Lesbian fantasies (Part 1)

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It was almost too much to bear, the sight of Samantha before me as she walked through the house. Every step she took was as if she was running a catwalk, holding the grace and prestige of a high-class woman, yet living with a woman like me

Each and every day, I couldn’t help myself from giving in to the myriad of thoughts that invaded my mind, of Samantha dominating me, forcing squeals from my lips as our bodies pressed together. I wanted her to play with my big tits, toying with them to please herself, sitting on my chest and staring down at the wet mess I devolved into.

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I wanted nothing more than to worship her divine body, giving in to her desires and becoming her compliant toy. Though I knew that was always going to remain a fantasy, but still, I could freely get lost in it during my more private moments.

Which is what I often resorted to, hiding away in my room whether Samantha and I have a discussion, whenever my pent-up passion becomes too much and I need release desperately. I hide myself away and slowly descend into perversion, letting my slender fingers tease my wet hole, softly moaning out Samantha’s name as I imagine her there above me, staring down with disapproval before giving me my punishment.

I needed it more than anything, my mind constantly assaulted by the burning desire to have that intimacy with her, to feel her control wrap around my neck, to succumb to my desires and live only to serve hers…

Still lost in thought, I can feel my body beginning to tense up, my orgasm approaching. I always imagine the same thing, a perverted thought, but an intense one.

I had always wanted to be caught by her, moaning out her name too loudly, or even forgetting to lock the door. No matter how it happened, I wanted it. I wanted to be caught and punished by her, I wanted to be humiliated and degraded by her, and I craved the feeling of submitting and being her pleasure toy.

Opening my eyes slowly from my trance, I feel it wash over me, my orgasmic bliss taking over my mind, right as I lock eyes with Samantha, who was staring down at me over my bed. Unable to stop myself, I lock eyes with her, spasming on top of my sheets as she smirks at me, only intensifying the pleasures I felt. In my fit of ecstasy, I moan her name straight to her face, seeing her smile only grow.

The next few moments are torturous, feeling my ecstasy fade, I’m left with the burning shame and humiliation of what just transpired. Freezing on my bed, Samantha is the one who makes the first move, grabbing a fistful of my hair and dragging me out into the hallway, marching to her room as I squirm on the floor, listening to her sadistic giggling.

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