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Twenty six year old Adrian sat in his living room watching highlights of the previous weekend's football game when a soft knock echoed on his door. Pulling his 5"8 athletic frame from the couch, the cropped brown haired young man took strides towards the front door and opened it to see Freya – his next door neighbor. She had recently begun to care for her grandmother, who just moved in with her. 

Freya was a registered nurse at the clinic, and as such, she couldn't stay home all day tending to her grandma's needs. Her grandmother wasn't suffering from any life threatening ailment – yet, as the old woman only bore the brunt of a recurring Alzheimer's disease, which made her quite aloof of her surroundings when it kicked in. It was due to this fact that Freya had decided to move her seventy two year old grandmother in with her so as to be able to keep a close watch on her. 

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"Hey, Adrian!" Freya flashed a smile at her kind, soft-spoken neighbor, who didn't mind checking up on her grandma when she was away at work, seeing as the elder citizen needed help with basic activities such as turning on the water heater and switching through TV channels. 

"Hey, Freya, heading to work already?" Adrian glanced up and down at his neighbor in her scrubs. He had always thought her to be hot but kept his observations to himself. 

"Yes, please! I'll need you to help me check in with grandma every hour. Is that something you could do for me?" She asked with a sweet, flirty smile. "Pretty please?" 

"That's totally fine!" Adrian replied immediately with a wide grin as a hesitant Freya thanked him and bolted down the hallway towards the stairs. She was already late for work. 


Quickly, Adrian returned to his apartment and put on a grey tee shirt on his shorts. He soon exited his apartment to walk down the hallway and then let himself into Freya's apartment, where her grandma was seated on the couch, knitting a sweater as she watched the news. 

Adrian piped up from the door, wanting to make his presence known and not startle the old lady to her early death. "Good day, Miss Roselyn." He waved at her slightly startled and wrinkled face as she pulled her gaze from the TV and scanned across the living room, adjusting the frame of her horn rimmed glasses to pick up Adrian. 

"Oh, Tommy honey, you should come see what's happening on TV! Come dear, sit with me!" Roselyn said, staring at Adrian, addressing him by her late husband's name – who had been dead for almost a decade now.

 Adrian remembered Freya had told him to ignore her grandma if she ever called him by that name as that wasn't the first time Roselyn was addressing Adrian as such. Today, however, he decided to go along with her twitching memory. 

He silently walked over to sit beside her on the couch. "Oh, you look stressed, Tommy. Have you had breakfast yet?" Roselyn turned her full attention to Adrian, who was sitting beside her now, with an unsure look on his face as she touched his face with her wrinkled palm. She was clad in an overall flowery sundress with a stylish grey pompadour that made Adrian guess she must have had killer looks in her youth, just like her granddaughter. . 

"Uhm, yes..." Adrian replied with a smile as Roselyn pulled her wrinkled arm from his face and rested it on his bare thigh. She seemed at a loss on what next to say. "But I missed you, honey." A mischievous Adrian chipped in and saw the brightest smile beam all over Roselyn's face.

 Without warning, the seventy two year old ducked forward to clutch Adrian's face in her grasp and plant a kiss on his lips, believing him to be her long dead husband. Adrian shuddered at the slightly horrible spit soaked kiss as Roselyn basically licked all over his lips and tongue while gasping into his mouth. But instead of the feeling of disgust that he was supposed to get, Adrian realized that he was getting extremely turned on from the kiss as his cock began throbbing to life in his shorts. He began flicking his tongue as well, reaching forward to grab a hold of grandma Roselyn's flabby C cups through the outline of her dress, and she winced into his mouth before pulling away sharply from the kiss. 

"I'm... I'm... sorry..." a confused Adrian tried to do damage control as he feared her memory was back.

"It's not that, honey..." Roselyn muttered quite incoherently before sticking her hand into her mouth and pulling out her spit covered artificial dentures, so her bare naked gums were staring at a gobsmacked Adrian as she set them down on the table. Turning her attention back to Adrian, she swiftly began to pull down his shorts while flashing him the hideous toothless smile. Adrian was quite enthralled at their pace as his eight inch veiny cock sprang out in the open. Roselyn wrapped a wrinkled wrist across his base and ducked down to engulf his swollen pink cap into her toothless mouth, clamping her wet gums on his shaft as she slowly but surely swallowed half of the veiny cock down her throat. 

"Holyyyy fucckkk!" Adrian let out a groan as he couldn't believe his luck. The feeling of getting a blowjob without teeth was something extraordinary and not talked about enough.

 Grandma Roselyn seemed to be quite the cocksucker in her younger days as mere dull sputtering and wheezing rented the air once the fat cock met the back of her throat. Reaching down to grab on her pompadour, Adrian began moving his hips up, driving his rigid shaft deep into her throat so that her glasses pressed against his groin while she wheezed and sputtered. He was careful not to go too hard on her, but Roselyn was bobbing voluntarily on his rigid cock now, slobbering endlessly on his mass of meat like it was the best thing after oxygen. She finally pulled away with a loud gasp and drooling lips while stroking the smeared cock with her wrinkled right palm. "Oh fuck, your throat was amazing for a granny!" Adrian gasped.

Roselyn giggled like a schoolgirl, then leaned back on the couch to hike her dress up, so her granny panties were visible. "You could go all the way like we used to, Tommy." She teased him with a wink. 

"Fuck yeah, I'll take that!" Tommy said as he rolled up from the couch with his dangling wet cock, and took position right in front of Roselyn. He helped her pull off her flabby panties before he took in the sight of her wrinkled but moist cunt with a smattering of grey hair all over. Seeing such a mature cunt pushed Adrian wild with lust, and he lined up his bulbous tip with her soggy entrance. Applying slight resistance, he pushed himself into her burning hot hole that felt tighter than any cunt he could recall fucking. 

"Ohhhhh... yesss Tommy... this brings back so many memories, honey. Go deeper!" Roselyn was a vocal lover, albeit Adrian had to listen closely to get what she meant, as her dentures out on the table made her speech difficult. 

"You bet I would!" Adrian snickered down at her as he began thrusting his hips backward and forwards, driving his thick cock deep inside the pulsating wet cunt that repeatedly clamped on his shaft. Roselyn's chest heaved and dropped with rapid breaths as Adrian picked up pace and began slapping his entire length into her spasming cunt; fucking her breathlessly that she saw blinding stars at every plunge into her cervix. 

She was moaning quite loudly now, clawing at Adrian as he pummeled her mature shriveled cunt with his powerful cock. She pulled his face down and locked lips with him, moaning loudly into his mouth to exacerbate the searing burn in his loins that popped with each thrust into her burning wet and tight cunt. Adrian knew he couldn't last long and picked up pace, ramming his full length into her with increased panting into her mouth. 

"Argghhh... FUCCCKKKKK!" Adrian let out a sharp cry into Roselyn's mouth as her legs were wrapped around him now to keep him from pulling out while she kissed him deeply. He realized she was truly a cock-hungry slut in an old body, and he let go when he slammed deep into her cervix. "Uggghh... ShIittt!" He grimaced close to her face as his cock pumped jet after jet, searing semen into Roselyn's old but moist cunt. He shuddered nonstop as he drained his balls empty inside her before she released her grip on him.

"Wow! That was more steamy than I can recall, Adrian." She smirked up at the young man's sweaty red face and shocked expression. 

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