads,  she said we should go somewhere  to have sex when pubs closed, we ended up on the bank of the river we had sex and it was best sex I had ever had and she agreed to meet me the following night.

I asked her should I book a room in local hotel she agreed straight away

Room booked we went out and ended up in local club in Wolverhampton it was packed and noisy and again she was being chatted up by lads and some were black

The fact some were black made me think that she had probably fucked most of them the way they flirted with her 

We ended up going back to the hotel late and had to ring the bell to get in, it was then I realised this was not the first time she had been here, the night porter knew her that was obvious by his greeting when he saw her.

We spent the whole night fucking and had to check out at midday I didn't get to date her that next week as she said she was moving into her new flat. I didn't have her phone number and mobile phones were hardly in use back then

It was two weeks before I saw her again in same pub with same older guy, she saw me and left her seat came over to me and gave me her phone number and address of her new flat, I rang early that following evening and asked if it was ok for me to call on her. She agreed and I went round and she answered the door with just a towel round her.

Closing the door she just let the towel drop, standing naked in front of me, this stunned me how casually she just walked over to the worktop and said "coffee" and I just stared at her almost speechless that she was acting as if it was normal, she certainly had no issues with shyness, her tits were so firm and her nipples erect, she knew the effect she had on me, and before pouring the hot water in the mugs she looked at me, and said " You want to fuck?

She passed me a mug and walked over to a sofa putting her mug on the coffee table and sitting down curling her feet up on the sofa, I put my mug down and sat by her, she then spread her legs over my knees, and using her toes to rub my cock which was rock hard and said " mmm seems like your glad to see me" she was rubbing my cock with her toes, I reached out and went to part her legs, but before I could part them her leg went up and over the back of the sofa and she lifted her ass so she was lying flat on her back, my fingers were soon sliding in her shaven slit as she lay back her hands behind her neck leaning back smiling at me, I had never in my life gone down and licked a woman before and found myself spreading her cunt lips apart and sliding my tongue in her, her hands clamped my head at the back and she pulled me tight, her ass lifting, I licked her to an orgasm and her whole body was convulsing as she had multiple orgasms, she held me tight and I knew she wanted me to continue and I spent at least 20 mins lapping at her juicy cunt and her clit, taking her clit and sucking it, and saw for myself how much she loved oral sex

I spent the night with her leaving at 7.00am to get to work

She told me call round next night but not until 9.00pm as she would not be home

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