Wife in here fifties for free

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It wasn’t the kind of thing I could tell anyone at the feminist book club. My best friend who led women’s marches downtown would have a fit if she found out. 

But I loved it. 

“Interested in a quickie with no attachment? On this site I found out that MILFs and grannies fuck for free. Even better, you can browse any type of woman and just ask for sex anonymously. Best find so far!”

– Michael S.

I opened my closet doors and went through each velvet hanger, trying to decide on a dress. I pulled out one of my favorites – it was a beautiful light blue linen number with a white collar and a pleated skirt. It would go perfectly with the small white heels I had. I sat both out on the bed and went into the bathroom to do my hair and makeup.

My husband, Robbie, was getting back that evening from a golf trip with his friends. It was the perfect weekend for a little indulgence. Most days, we were a normal couple – we both had tech jobs, a busy schedule, etc. – but when we found the time, like on the weekends, we liked to spice it up.

After I got dressed, with my hair done up in a classic updo, I headed into the kitchen to check on dinner. The timing was perfect. Just as Robbie was pulling his car up the driveway, the chicken and broccoli were finished, and I had just enough time to make the plates. I even lit a candle in the center of the table.

“Honey!” came Robbie’s deep voice as he pushed through the front door. “I’m home! Did you miss me?”

I came waltzing into the living room, holding my skirt out. I beamed at him.

“Oh, that’s beautiful!” Robbie said, giving me a quick kiss. “Let me look at you.”

I blushed and did a little spin for him. 

“How was golf?” I asked, taking his coat from him so I could hang it in the hall closet.

“It wasn’t too bad. Not my best performance.” Robbie pulled a face. “What smells so good? Someone’s working her magic in the kitchen again, I see.”

“I made your favorite – that chicken and broccoli dish you liked so much.” I smiled at him and led the way into the kitchen. 

I had to admit, I had outdone myself. It was a true 1950’s fantasy, down to the vintage plates I had brought out for the occasion. The scene was truly set.

We spent the next few minutes eating dinner and sipping our wine while I listened to more details about Robbie’s golf trip. I nodded along eagerly and happily, even though I had no idea what he was saying. All of the golf lingo went over my head.

Finally, when we were all finished, I began clearing up our plates at the sink. I heard Robbie’s chair scoot back from the table behind me, and moments later, I felt his hands grab my ass. He gave it a good squeeze before leaning in to kiss the side of my neck.

“Such a good little wife,” he whispered into my ear, and my pussy throbbed. 

I let out a long, shuddering sigh as Robbie reached his hands over my shoulders and down the front of my dress. He took my breasts into his palms as I continued to wash dishes (as best as I could.) My nipples grew hard at his touch, and underneath my dress, my pussy was beginning to get wet. Nothing turned me on as much as this.

“I’ll be in the living room,” said Robbie, pulling away from me suddenly. “Whenever you’re finished.”

I nodded at him and smiled, watching as he headed to the living room. When I was finished cleaning up, I got one of Robbie’s favorite beers out of the fridge, opened it, and brought it with me to where he was seated on the couch.

“Oh, thank you, honey,” said Robbie, raising his eyebrows as he took the cold bottle from me. “What a sweet wife you are.”

I sat down on the couch next to him and gave him a kiss. Our lips lingered on each other’s, our mouths parting. It turned from a quick little kiss into a deep make-out session. God, I had missed him. 

“Do you want to help me relax?” he asked, looking at me with a look that I knew exactly how to interpret.

I bit my lip, excited. “Mhm.”

I was dizzy from horniness as I unzipped Robbie’s pants and helped get his cock out from them. I dropped to my knees on the carpet and lowered my face down onto him. I started slowly, by wrapping my tongue around the thick head of his cock, where a few drops of precum glistened. I licked them up and began moving lower and lower. The whole time, Robbie sipped his beer and sighed contentedly. 

He flipped through the channels on the TV while I gave him head. I loved hearing and feeling him settle deeper into the couch as I bobbed my face up and down on his cock. He was clearly enjoying himself just as much as I was. 

“Let me see this pretty little dress again,” said Robbie, gently putting his hand under my chin and lifting my face off his cock.

I got up off my knees and stood in front of him, holding out my skirt again. 

“Unbutton it for me.”

Robbie’s eyes looked deep into mine, a serious, yet sensual expression on his face. It made my heart thump a little louder. I began to do as he asked, unbuttoning the dress button by button. I slowly pulled the linen material off of me, leaving me only in my heels and underwear. I had a cute matching lace set on underneath the dress, and I knew Robbie would love it. It was so girly and delicate.

Robbie grabbed me by the small of my back and pulled me towards him. He sat forward and began kissing my stomach, trailing his way down to the thin fabric of my underwear. His fingers tugged at the hem and pulled them down, and I stepped out of him.

“Now that bra,” he said, looking up at me.

I unhooked it and dropped it onto the floor, so I was now standing in just my high heels. A shiver ran across my body, making my nipples go hard and goosebumps appear all over my skin.

Robbie grabbed my hands and lowered me onto the couch with him, positioning me so I was on my back and him in between my thighs.

“I missed you,” I sighed, my voice coming out soft and quiet as Robbie began to lick my clit. 

He moaned against my pussy in response, his lips vibrating pleasurably against me. I lost track of how long he was between my legs, but finally, he pulled his mouth away and began fingering me instead.

“Good wives get to get off,” he said in a low voice as his two fingers began to stroke back and forth in my pussy. The act drove me crazy and made me shake from top to bottom. It was like all of the sexual tension that had been building up over the day, waiting for Robbie to get home, was coming to a head now.

“Oh my goddddd!” I squealed, my voice high-pitched and strained. The orgasm was like a never-ending wave of pleasure coursing through me, making me weak. 

Robbie sat up, looking pleased as he smiled down at me. “I want you. Stand up over the side of the couch.”

With me bent at the hips, my husband slid his hands across my body. I felt so dizzy, in the best way. I closed my eyes and smiled at his touch, even moreso when I felt the head of his cock press up against the glistening wet entrance to my pussy.

“I love these heels on you,” Robbie said, sighing as he pushed all of himself into me, making me cry out. “What a nice sight to come home to.”

I couldn’t get out a reply of any kind as Robbie began to pound into me, slowly but deeply. His cock was both long and thick, and every time we fucked, it stretched me out to the max. 

“Fuck,” Robbie groaned, his hands holding onto the soft curves of my waist as he began moving faster and faster. I loved the wet sounds my pussy made every time he thrust into me. “I want to finish in that pretty mouth, wifey,” he said, pulling out from me suddenly.

Ooh, I thought. We haven’t done that in a while.

I happily dropped down in front of him, sitting back on my heels as Robbie stroked his cock above me. I looked up at his face with my mouth open and tongue out.

His face contorted into a tense, slack-jawed expression as he came, pressing the head of his cock down onto my tongue. His cum shot out and went straight down my throat, thick and warm.

“Fuck yes,” Robbie sighed happily, his other hand holding my chin as he came. “You’re amazing.”

When he was finished cumming, I swallowed it all down and smiled up at him. Then he pulled me up to standing and wrapped me up in a hug. He kissed the top of my head.

“Best dessert ever, I’d say.”

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