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The casted shadows of the hills in the distance did little to ease off the skin melting effect of the hot middle eastern sun beating down on twenty-three-year-old Ali as he returned from the fields where he worked. Ali was a nineteen-year orphan who had lost his parents a while ago. He had been living with his aunt on the outskirts of the Pakistani town ever since then. 

Ali was a lanky six-foot teenager with silk-cropped black hair and brown eyes with a pointy nose. He was clad in an overflowing brown abaya robe that was already drenched with sweat from tarrying under the hot sun for hours. He couldn’t wait to get home. Finally arriving at the dingy two-room house he shared with his mother's friend he called aunty, Ali pushed the door open and let out a sharp sigh as he got to escape from the scorching sun. He pulled off his robe and made a beeline for his room before stopping in his tracks immediately he walked in. 

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A week earlier, Ali had rigged up a fan that ran on solar energy in his room. Although it wasn’t much, the fan kept the scorching heat at bay. Ali was stunned beyond comprehension to see his aunt lying stark naked underneath the spinning fan in his room; her thick thighs splayed apart to reveal her bushy cunt. Her flappy and sweaty tits heaved and dropped as she slept peacefully while Ali’s cock raged to a full mast on his shorts. He didn’t want to disturb his aunt’s sleep and, at the same time, didn’t want to leave. Dropping on all fours, Ali crawled like a hypnotized pup towards his aunt’s exposed thighs and sniffed a whiff of her hairy cunt, which intoxicated him and got his raging boner throbbing harder. 

His aunt stirred her mass, and he froze, hoping she wouldn’t wake up just yet. Carefully ducking his head down, he parted his lips and lasted his stuck-out tongue across the length of her hairy cunt, and a soft, silent moan escaped his aunt as she stirred again, almost clashing her thick hips against his face. Ali waited till she was still again to slurp generously on her hairy musky cunt, and this time a guttural moan filtered out of her lips as her body heaved in tensed breaths. Intoxicated by how delicious her musky hairy cunt tasted, Ali defiantly spread both of his aunt’s thighs apart with both hands then began munching quite hungrily on her cunt; slurping, nibbling, and licking at every part of the hidden pussy mound, not caring for the strands of hair that stuck between his tooth. 

“Ohhhh!” His aunt slurred awake and tried to buck her hips close but clashed against his head. “Ali, what’re you doing?” She asked with widened eyes and panting breaths once her eyes flew wide open to see her nephew munching hungrily on her musky hairy cunt. Ali was way too intoxicated by his mature aunt’s musky pussy that he barely replied to her, instead he intensified his lashing tongue and smothering her moist pussy mound. Her full pubic hair was quickly turning silk from her leaking juices, and more slurred moans escaped her throat the more Ali munched greedily at her sex. She reached down to sink her fingers into his scalp, gripping a chunk of his head as her heavy hips began to move up and down from the bed she lay on, making it creak with each of her movements. 

“Mmm, aunty, you taste so good.” Ali pulled his slobbered jaw away after minutes of feasting on his aunt. She blushed from his compliments, albeit she was stunned by his actions and wanted more, seeing as she hadn’t been sexually active for a while now. She let out shrill moans as Ali began kissing up her stomach and torso, arriving at her flappy but full tits before squeezing them together and lashing his hungry tongue on her sweaty, stiff nipples. His cock was raging hard now and poking at her as he feasted on her tits. Ali’s aunt began hyperventilating with tensed breaths, moaning and stirring as Ali suckled her while he freed his thick eight-inch cock from his shorts with one hand. Once he was able to slide out his shorts from his ankles, he spread his legs and kept slurping on his aunt's brown aureoles while teasing her hairy cunt with the bulbous tip of his raging meat. She moaned erratically once she felt the warm thick cock resting against her soaked pubes and desperately craved it inside of her. Glancing down at his raging, throbbing mass of cock, Ali gripped at his base and lined up with her soggy cunt, before pushing in to her sex and pulling out another shrill cry from his aunt while plunging his entire meat into her thick wet cunt at a go. 

“Ahhhh....yessss Ali. Owww....” his aunt wailed as she gripped onto his sturdy triceps placed beside her body for support, while his crotch grazed against her hairy cunt, his full meat pulsating inside her soaked cunt. 

"Ughhh...Yesss aunty. You’re so tight and wet. That pussy feels so warm around my dick....ugh...." Ali winced through the throbbing of his cock in the burning wet cunt, before slowly pulling out to the hilt and then slowly plunging back in. His aunt stirred with irresistible moans as he repeated his thrusting a few more times, then slowly picked up the pace and soon began pounding her with vicious slams of his crotch into her soggy, beefy, and hairy cunt.

"Mmmm...arrrr...Yes, Aliiii... Right there! Don’t stop!” His moaning aunt flung her thick arms up around his shoulder, pulling him down onto her sweaty, glistening, and cushioned tits before audaciously locking lips with him and sticking her tongue in his mouth. Ali groaned into his aunt’s warm mouth as she shared a passionate French kiss with him, moaning softly into his mouth as he pounded her viciously. 

Loud slapping sounds of wet flesh echoed through the house as his crotch repeatedly rammed against the inside of her thick thighs while she caressed his head and didn’t let him break away from the kiss easily. Ali picked up the pace, jacking his hips with wanton lust and deep grunts into his aunt's drooling mouth as she kissed him deeply, moaning into his mouth with each savage thrust he sent into her quaking body. She finally pulled back from the kiss, and Ali quickly pulled out his glistening smeared meat from her greedy frothing cunt. 

“Turn around!” He commanded in a flash, and his stunned aunt did just that, rolling her mass over them, propping her body on all fours, so her humongous tits dangled down her chests as she waited patiently for his reentry. Seeing his aunt's accentuated fat ass got Ali even harder than before, and he propped himself on his knees behind her. Then, he pierced her gushing hairy pussy from behind, pulling out more slurred moans from her as he drove his entire length into her greedy cunt and buried himself up to the hilt. With two palms gripping on her supple gluteal flesh, Ali kneaded hard on the warm mass, digging his fingers deep, so it stung her delectably. Soon, he began to move his hips- slowly at first, before loud slapping rented the air as he went utterly delirious with sending vicious backshots into his yelping and moaning aunt.

“Yes, aunty! Arghhhh! That ass is so fat and juicy! Aghhh!” Ali smacked across the supple flesh and watched as the bright red flesh undulated from his action, making his aunt shriek and moan aloud. He rammed furiously as he felt his pelvic floor burn before slamming in and bellowing in stasis as he bred his aunt with copious spurts of his sporadic spraying cock. She moaned softly as he coated her walls with his spunk and clenched her cunt around his meat until he was drained dry and pulled out with a sharp gasp. His aunt slumped back on the bed with heaving breaths of recovery, and without saying a word, Ali slowly slunk out of the room and let his aunt drift back to a much-needed sleep with her cunt full of his seed. 

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