The Talkman

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It had been a while since Ben and I had been in a threesome, I had been missing it badly, the most threesomes we had was at the beginning of our relationship when everything was new to us, and we were college freshmen. Now that we got married, we sort of settled up, with marriage came children and, I have to say, we got pregnant very quickly, and it's been a while since we did something as spicy as those years.

But everything changed last summer, we left the children with Ben's mother, and went on vacation, almost escaping, to Mexico, and while being there, Ben had the great idea of taking me to a nudist beach in Oaxaca, you can imagine my excitement when Ben told me he planned for us to spend the entire day there, I already imagined us delighted seeing other bodies, other cocks. The second we arrived I took off my bikini, Ben followed me shortly after, and I was so pleased to see other people completely naked, and the men around were very good-looking, spicy Latin guys with nice sizes walking around. 

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Being on that nudist beach was like seeing a live penis catalog, of different sizes, colors, and shapes, it was truly entertaining. While staring at everyone on the beach the breeze blew my hat away, and it landed on a very attractive man. He had olive skin, a great body, complete toned, brown honey eyes and a beautiful smile, but of course my eyes dropped to his crotch and his cock... it was quite big, ridiculously big. I remember I saw it and my jaw dropped, he approached us, and I was so thankful I was wearing my sunglasses cause the way I admired his size was not very decent, and there is a thin line between decent and perverted in a nudist beach. 

"Is this yours?" he asked me in a very hot Latin accent, rolling the r like a purring cat, and I said yes, smiling back. I think my husband noticed I liked this guy because he started talking to him right away, offering him a drink and a snack to thank him. His name was Cesar, and we talked for quite a while about him and us, my husband was doing the moves to make him feel comfortable with us, and then he started giving us recommendations for places to visit and where to get good food. Me, being the smart-ass I am, I asked him if he wanted to come with us for dinner, get some tacos, micheladas, and talk some more, and he gladly agreed. 

Once the sun started setting, we got dressed and went to have some food, we met with Cesar at the hotel's lobby. I have to say, Cesar had a great personality, but his big cock was the thing I liked the most, I never had a big dick like that before, my husband has a nice dick but is not that big and I always wanted to experience it. After several tacos and drinks, we had some confidence built up between us, but out of nowhere, my husband asked Cesar what he thought of me, I blushed so much I think I melted right there, "You have a very beautiful wife Mr. Ben, she's quite the perfect woman."

"I'm glad you find her attractive," Ben said while I tried to hide my embarrassment. "Would you like to fuck her?" he suddenly asked him. Cesar was confused, he even got in a little defensive position "what kind of question is that?" but then my husband told him it was alright, that he wanted to know, then Cesar looked at me and I smirked, I remember I caressed my chest as I crossed my legs. Cesar seemed surprised, but interested, still he said nothing, maybe he was scared Ben could fight him.

"I would like to try your cock, I never had anything like it before," I said to him, he tilted his head with an unbelieving look in his eyes, Ben was smirking at him, and he seemed to catch the idea of what we were sort of proposing. Then he got close to me and said, "what are we waiting for then?" 

Then he looked at my husband "Can I?" he asked 

"Please, do so," Ben said, allowing him to get even closer to me. Cesar started kissing me in front of my husband, having him there next to me was even more thrilling. I felt his tongue exploring my mouth and his hands wrapped around my waist, it was amazing, he was so hot and passionate in his kiss that I was already dying to try that heat in bed. We called a cab and once back into the hotel room, none of us wasted any second. I kissed Ben and then Cesar, as they both undressed me. Then I got on my knees and pulled down their pants, seeing both of their penises at the same time was tempting and exciting. My husband's cock had a nice length to it, slightly bent to the left, but Cesar's was even bigger, almost like a BBC, leaving my husband's cock in shame, it was thick with veins showing around the shaft, long and with a fat delicious-looking head. 

I took my husband's cock in my hand and Cesar's right inside my mouth, I wanted to taste him, and he tasted so good. I could barely fit it inside my mouth and the fact that I had to open my jaws as wide as I could, made me incredibly wet. I began to wonder if it would even fit inside me. I gave my husband a hand job while focused on giving Cesar the best oral he'd ever gotten, I felt his big cock throbbing against my tongue, making me get so wet and eager to have it inside me. "Mmm, I want to fuck your mouth," Cesar grunted, I moaned on his cock in agreement and then, he grabbed my face and started moving in and out of my mouth, almost making me gag on him. I felt his precum coating my tongue, making my mouth slippery and it tasted so good. 

My husband stared at us, turned on by the fact that Cesar was using me to please himself, I moved my hand on his cock while I took Cesar like a champ, and every time Cesar pushed his cock inside my mouth, I felt Ben's cock twitching in my hands. Then Cesar leaned down and reached for my pussy, spreading my wetness around, and then circling my clit gently, making my skin burn in desire, and increasing my need for his cock. I moaned with his dick in my mouth and then, he pulled out, and moved around, leading me to the bed with him. I climbed on bed, teasing Cesar with my ass as I crawled on the bed, my husband followed, he knelled next to my head and took over my mouth as I felt Cesar position himself behind me. I was filled with expectation. 

As I took Ben inside my mouth, swirling my tongue around him, I felt Cesar's big cock pressed against my entrance, I felt the pressure of his big thick size right there and then, he pushed it inside, slowly, stopping when his head was inside. I halted for a moment, feeling how his thick length stretched my walls slowly as it went inside me, I felt it going deep. My cunt clenched on his cock, sucking it inside, it felt so delicious I had to squeeze my face not to cum right in that instant, then he drew back and pushed it in again, allowing his big cock to get coated in my juices, and my pussy to adjust to his big size. Then, holding my hips, Cesar began moving, keeping a steady rhythm and driving me straight to the edge. 

With each thrust, I felt as if a little orgasm released from my core, I never felt so hot inside, every time he slid inside I would die in pleasure, my eyes would roll a little, and a moan would escape my mouth as a sign of my micro orgasms, and before I could get a grip on myself, I was already quaking around Cesar's big cock. It felt so intense, so hot, so wet I was delighted. I remember I looked up at my husband, and he was impressed staring down at me. I think he'd never seen me this way with anyone before, but Cesar's big cock was amazing, I made sure to please Ben very well with my mouth too.

I can't believe I never had a big dick before, I have no words to describe how good it feels to have a big cock pounding you, it reaches all the right spots giving you orgasm after orgasm. I love my husband's cock, but I cannot wait to have another big dick again.

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