Ebony granny having sex with white men

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When I was 20 years old I was living the kind of life one leads right after they graduate from high school. I had a part-time job during that Summer in which I mowed the lawn of this old woman who lived in a two-story house with her maid who was in her 40's. 

One day on a Friday I went over to the house to pick up my check from Janet who not only was the old woman's maid but handled her finances.

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"Could you clean out the garage, baby?" Janet said when I entered the kitchen and found her sitting at the table cooking lunch for the old woman.

"I don't think I have enough time today, Janet," I told her as I couldn't help but check out what she was wearing that afternoon. Not her regular maid outfit but a white dress which was low-cut and revealed her long, smooth brown legs.

"Could you please. I'd really appreciate it," Janet said again as she approached where I was standing in the kitchen and looked at me with those soulful brown eyes.

"Well, okay," I told her as she flashed me a smile after I said yes.

Forty-five minutes later I was putting old books on a shelf when I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around I saw Janet standing before me with a wet towel in her hands as well as a can of soda.

"I thought you might like to take a break," she said with that playful smile still on her face.

"Good idea," I told Janet as I sat down in the old recliner which was in the garage. As I did Janet handed me the can of coke and as I opened it she went behind the recliner and started massaging my shoulders with the wet cloth in her hands. The wet cloth which was soaked with hot water trickled down my shoulders and chest. Getting my T-shirt wet but not to the point that it mattered.

"Does this feel good, baby?" the black woman asked as her soft hands gently rubbed my shoulder blades then the back of my neck. Making me smile as I couldn't help but moan out loud and tell Janet that I wanted her to continue what she was doing.

The black maid got on her knees in front of me and not only continued to massage my cock but began to lick it as well. All the while looking up at me with those brown eyes and that devilish smile. Looking at me with an expression of pure delight as her hot tongue flicked across the tip of my cock and lapped up my balls. Taking each of my balls in her mouth and sucking on them gently. Making me even harder as I rocked my head back and forth. Knowing for sure I was about to shoot my wad and knowing I was going to enjoy it very much.

For the next few minutes or so Janet continued to suck me off and play with my balls as my fingers squeezed her nipples and as I caressed her ass and slipped one of my fingers into her asshole.

Then all of a sudden Janet stood up and said that we should go inside the house. She said that she had a room all to herself and it would be in the room where I could make love to her. Where I could suck on her big brown titties with big brown areolas the size of silver dollars. Those silver dollars are chocolate brown coins. Brown coloured aureoles that demanded to be sucked and fondled.

As Janet and I walked hand in hand into the house I couldn't resist wrapping my arms around her waist. As we entered through the door I was kissing the back of her neck and telling her how hot she was. By then my hand was even underneath her dress and I was feeling her hot pussy through her panties. Panties I could feel were already nice and wet.

Once inside I shut the door and without hesitation I grabbed the beautiful black woman and held her head in my hands and began to kiss her. I pressed my tongue into her mouth and immediately I began swirling it around and tasted how sweet she was. As I did this I felt her hands caressing my body and then felt them slip into my jeans and pull them down past my knees. Once this was done she grabbed hold of my cock with her left hand and with her right hand she wrapped it around my neck and pressed me close to her as I did the same.

"My God, you are fucking hot," I told Janet as I lead her from the center of her room to her bed. The two of us sitting on the mattress with our tongues still exploring each other's mouths. Remaining in a tight embrace as we started to undress each other. Janet slipped my T-shirt off of me as I unzipped the back of her dress and moved it past her shoulders. I then slipped the bra off of her chest and looked at her massive, chocolate-coloured breasts. Big, brown titties I hungrily bit down on as I heard Janet moan as she lay back on the bed. With me doing the same as I got on top of her and tried sucking both of her tits at the same time.

It was at this point that I stood up from the bed and told Janet that I wanted her to simply lay on the bed and let me worship her body.

Since her white dress was still on her body I helped Janet slip out of it and when I did I saw she was wearing nice lingerie she obviously did not wear everyday. The kind of lingerie a woman like Janet wears when she is in the mood for some hot sex with a man.

She was wearing lacy, dark blue panties with a garter belt and vanilla-cream coloured hosiery. Hosiery I proceeded to roll down her legs and while doing so I not only caressed her beautiful brown legs but I also licked them. An act which Janet was amused by but which quickly she began to like. Especially after I removed her high heels and began sucking on her feet. Taking great care in sucking on her toes as if I was sucking on pacifiers.

After doing this I moved from Janet's feet .  She then put that devilish smile on her face again and closed her eyes. When she did I buried my face under her neck and began to lick neck and then my chest. 

"Ooh, you're making mama feel so good baby," Janet said to me as I licked her right neck and then switched to the other one. Pausing for a few moments in order to french kiss my beautiful black lady. Our tongues coming together and meeting with hot passion.

"Now it's my turn to taste you baby," Janet finally said after licking her body from head to toe.

With that I lay on my back next to Janet as she sat up on the bed and finished removing my jeans and my tennis shoes and socks. Once I was completely naked she took great pleasure in fondling my body and moving her hands across my chest to my groyne and down my legs. Taking great pleasure in feeling the texture of my skin. Smiling with delight as she saw that I like being the object of her affections. The object of her desires.

"You wanna fuck mama, baby," Janet asked me as she moved her head just inches from mine. As she stroked my cock with her hands and fondled my balls.

Of course I said yes and when I did Janet straddled herself on top of me and lowered her cunt on top of my cock. As my cock slid into her pussy she oohed and ahhed and I simply smiled with pure pleasure. Once my cock was inside of her she began rocking back and forth and I did the same so we were moving in rhythm. I grabbed on to her breasts and she pressed her hands against mine so I was holding her tight.

We fucked until I came and when I did my cum shot into Janets' hot mouth since by then she was giving me head after whispering to me that she liked to taste a man's cum. Have him shoot it in her mouth so she could taste it like a child tasting ice cream on a hot summer's day. She hummed, cleaning Me clean and I felt myself getting hard again.

“Want to have a round two?” I asked and she nodded letting out a breathy laugh and we continued.

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