Lesbian fantasies (Part 2)

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When we finally get inside her room, it’s like traveling into another world. Her walls adorned with pictures of myself, tiny shrines dedicated to me of all people. After letting go of my hair, she locks the door behind us, then stares down at me, that scary smile returning, like a predator looking down on their prey.

I felt like just that, prey. Locked in a room with a woman who somehow had even more intense obsessions than myself, I was suddenly left feeling faintly afraid of what was to come. While I would have considered this a genuine pleasure before, now it seemed like the prelude to a terrible evening…

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Seeing the distinct hunger in her eyes, it may be just that. Without a word to me, Samantha tugs at my hair again, pulling me onto her bed before pinning me down by my limbs. Staring for a moment, she suddenly collapses on top of me, forcing our lips together in a mad embrace that leaves me feeling breathless, panting desperately for air after her assault.

Samantha’s face however is burned-red, absolutely sunk into a pit of pleasure that had no way to climb out, she was completely lost to it!

Fearing for my own sanity, I tried to topple her over and escape, but only felt myself pressed into the sheets in response. Looking back up at her, I realized just how fruitless those attempts would be, and watched for what she was intending next…

It was exactly what I feared would happen. Samantha began crawling up my body, a faint grin on her face as she adjusted her panties to one side, revealing her glistening pussy. I tried to steady my breathing, knowing what was coming next, but was still unprepared. Samantha dropped onto my face, smothering me with her pussy, forcing my hot breaths between her legs, feeling her quiver with each one, as well as the feeling of them clenching around me.

I couldn’t even think, held in place by her desperation, she had clearly held an obsession much deeper than my own over all of these years. Her juices ran down my cheeks, her breathing echoed in my head, and her constant grinding only sent me further into my own pit of pleasure. Despite the situation, I still held fondly to my fantasy.

Having a gorgeous woman like her riding my face was a dream come true, despite the situation behind it, I was aching with my own arousal, desperate to slake my lust.

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