Pulled away

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It was supposed to be a fun night-out among friends, seeing the sights of the city on our weekend off, laughing together and socializing. Instead, I’m pinned up against the wall of a dark alley, my friends walking past without even noticing I had been pulled in here. With a stranger’s hand over my mouth, I try to scream out for help, but to no avail.

What I feel next sends a cold sense of dread across my body, a knife cutting the fabric of my clothes, splitting my pants until they fall to the ground, tearing my shirt into tatters in the process. With my exposed ass now inches away from his crotch, my muffled screams are replaced by defeated whimpers and stifled sobbing.

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“Keep your fucking mouth shut, or I’ll make this much worse than it has to be!”

His threats struck a chord, only having recently had my clothes cut from my skin, I was frozen in fear. The man slowly took his hand away from my mouth, and I stayed silent, even as he pushed me onto the cold floor, I didn’t say a word. Though when I felt his bulging tip press against my virgin hole, I couldn’t hold it in any more, feeling him push forward, I screamed, throwing my hand out in front of me as he shoved himself inside.

“I said keep quiet!”

The man reached forward, hooking two of his fingers into my mouth and pulling my head up to watch the crowd. Feeling his thick cock invade my hole was agonizingly painful, his thrusts sending me into a fit of sobbing, made even worse by the idle glances cast down at me by each passerby. I could take it, the constant assault on my ass, forcing guttural screams from my throat as he shoved his fingers deeper, combined with the reluctance to help from any of the onlookers.

To solidify my place among the trash beside me, a group of girls passed by, flashing a gaze over, I thought for a moment that they may have pity on me. Instead, one of them points to me and hurries the rest over, each taking a pose around me as the stranger continues raping my once-tight ass.


Either not realizing what was going on, or not caring, they simply took the time to capture it before giggling as they walked away. With the audience gone, my eyes snap open at the realization of why they didn’t help…

My screams had stopped, replaced with faint moans that accompanied each thrust, the man on top of me laughing at my sudden gasp. To emphasize my new place as his bitch, he repositioned himself behind as he pulled me to my hands and knees. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, my cock spasming in the air as he fucked me, I felt my body cave, squirting my load in front of my, staining the ground with my pathetic humiliation. My whorish cries of ecstasy wracked across my senses, only made worse by the man’s sudden increase in pace. Worst yet, I didn’t want him to stop, tensing up again as I felt him tense up inside of my ass, surging his thick, sticky load into my hole. I felt claimed, owned by him, and as he gripped my hair, dragging me further down the alley, I found myself faintly smiling, stroking my cock in anticipation of what was to come.

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