Best 5 summer sex stories

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We came up with extremely hot summer sex stories and selected the best 5 short stories. Get the ultimate summer feeling with our 5 best summer sex stories. Sweat and cumshots in de blazing heat of the summer sun. enjoy!

The no. 1 best erotic summer story

She is the one, he knew it the moment he laid eyes on her. The manifestation of beauty in warm human flesh. He saw her enter the bar on a sweet summer evening wearing a summer dress and clutching her purse. Tears swelled in her eyes, her makeup running down her cheeks. 

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She sat at the bar and ordered herself a scotch on the rocks. She looked vulnerable because of the smeared make up, but her choice of beverage betrayed what lay under it. A strong soul, who knew the perfect way to feel said. He watched as she sipped on her drink, slowly emptying the glass, before he decided to go over to her. 

“You look happy,” he said to her, smiling. 

“This is peak happiness,” she raised her empty glass, “I think I need some more of it.”

And he ordered her another drink, and another it didn’t seem to affect her much, only her tongue became looser with every sip. She told him about the jerk who invited her to a date, just to never show up, how she couldn’t get her degree, because of an asshole professor, and he tried to pay attention, nod at the right moments, stay silent when that was her expectation. She was easy to read for him. He did this for decades. 

They ended up in her apartment. She giggled as she showed him to the bedroom, undressing along the way, teasing him. Once they were in bed, it was his time to tease her. They kissed, he tasted the scotch on her lips, and he started caressing her. Her shoulders, her breasts, her thighs. He planted a kiss on her forehead, then on her cheek, and he worked his way down. Her chest, her belly, her thigh, down to her toe, and then back up. But this time, when he reached her thigh, he didn’t go back up. Instead, he reached under her legs, and held her by the hips, burying his head between her legs, and finding the most sensitive spot on her body with his tongue.

He felt her quiver after a few minutes of playing with her clitoris, her body tensed and relaxed as she climaxed, letting out a huge sigh. He went back up, the same way he came down, but stopping on her lips, to give her a long kiss. 

“Now it is my time to get my satisfaction,” he whispered in her ear. She giggled in response and reached down to undo his pants. He stopped her, grabbing her wrist, and pinned them over her head. He towered over her and bared his fangs. She didn’t have time to scream, as he put his other hand over her mouth. He leaned in to get his satisfaction, from the pulsating artery on her neck. 

The next morning, she felt groggy, and thought she had the strangest dream, about a stranger, out for her blood. In the mirror she saw two pin pricks on her neck and a drop of dried blood. Then she understood it was not a dream, but the man was nowhere to be found.

No. 2 short summer sex story

The knocking came again, Jack heard it. He went into the room, afraid, which was rare for him. He was a security guard, if there was anyone coming, he would fight them off. But this was a morgue, and the noise came from inside. Nobody should be capable of trying to leave this place. 

He froze in front of the fridges that housed the bodies of the deceased and listened. Long minutes passed before the sound could be heard again. He went to the door from which the metallic clanging came and ripped it open. 

Inside was a beautiful woman, who they placed here just before the morgue closed for the day. She gasped in terror and tried hiding the nakedness of her marble white body. Jack took a step back and stumbled on one of the stainless-steel tables.

“Are you all right? How did you get in here?” he asked.

“I just feel so called, please warm me up,” she said while climbing out.

Jack gave offered coat to her as she approached, but she needed a different kind of warmth. She embraced him. Jack almost tried to fight, then realized he must be dreaming, so why not go along with it? Also, she looked beautiful despite the paleness of her skin. He kissed her on the neck first, then the lips. Her mouth had the taste of bleach, and she was colder than anyone Jack has touched before. 

She shoved him onto the table, then started undressing him in a pragmatic, almost aggressive way. Jack winced as he felt the cold steel under his back. Lying there naked on the table he felt like he was one of the dead himself. The girl climbed onto him, her cold hand reaching down for his penis, playing with it. After a few moments, Jack felt himself getting rock hard, like a tombstone, and the girl guided his cock into herself.

Jack sighed, as he felt her cold, wet vagina sliding down on him. It was a feeling he didn’t think possible. He reached out to grab her breasts, but the girl with lightning quick hands stopped him, clutching his wrist, and pinned it down over his head. She had no emotions on her face, as she started riding him. Slow at first, and then faster and faster.

Jack started to feel the cold not just on his back anymore, but radiating through his body, into his limbs. His cock felt like an icicle, there was no pleasure in the intercourse for him anymore. He tried to lift his arms, jerked around, trying to get out from under her, but there was no hope for him. She was stronger and heavier than she looked, and she rode on relentless. The cold took over Jack’s body and he stopped struggling. The darkness came and he closed his eyes.

The next morning the mortician came in and opened the fridge to start working on the new girl that was brought in the day before. She exhaled and clutched her chest, as she saw the pale face of Jack, the security guard looking up at her from the cold steel tray. 

No. 3 summer sex story

„Whatever you do, don’t look the paintings in the eye,” his grandmother told him a long time ago. And it quickly became one of the imperatives that governed his life. Living in the old family house which was full of old oil paintings this was a hard task. He even added to the collection sometimes, as he was quite fond of the arts, he loved the paintings the most. But he never looked the figures on them in their eyes.

He went to an auction one day, and he found a piece that he instantly fell in love with. It portrayed a maiden leaning out the window of a tower, in the soft light of the setting sun. Her hair waving in the wind, her marble body only covered by the impression of a fine muslin robe. But he didn’t even look at her face. He spent a considerable sum to acquire the piece, as many of the participants were enchanted by the serene beauty of the painting. It was made by an artist whose identity was lost to the ages, as he didn’t sign it. 

When it was finally installed in the great hall of his ancient mansion, he stood in front of it, and took in all the details, the stonework, the crimson sky, the hair of the maiden, the trees in the background, but as he stood there, he noticed that every line pointed to the face of the figure, and he left his gaze wander there. And before he knew he was looking her in the eyes. 

Much detail was put in those two blue pearls, one could see the care, the anonym master used to portray them as lively as possible. They were too real, he realized, and then saw the maiden from the picture standing in front of him, in the flesh. 

He opened his mouth in surprise, but the maiden put a finger over his lips, commanding him to hush. He couldn’t even move, he was chained by her beauty, the full lips, the blonde hair, the nipples showing through the thin fabric.

She smiled as she realized what he was looking at, and took the dress from one shoulder, to reveal her breast. He took a step backward, but she grabbed his wrist, letting the dress fall down to her ankles. Her full breasts were adorned by a gilded necklace which was kept hidden on the painting. She was a goddess, he thought, and this goddess leaned in to kiss him. They made out in the hall, and he took her to his chambers. She lay down on the bed and looked at him, like a hungry cat would look at a mouse. She invited him over, and they continued on the bed. 

It was his first time with a woman, so she showed him, all the wonders of the body, where to caress her, where to put his fingers, what to do with his tongue, and his throbbing cock. He felt he was in heaven, when he finally entered her. They made love in missionary, him looking her in the eyes for the whole time, and as he climaxed, he remembered what her grandmother said. “Don’t look the paintings in the eye.”

Come next morning the last descendant of the great house was nowhere to be found, the servants looked for him, and by noon, they realized where he went. They looked at the picture in the great hall, and there he was looking out the window of an ancient tower, with a golden necklace around his neck. 

No. 4 story for the summer

The wind was playing around in the branches of the trees, ruffling the leaves in the moonlight. She listened to them and felt the twigs and fallen leaves crunching under her feet. It was a beautiful full-moon and the blood dripping down her chin and straining her shirt glistened like oil. She was just returning from the hunt. It was a good night. She found a farmhouse just at the edge of the forest. There was a little girl and her parents. The father cried and the mother screamed as she sucked the girl dry. She then continued with the father and left the mother, so she could tell the tale and plant fear in the heart of the residents of the village.

She heard someone moving in the distance, careful, quite steps. Her thoughts started racing, a long-forgotten excitement rushed through her. These were the steps of one like her. They were a lonely kind, just a few dozen of them roaming around in the forbidden woods of Escalot, rarely meeting with each other. She heard the other stop and turn. They must have noticed her too. She started going faster and faster running in the end. She cut through bushes one of the branches cut her face, her blood mixed with the peasants’. 

She saw him in the moonlight, he was tall and slim, his muscles painted with black blood glimmered in the moonlight. His long hair waving in the gentle breeze as he raised his head looking at her. Through her spine a strange feeling rose, a deep longing mixed with fear and anger. They stood face to face each other. Minutes passed, they smelled each other on the air, they heard the other growling. 

He moved faster than lightning the next moment standing behind her trying to kick her legs from under her. She was fast as well, jumping up and kicking him in the chest while in the air. She turned around, expecting him to be on the ground, but the man seemingly disappeared. When he heard the branches snapping over her it was already too late. 

The man was lying over her pinning her to the ground. His eyes black as coal watching her. On a sudden whim she kissed his lips. She tasted the blood of his pray. He hesitated for a moment but gave over himself to the pleasure. She bit his lips and tasted his blood as well. He let down his guard and she quickly turned the situation around, sitting on him. The man smiled at her as he licked the blood from his lips. She fumbled with his britches, feeling he was already hard.

When she freed both of them from their clothes, she sat on him. As she felt the pleasure surging through her, she buried her nails in his chest. He growled from the pain but kept smiling. Now it was his turn to take over. When he was on top again, she lifted her and put her up against a tree. He started thrusting, letting out growls. She felt she was drawing nearer and nearer to climax when he suddenly put her down. He grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around, hear face to the trunk of the tree, and he entered from behind. With one of his swift hands he started stroking her down there, and with the other he grabbed one of her breasts. She felt him going stronger and faster with every thrust, then her body tightened into a knot and releasing all the tension in one big orgasm. After the fact she realized she screamed at the top of her lungs when they finished. She felt the man came too. She felt weak and fell to the ground. As she looked around there was no one there anymore. 

Years passed when she decided to return to the village, where she took the peasant family. It was wintertime, the trees lost all their leaves. As she approached, she noticed the tree line retreated back several miles. The village was nowhere to be found in its place stood a fortress made from the cut down trees. The towers and walls raised above her menacingly. There was a closed gate in front of her, and on a spike a head with features that she thought she recognized. It was the man of course, she met so long ago in the light of the full moon. It happened again, she thought as she walked away from the fortress. Another one of them dead, and the forbidden forest Escalot lost another acre. She wondered how long until all of the forest was burned down, and her kind eradicated.

No. 5 hot summer story

She woke up and saw that she was in some kind of dark dome. The material seemed strange to her, and there were peculiar appendages extending from the smooth surface. On a second blink they looked they were between CCTV cameras and eyes. She lay on a pedestal, that felt like a mix of living flash and cold, dead stone. When she realized she was abducted she sat up in a quick motion. She gasped for air and looked around for any kind of clue which could tell her where she was.

She saw a pedestal next to her, with a man lying naked on it. He was strong, muscular, and had a fairly large penis, that was lying flaccid between his legs. She soon realized that she was naked as well. She tried covering herself with her arms, from the spying eyes on the appendages, she had the feeling that they were transmitting her live for someone to watch. She looked at the man again and noticed that he started opening his eyes. She flushed and tried to hide herself even better. The man sat up too, and opened his mouth.

“Where are we?” he asked in a groggy voice.

“I don’t have any idea, just woke up a second ago…” she answered, still feeling hot in her face. 

There was a strange noise, that sounded like static, but had a rhythm to it, like speech, coming from the walls of the dome. They covered their ears in pain, and in front of them a screen lighted up.

“welcome humans. this is research. reproduce. at end you go free.” the letters showed up on the screen. It took a second for her to understand, this was the translation of the alien sounding speech they were hearing. Instantly they both started pleading, shouting, screaming, crying but it was no use. There was no more speech, no more text on the screen. They looked at each other.

“What should we do?” she asked, looking for support. She also pulled up her nose, as she started to smell something funny. She realized the air was completely sterile until that point. 

“I have no idea. Even if we do what they ask… What if they don’t let us out even then? I have a wife at home,” he said with tears in his eyes.

She noticed that his penis was rising as he spoke, and soon he had an erection, which he didn’t seem to notice. For her surprise she was not repulsed at all, in fact she felt aroused as well. He was a handsome man, but the situation was not good for this kind of activity. 

“I want you,” she said suddenly, surprising even herself. The man looked down at his crotch saw his erection and looked back at her.

“I have a wife at home,” he said, but he was already on his way to her. 

First, they kissed, wildly, biting each other’s lips and tongue. She felt him lifting her up from the pedestal with his strong hands, his erection tickling her down there. She realized that she was already wet. She thought about the smell and realized it must have been some kind of aphrodisiac. “Whatever,” she thought to herself, they were doing this already, there was no way they could stop now. 

He put her down on the pedestal again, and quickly inserted his cock. It went in smooth, and she let out a little scream, as she felt him inside of her. He kissed her neck, as he started thrusting. He couldn’t hold back, after a few seconds he was going full speed. They both let out sighs, she was holding onto him, digging her nails deep in his back.

It must have been going on only for five minutes, when she felt she was coming closer to the climax. His breathing became quicker as well, his movements more erratic and uncontrolled. She thought about pulling out, stopping right there but there was no way, neither of them could let the other go. He came, and after she felt it inside her, she did too, her body tensing around him. 

He let go, and looked at her, with sadness and loathing in his eyes. He then turned away and went back to his pedestal. She lay down, feeling the semen dripping out of her, and she knew what he felt, she felt the same way, too. They didn’t talk, but soon a different smell came, and they went to sleep. 

She opened her eyes on a hospital bed. A nurse stood by her bed and tried calming her down. He told her she was found in a forest, unconscious and brought into the hospital. Her husband was on the way already, he would be there in a few minutes. She murmured a few words.

“What did you say?” the nurse asked.

“I said I think I’m pregnant.”

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