Gay shorts pt2. A Chance Encounter

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I hadn’t planned to even be at this club tonight, dragged by my best friend Tim, I had little choice but to tag along to keep him from pestering me. Though I was beyond my social limit, I found myself hiding away in the seedy-looking bathroom until I gained the courage to leave already.

Fuck I hate this place…

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It was always a grimy place, emphasized by the gloryhole cut in the stall beside me. While lost in thought, my vague fears were brought to the surface, the faint sound of footsteps coming closer, finally stopping as it reaches just beyond the wall. A moment of silence fills my head, until it’s broken by my own surprised squeal, seeing a thick, throbbing cock pushed through the hole, a silent order hanging in the air for me to serve it.

I felt my chest rising and falling with my sudden rush of arousal. I had fantasized about scenarios like this before, but being here is something else…

I couldn’t hold myself back, slinking down to the floor, I leaned forward, letting it press against my lips before finally letting it sink into my mouth. Daintily, I begin sucking on the stranger’s tip, feeling it tense up occasionally, eliciting a perverted pride across my mind, smiling to myself as my pace increases.

Without even realizing it, the man was reaching his orgasm. When I felt the first surge of cum hit my tongue, I pulled back, watching as he sprayed his load in the air, flinching as it landed across my face.

Absent-mindedly, I stare blankly at the cock in front of me, licking my fingers until they were clean, instinctively wiping my face with them for more of the sticky treat. Before I had a chance to finish my reward, I heard the sudden click of my stall door sending my heart into a panic. Staring up, it sank even more when I saw who was standing there…

Tim stared down at me, a smug smirk on his face as he stroked his half-hard cock in my face.

“Still want more, hm?”

I couldn’t handle it, the intense humiliation spreading across my face, in that moment, I found perversion. I took pleasure in being degraded like this, my inner-feelings exposed, I gave in, crawling between Tim’s legs, I look up into his eyes as my hand replaces his on his cock.

“Yes please~”

I could barely believe my own words, but I didn’t have to hear them for long. Tim reached down and grabbed onto the sides of my head, letting his cock force its way into my mouth, he begins brutally fucking my throat, enjoying the sound and sensation of my gagging on his shaft. After a few moments, I feel as if my vision was fading away, Tim pulling my head back for a much needed break. As I gasp for air, Tim spits down onto my face, barking his orders at me.

“Get back to work bitch!

I then felt his cock forced back into my throat, my own cock tenting my pants, leaking precum through the fabric, straining for attention.

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