Red Cheeks

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It had been a week since Julie she loved me, and she hadn't said it since. I had been spending extra time at work to prepare for one of the company parties that I had to attend, and planned on dragging Juliet along, so that was also the last time we had sex, unless you'd count the times when she would blow me or jerk me off if she saw that the day had tired me out, or if I wanted to wake her up in the morning with my head between her legs. Those thoughts were distracting...

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I watched her grow visibly uncomfortable before she nodded when I asked, "Have you ever gotten a spanking?"

She shrugged. "When I was small."

"Hand me your hairbrush."

Wordlessly, obediently, probably not wanting to provoke me, she picked up the wooden hair brush and handed it to me. We sat on her bed as I idly brushed her hair, which I sometimes liked to do. It probably made her feel more like a child, but I really did love her hair. It cascaded down her shoulders in shining, clean, waves. And she was completely naked.

"Get over my knee." I said.

She tensed. "But what did I do wrong?" She knew how I sometimes liked to punish her for little things, just to punish her. She still thought there was something she could do about that.

"Nothing." I said candidly. "Just bend over."

Eventually I got her to lay right, and I knew she could feel my erection. She was tense and scared, her legs stiff and pressed tightly together. She looked beautiful like this, with her face bright red and her ass up in the air.

When I didn't do anything for too long, I could feel her anticipation start to crack her.

"Was I bad, sir?" She asked.

"This isn't a punishment. Now stop talking or I'll gag you."

I had only gagged her a few times before, and she didn't really mind it, but she didn't like it either, so she stopped.

She was squirming in my lap, making me harder. In a way, it looked like she was presenting her ass to me.

The first hit wasn't that hard, but it was unexpected and she jumped. A little mark was there, turning her creamy skin pink. The second one was harder. A lot harder. It whistled through the air and she yelped when it hit her.

"Aw," I empathise as I rubbed where the skin was changing colours. "Did that hurt?"

I knew how much she hated it when I talked to her like that.

When she relaxed, I spanked her again, this time with my hand.

"Answer when I ask you a question, Julie. Did that hurt?"

"Yes sir," She said, frustration noted in her voice.

I would switch between using my hand and the hair brush, and sometimes I would massage the flesh a little so it didn't get too bad.

After one particularly hard whack, I put the brush down and rubbed my hands over her until her breathing calmed down. She had her teeth gritted tightly and was trying not to cry. It might have been a bit too hard. But she had a high pain tolerance.

Then, just for the hell of it, I slid my hand down further.

"Holy shit, you're into this." I deadpanned, all stern in my voice gone.

"I am not!" She said immediately.

I rubbed her a bit harder. "Are you positive? It seems like you liked that."

She hopped off of my lap. "No I didn't!" She said defensively.

I raised an eyebrow. She was blushing and awkwardly standing in front of me, self-consciously covering herself. She just shrugged.

I shook my head. She then sat on my lap. I held her around the waist and touched our foreheads together.


 I kissed her, smiling as I felt her lean into me. She was starting to really trust me. Like me, even. Or at least she liked kissing me, having sex when I wasn't tying her up. She just liked making me happy. I tightened my arms around her, pressing her into me. She was smiling and put her arms around my neck. We were holding each other. It was comforting. I liked it, but I wasn't in the mood for comfort.

I tapped her thigh. Wordlessly, only breaking the kiss for half a second, she brought her knee up and over my lap, straddling me. She sexily grabbed my tie, pulling me to her mouth. I couldn't help but laugh at that.

 Her nimble fingers got to quickly removing my tie and unbuttoning my shirt. I shrugged it off and threw it into a remote corner. As we kissed, my hand lazily moved between her legs. I smirked. She gently bit my bottom lip. My eyes shot open. That was hot, but unexpected.

She shut me up by kissing me again. Her mouth was sweet, like strawberries and vanilla at the same time, a strangely perfect combination. Her lips were soft, full, and plush, like little pink clouds pressing against my own lips. My face was probably scratching her, I hadn't had time to shave this morning, but she didn't mind. When I reached for her pussy again, she pulled away and kissed my neck, near the base of my throat. I closed my eyes as she gently sucked on the skin, but wouldn't leave a mark and claim me like I had her...all over her body. Her kisses travelled downward, each one sending a stronger spark of excitement through my stomach. She took her time unzipping my pants and pulling them down my legs, which I kicked off in a flash. She tentatively touched me through my boxers before holding the elastic and pulling them down, too.

She gently kissed it, and I wanted to strangle her for being too soft, too slow when she knew what I needed. She gained a normal pace when she took me into her burning hot mouth and started sucking, placing one hand on my thigh and gripping the other one around the base of my cock. I grit my teeth as I held her by the back of her head, guiding her as she once again gave me the best head I had ever gotten. When I felt myself reaching the edge, I pulled her head back.

"Get up here." I needed to fuck her. I leaned against the headboard so I was sitting down.

"Ride me."

I knew she had never done that before, so I put her legs over me the way they needed to be and positioned my cock into her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating off of it.

"Whenever you're ready." I breathed, pathetically trying to be sexy.

She placed her tiny, soft hands on my chest and slowly lowered her body, impaling herself with my cock until she was sitting on my lap again. We both moaned at the sensation. I pulled her up by her waist and pushed her down again. She took the hint and picked up the pace, rocking her hips into mine in circular motions, grinding on my body to take me in deeper. When I felt myself getting close, which was too soon for my own pride, I took one of her breasts into my mouth and reached my hand between us to play with her clit. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock even tighter when I did that, which really wasn't helping. Without pulling out of her, I grabbed her around the waist and flipped us over so that she was lying down and I could thrust into her.

"Fucking cum," I growled, rolling her clit with my fingers and pinching her nipple with my other hand.

"Ah," She cried, arching her back. "Clark!" She gasped.

The second I felt her tighten again, I lost control, too, and with a grunt, I shot my seed deep into her. 

She just looked up and smiled sweetly, then kissed me on the lips.

We lay there for a while, kissing comfortably. Her mouth was sweet, and always had an immediate effect. It was so calming, all of a sudden, to know that someone was there, and that someone really wanted me. That used to only be when I knew she meant it. But most of the time, now, I knew she meant it. And that was so hot. So excited, which, in fact, had the opposite effect of calming me down. Honestly, it was just conflicting. I didn't just love it. I craved it.

When she got too tired, we had repositioned ourselves so that her back was pressed to me, with my hand cupped softly under her breast and her ass pushing against my groin. I loved her in a way I had never been able to love anyone else. And I knew she was just only starting to like me, but I had already attached myself to her in a way no one else could. 

"I'll be home all day tomorrow." And that was enough for her to know what I meant.

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