Gay shorts pt1. Intense retreat

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It was only meant to be a friendly get-away from the usual bustle of our lives, though Alex hadn’t planned anything more than what he wanted. I should have known better when we arrived, seeing how cramped the cabin was that we were staying in, but I stayed quiet. I should have objected to his idea of locking away our phones to ‘get away from the city life’, but I didn’t.

Now I find myself here, beneath Alex as he has me pinned to the ground, a noticeable bulge straining in his pants as he breathes heavily down my neck. Try as I might, I can’t so much as try to topple him, whether his natural strength, or brought on by his lust, he holds me still.

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“I’ve been waiting for this, Harry~!”

His voice wasn’t the same, as I looked up, I could only see Alex’ glazed-over eyes, clearly he had lost himself to whatever desires he had been holding onto.

“Look, just let me go! This isn’t funny…”

I couldn’t even make my tone convincing, I knew what Alex wanted, but I could bring myself to admit it to either of us. I knew how he had been lusting over me since we met, stealing sly glances and peering across my body, but I tried to ignore it. Trying to realize my mistakes, my thoughts are cut short as Alex rolls me over onto my stomach, letting my panic set in. With what little strength I could muster, I scurry forward, only for Alex to grab at the hem of my pants, pulling them to my ankles and exposing my bare ass to his lecherous gaze.

“Fuck… I’m going to enjoy hearing you scream…”

He sounded calm, but his iron grasp on my body sent fear across my body, feeling it pulled back and into his grasp again. Without any warning, I felt his thick, wet tip press against my virgin hole. There was no fight left in me, I could do nothing more but slump onto the floor, feeling his fingers dig into my waist as he thrusts forward into my quivering hole.

Alex only laughed as my guttural, pained groans filled the roam, squeezing tighter as he bottoms out, forcing his cock inside of me to the point that I feel as if I’m going to break. What was supposed to be a relaxing trip had turned into a humiliating ordeal, the first of many thrusts smacking against my ass as Alex begins fucking me. The part that filled my chest with dread was the faint arousal building between my legs. Despite my hatred for what was going on, I felt my cock stiffening in response to his assault.

Alex took notice, reaching down between my legs as he pounds into me, I feel his cold fingers clasp around my cock. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, his stimulation sending me over the edge, I painted his fingers in my sticky load, whining out as I tried to stop myself… The air is filled with silence for a moment, before Alex reaches in front of my face, smearing my face with my own cum, laughing at me as he speaks a dreadful sentence into my ear.

“This is going to be a very fun week together~”

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