Lesbian fantasies (Part 3)

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I couldn’t hold it in. The urge to submit was too strong, and I caved completely. Before I knew it, I was eagerly lapping my tongue between Samantha’s legs, savoring the feeling of her body trembling against my face, her thighs clenching around me, even her voice echoing in my head whenever she whimpered or moaned.

It was like a constant river of rewards flowing into me, unable to keep track of the near-endless amount of pleasure washing over me, I simply basked in it. Fears and intrusive thoughts swam around my mind, trying to invade the pleasures I was allowing myself, afraid of the obsession she had been holding for me, but the stronger part of myself was glad that it was this way. No matter what she wanted from me, I was willing to provide it, to give myself completely and utterly to her without pause. It was as if the object of beauty herself was fawning over me, and I couldn’t even hope to resist.

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Pushing those thoughts entirely from my mind, I allowed myself to succumb, tasting Samantha’s sweet juices across my tongue, her pussy quivering against my touch, each hot breath from my lips eliciting shivers from her body. Before I knew it, she was eagerly riding my face, grinding her pussy against my lips, not even caring if I was pleasuring her, she was using me for her pleasure! Normally I may feel offended by being used like this, but to be beneath a woman like her, it was a gift!

I readily gave myself up to her, panting between her thighs, sticking out my tongue for her to use at her leisure, feeling her pace only increase frantically, her desperate moans of ecstasy taking over any thoughts I had left. Samantha filled the room with her passion, echoing against the walls as she tightened her hold around me, forcing me down against the sheets as she began trembling madly.


Her quivering voice sent shivers across my body, feeling as I myself was feeling the same sensations, I listened in awe as Samantha came on my face, shivering with pure bliss on top of me. Despite Samantha not even touching my pussy, I felt it trembling with her, as if I was owned by Samantha already and she had pressed my bitch button…

With her tremblings dying down, Samantha dug that feeling into me deeper than I would ever be able to pull myself out of. She rose from my face, turning around and straddling my chest as she had a sadistic grin on her face. She puckered her lips, and some part of me knew what to do, parting my lips for her as she spat into my mouth, laughing openly as I swallowed without hesitation. Her show of dominance over Samantha kept us there in an awkward silence.

Looking down at me, she reached forward and squeezed my cheeks, pursing my lips as she leaned forward, forcing me into a deep, passionate kiss. Samantha then spoke down three words that caused my body to quake, not with fear, but with relief.

“I’m keeping you~”

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