Without morning sex

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Every morning I wake up, in the hopes that my husband is going to give me some of that half-awake yet orgasmic morning sex. I would think that if he woke up with a boner every morning he would appreciate his wife doing him the kind service of pulling down the duvet, taking off his pants and sucking on his cock until she was so wet that she just had to ride him... But instead, nothing? Now I am no morning person at all, the thought of waking up early to get ready for work is no aphrodisiac, ever, but I will always be up for some good sex to get the day going.

So here I am, fantasising about what could be his erect cock right now, and I am fighting every urge to wake him up to appease my sexual appetite. Is it hard? Like, hard hard it would probably hurt getting fucked doggy style? Or hard enough to maintain an erection for some simple side sex. Whatever, I want to feel it. Run my fingertips along its length, stopping to play with his little sensitive area just under the tip. I love to see his cock dance when I play there, licking with the tip of my tongue. God fucking damnit, now I am making myself wet just thinking about it and I can't wake him up because he needs his sleep. Unless... would he want me to wake him up and surprise him like that? I would assume the answer be yes, but in the off chance that it would piss him off i'll leave him alone and play with my favourite little vibrator until I can finally be fucked later, literally.

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Quietly, I grab my pink little friend out of our goodie drawer (with my favourite flavoured lubes, yum) and run into the spare room, checking to make sure he is still asleep on my way out. Yes. Fuck.

Now I would be quite happy normally to just fantasise about his cock and our sexual escapades (or lack thereof) but I need something a little extra. Thank-god I brought my phone with me because - hello people that are lucky enough to be having sex right now! Searching for some morning sex where a lucky lady gets woken up by an erect cock playing with her ass. Damn she's wearing some nice lingerie. I love lingerie myself, but apparently it's not needed (cue sigh here).

I turn my little friend on and widen my legs, pushing the vibrating toy against the area that always gets me off, almost inside of me where my husband should be right now. The chick in the video too is happily surprised by her friend's enormous cock, and obligingly gets on all fours so that she can be pounded for the next couple of minutes.

I'm close to climax, just as he pulls out and cums all over his perfectly formed ass.

I wish my husband was spanking mine right now. My large, perfect ass, as he likes to comment. Just thinking about him spanking, squeezing and grabbing, pulling me towards him sends me over the edge. Huh, maybe I didn't need the porn afterall...

Breathing heavily, I lay on the bed. Now that I think about it, I'm the one that seems to have the larger sexual appetite in our relationship. I'm keen for a quickie or endless, change of positions toys appreciated sexathon, but he, not so much. I tell myself it's because of our age difference. I'm in my late twenties and he's into his forties now, but still, sometimes I would like to be surprised by him pushing me up against the wall and fucking me so hard that I worry about that walls stability.

He would never tell me anyway. And if I don't initiate the sex, well, sometimes I think he would be quite satisfied to have sex just a couple of times a week, compared to the nightly that i've become accustomed to. Honestly though, more than once a day would make me a very happy girl.

I guess I'll just have to wait until tonight...

He has spanked my ass at least four times tonight just when casually walking by and why the hell hasn't he pulled me down onto his lap for some good old making out session?! This man is driving me crazy and honestly making me doubt myself. Okay, I need to shower, make myself smell pretty, and then tongue that man down (if he wants to, of course). As I pull off my little lacy bralette and silky panties, I look at myself. I'm short and curvy to the max, but I'm told that's a good thing. I do have a large ass, but everything else is proportionate. I quite like my boobs, I think as I play with my nipples under the running water. I love watching the stream run down over my breast. Big enough to grab and suck (which I do love, by the way, especially some nipple biting) and they look amazing in a lazy balconette bra (that leaves nothing to the imagination). My waist is small, and as i said, the rest curvy and also muscular. I wash myself with my favourite floral scent and hop out, slipping into a see-through nightie with some barely there panties (I don't want to seem too desperate).

I walk into the lounge-room, and there he is, sitting on the lounge watching some tv.

"Hey love, you smell good," he comments as I walk up to him.

"Oh yeah?" I ask as I move in to straddle him, kissing his neck quickly as I go, looking up to check his reaction.

He has that look on his face that tells me he knows what I want, but he's going to make me work for it a little. No problem, I move my ass so that I can sit on him properly and feel where his cock should be, right under my pussy. He puts his hands on my ass then and I really know I have the go-ahead. Laughing, I kiss his neck again, sweetly and slowly until I hear him moan a little. I'm a bit of a biter too, and I love to make hickeys. So lightly, I suck on his neck, as I know he however isn't a huge fan of the little bruises.

Grinding my hips ever so seductively, I push against him. His cock must be hardening underneath me, because whatever is down there is pressing against my pussy and it's starting to feel oh so good.

"Okay," he says, standing up and carrying me with him. "Let's do this."

We get to our bed where he puts me, sitting so that I'm on the edge. He pulls off his shirt and I begin to unzip his pants. Before I know it my favourite thing in the whole world is staring me in the face, large and throbbing.

Looking up at him for the yes, and by the yes I mean he basically shoves his cock against my mouth, I open obligingly. There's no time for my yummy lubes right now because I want him plain and simple. Along his cock my tongue moves, up and down, around the tip, under the tip, my hand rubbing the base and playing with his balls as I go. For a little extra with my left hand I rub his cock, and with my right I play with his balls until I suck them in, my right hand travelling underneath to the in-between where I rub.

"Oh fuck it I need you right now," he says as he grabs me, stands me up, turns me around and pushes me back down, one of his hands holding both of mine together behind my back.

Slightly pushing my legs apart, I feel his very hard and long cock enter me from behind, my pussy immediately feeling pleasure as he does so. I'm so wet I know it, I can feel him moving in and out of me effortlessly, and as I am pleasantly surprised, with much force. I can hear him breathe louder and louder, and inside I can feel him grow larger.

With his other hand he bends over me so that he can reach a breast and squeezes it, moaning as he does so. He moves back and grabs my hip, giving him something to really hold onto as he thrusts inside of me. Harder and quicker, I'm slowly losing my mind with how amazing this feels. And I am loving his dominance and sheer masculinity as he holds my hands still and the bed rocks. With a few hard, hard thrusts, he pulls out so that he can cum on my back. I look back to see it shoot out of his cock, which he then rubs over my ass, and of course, slaps.

Smiling to myself I follow him into the shower, so that I can clean myself up and hope that maybe, I'll be awoken to some morning sex.

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