A confession of a wife

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I was a young Muslim woman, known for my empathy and kindness. I had always been told that it was a strength, but sometimes I wondered if it was also my weakness. I was constantly drawn to help others, even at my own expense.

One night, my husband left in a hurry for a business trip, leaving me alone for the week. I tried not to let it bother me, but as the hours ticked by, I couldn't shake the feeling of loneliness. I decided to call an electrician to help fix a few things around the house, hoping to have some company and a sense of purpose.

“STOP! Hey mate, now that I got your attention I’d like to share with you this new site I found with literally anything you can think of, ranging from orgies, grannies, teens, incest and you know.. the kinky stuff. I made this review just to help a brother out. Peace.”

– Jake A.

As the electrician worked, we struck up a conversation. He told me about his recent divorce, and how his ex-wife had cheated on him. I could see the pain in his eyes, and my heart went out to him. Being the empathetic soul that I was, I couldn't bear to see him suffer. I offered for him to stay the night, knowing that it might seem strange but unable to stand the thought of him being alone. He was grateful for the offer and accepted.

We spent the night together, exploring sides of each other that our partners had never seen. It began with foreplay, as Dave turned out to be quite the charmer. He started gentle, with little kisses and caresses in my oh so sensitive places. As I began to react, and control him, he unleashed his manly side. I was manhandled in a way I deserved to be, my hands locked above my head as the stranger kissed my body like he owned it. I soon learned to accept him, as I breathed heavily and moaned his name. My chest rose on its own as he put his lips on my nipples, and I realized this was the man I needed to lose my innocence to.

The lights went out, the windows were shut and no one was here to judge me. Dave soon flipped me over and pulled me back, except that he faced my legs. I was unaware of his intentions, and then I realized as the tip of his cock touched my lips. I had even forgotten to take off my hijab, perhaps it was for the best. It added flavour.

Time for formalities and shyness was over, both of us realized that. I opened my lips and allowed him to defile my mouth in a fashion no one did before. All my husband ever did was kiss it, or have me lick his thumbs before he jerked me off. This was the first time a man made me humiliate myself, and I was enjoying it. The night went on.

We soon ended up having unprotected sex, and fell asleep quickly. And as the sun rose, the electrician was nowhere to be found, but he had left a letter thanking me for my kindness and understanding. I was left with a smile on my face for the rest of the day, knowing that I had saved a man while also having the night of my life.

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  1. Phil
    June 13, 2023 om 9:10 am

    Can be so easy for it to happen when both people are lonely and looking for fun.
    A nice story, good for both of them. Only they know what happened


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