Dad’s Best Friend 

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It wasn’t my intention to eavesdrop, but when you get my dad and Matt together, they tend to get loud. They had been best friends for years, and since they didn’t get to see each other very often, they always had a lot to catch up on when they did.

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– Matt B.

We were at a party and cookout at Matt’s house. It was one of those humid summer days, and he was cooking food up on the grill. I was lounging by the pool when I overheard Matt complaining about how his wife had stopped giving him head ten years ago. It wasn’t what I expected to hear him say. My cheeks blushed as I listened.

It was kind of awkward to hear about, to be honest, but I soon realized I was actually getting turned on from it. I always had a little bit of a crush on Matt, even though I knew he was off-limits. He was my dad’s best friend, after all, and I was only 18. He was in his 40s. But I had to admit that I always wondered what it would be like suck his cock.  

“How are you, Sadie?” Matt said a few minutes later, as he pulled up a chair next to me by the pool. It was like he somehow knew I had been thinking about him. 

I pushed my sunglasses off my face and up onto my head so he could see me better. “I’m good! I’m so jealous that you have a pool and we don’t. I always told Dad I wished we could install one, but we don’t have the space.”

Matt took a big swig from the beer bottle he was holding and laughed, his tanned face cracking into a smile. He had brackets of lines around his mouth and eyes, showing his age. It turned me on. “You know you’re welcome to come swim at any time. I was just telling your dad that. My pool is your pool.”

Building up the courage, I finally said, “Speaking of being welcome, I couldn’t help but overhear you talking to my dad about, um, you were missing in your marriage. I just wanted to say that that is always on the table. . . with me.”

I watched Matt’s face go through a funny series of expressions then, and it was quite amazing to witness. I wanted to read his mind. 

I didn’t have to wonder much longer, though, as I soon found myself downstairs in Matt’s basement with him an hour later. He had pulled me through the house in a hurry. The party carried on outside, with nobody any wiser about what was happening in here. The sounds of laughing and splashing were faint through the concrete walls, as I dropped to my knees.

Matt quickly pulled his cock out from his shorts, and I dragged my tongue across it, looking up so that I could watch his face twist and contort. Being the reason behind his pleasure made my pussy throb. 

“Fuck, Sadie,” he groaned, and I loved hearing him say my name like that. I had been fantasizing about this. 

I started to slide all the way down his cock now, shocked at how big and thick he actually was. I always suspected he was well-endowed, but I never thought I’d get to experience it. It was by far the most perfect cock I had ever seen.

His big hands played gently with my blonde curls as I started to slide my head up and down, slobbering on his cock as I went. I got him nice and wet. I could tell he was enjoying this just as much as I was. He kept moaning and sighing, occasionally thrusting his hips forward so he could fuck my face. I was happy to let him do it. I stretched my lips as wide as they could go and stared up at him. The eye contact was hot and intense. 

“God, that feels incredible,” Matt said breathlessly. “Yes, just like that, baby.”

The taboo of it all turned me on more than any other blowjob ever had. I also loved the fact that I was giving him something his wife wasn’t. I don’t know if sucking cock had ever made me so horny. My pussy was absolutely throbbing now.  

“Fuck, I’m so close. Are you ready for me to cum in that pretty mouth?” Matt said, after a few more minutes had gone by. I slid my tongue across the vein that covered his shaft.

“Mmmm,” I mumbled in response, ready to taste his jizz. 

He held my face still as he came, his hot load shooting straight down my throat. I happily swallowed it down, my eyes watching Matt looking down at me, almost like he was in awe. His cum tasted great and was nice and warm as it slid down my throat and settled into my belly. I couldn’t help but want to do it again and again. 

I sat back on my heels when he was finished and grinned up at him. He had never looked so handsome. He reached for my hand and pulled me up to his level.

“I don’t think this needs to be said, but we can’t tell anyone about this,” he said urgently, putting his cock back into his shorts. I could tell he was worried. 

I winked at him and licked my lips. “Don’t worry. I keep a good secret. I wouldn’t want to ruin anything for you.”

“For what it’s worth, that felt fucking amazing,” he said, quieter, as we headed back up the stairs to rejoin the party. “I wouldn’t. . . I wouldn’t mind doing this again at some point, if that was okay with you.”

I looked back over my shoulder at him, my mouth stretching into a smile. “Oh, I want to.”

After that, we started going crazy. 

Matt and I hooked up in his cars the following week. We found an abandoned road and pulled off to the side. With my hair pulled back into a ponytail, I lowered my mouth down onto his cock as the sun set across the fields. It was beautiful and serene. He came down my throat then too. 

A few weeks later, Matt snuck me away with him on a long weekend work trip. I was worried his wife would know, but he assured me it was okay. His job had booked him a gorgeous hotel room, and we spent the night cuddling in bed and soaking in the big tub. We knew nothing would happen except for the amazing head I was giving him, but it was still nice to do that for him. I didn’t need there to be more. 

He surprised me on that trip by pulling out a blindfold and putting it over my eyes as he slid the thick head of his cock over my lips. I had been sitting patiently on the edge of the bed, waiting for him, and I hadn’t expected that.

That blowjob was so sexy. It was raining outside, and the sounds of the raindrops smacking against the windows created an intense mood, and not being able to see heightened my senses even more. 

“Nice and slow. That is perfect,” Matt said, sighing, as I wrapped my lips around his perfect cock. “You have the best mouth for cock sucking. Such a good girl, Sadie.”

He started to really fuck my face then, which was something we hadn’t done yet. I loved the aggressiveness of it. He was rough in the best way, holding me by the hair as I kept my jaw wide open so he could really get deep into my mouth. 

“I want to cum on that beautiful face,” he said, pulling the blindfold off me.

I looked up at him desperately, so aroused by the thought of him cumming on my face. I felt extra naughty, like we were taking things a step further and really pushing our boundaries.

It only took moments after pulling out that his cum was shooting out onto my closed eyelids, the rest of it splashing against my cheeks and chin. Matt took the wet head of his cock and slid it across my lips, pressing his way in between them so I could suck him clean. I lapped up every drop of cum remaining.

“Oh my god,” he said, when he had finally finished. 

He went to get me a towel and helped me clean up. It was so tender, having him wipe his cum from my face. Then we lay on the bed together, cuddling and kissing.

“I loved that,” I said, looking into Matt’s eyes. 

“Really?” he asked, seeming surprised and almost exhilarated. “Do you promise?”

I nodded. “I promise.” I noticed his eyes falling shut. “But it’s almost three in the morning, and we should sleep.”

Sweetly, Matt kissed my cheek and rolled over.

I settled deep into the comfortable hotel bed and fell asleep smiling.

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