The farmers daughter – Part 2

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My heart raced and ached, begging for more as Sheamus' rough hands stroked the curves of my youthful figure. I could sense the vigor coursing through him as he pressed into me, grinding himself between my legs. My body grew warm and then hot as I felt something hard prodding against my leg. I froze in panic and gasped as I reached out curiously, my hand palpating the length trapped in Sheamus' trousers. A trickle of fear mingled with my heated thrill. 

“S-Sheamus,” I whimpered timidly as his fingers dipped under my shirt. “Did you bring protection?” I asked already worrying over future consequences. My inexperience made me uneasy as we went further. 

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His hands stopped at the latch of my bra, “of course. Are you OK, Belle? You're trembling like a leaf.” Sheamus lips hovered over my neck. He lay perfectly still atop me, listening closely to my words in the thick silence of the dark barn. 

I thought about it. I was freshly 18 and still a virgin. I had come close a few times with some of the young guys in town, but I'd always chicken out or lose interest under clumsy attempts at seduction. However, the hired farmhand’s confidence was intoxicating. I felt reassured by the calm tenderness in his embrace. “I'm fine. It’s just my first time.” 

“Really? You sure you want to?” Sheamus recoiled slightly, but I pulled him back, growing lustfully in his ear. 

“I want this.” My body ached for his. “Touch me, please.” 

“As you wish, love.” Sheamus relaxed against me, the supple curves of my body like puzzle pieces as they pressed flush with the hard plateaus of his masculine form. 

His warm, rough grasp roamed the hills of my body, caressing at my hips and breasts as he kissed me. Overwhelmed and exhilarated, I gave in to my instincts. Kissing and caressing him all over. The manly musk of his natural scent was all the more intoxicating. My hands explore his body further. 

Reacting with carnal desire at the hardness of his body, I was filled with need. I spread my legs and ground my moist trench against his leg. Sheamus responded in kind, before his fingers hitched to the buttons of my dress, undoing each one swiftly before peeling the garment away. His mouth found the peaks of my bare breasts licking and nibbling at the at my rosy nipples. 

I cooed and arched into his mouth, encouraging his lips. The bristles of his mustache and goatee tickled my soft skin. I giggled, flustered at his hungry kissing. My body trembled as he sank down further, pecking at my tummy and over the mound of my panties. I was already soaked and hummed impatiently as his teeth found the hem of my underwear. I shuddered, full of want as the fire haired hunk peeled the damp fabric away. 

My sex puckered and pulsed in frustration, silently urging him to touch me there. He peppered my inner thighs with love bites as his callous fingers found the fat pearl embedded in between the slick petals of my pussy. 

“Oooh!” An intense pleasure rippled through me with every flick of his robust digits. I cried out in agonized ecstasy as his rough fingers delved into my folds, dipping the tips of his digits into the tautness of my hole, drawing musky honey from my depths. 

“Oh, Sheamus,” I crooned again as his fingers began to penetrate me deeper, pumping into me at a pace that ignited every fiber of my being. I groaned and squirmed as he stroked my insides, churning my trench into a sloppy mess. 

“So eager, my dear, Belle,” Sheamus growled, drawing his soaked fingers from me. He grinned salaciously as he licked them clean. 

Dizzied by my want, I hissed for more. I suddenly heard his overalls jostle free and the wrapper of the condom tear. My eyes darted down and my chest clinched in surprise as I saw him roll the prophylactic down his naked shaft. He was just as large as the rumors inclined. Shelf doubt began to seep back in. Was I really going to take that much on my first time? 

Sheamus grinned at the look of bewilderment on my face. “Don't fret, lass. I'll be gentle,” he promised as he spread my thighs and climbed over me. 

My heart raced faster as I felt the girthy heat resting atop my quivering mound. My chest tightened as he leaned down, kissing me with the intent to distract me from the swing of his hips. The fat tip of his cock rocked into the soaked trench of my pussy. His end pressed softly to my entrance. My heart swelled with anxious thrill. 

I felt dizzy as his sex began to pry me open languidly. Slipping inside with slow, searing determination. A hiss emitted from my throat as his length reshaped the deeper, untouched parts of my depths. As he came halfway, I knew the profound ache in my stomach signaled the loss of my virtue. I welcomed it greedily as Sheamus stole my breath with his passionate necking. 

The apex of his length pushed flush with the innermost walls of my womb. I shuddered with ecstasy, my own hips giving into the surge of lust rolling through me. This new sensation was so intoxicating! I began to undulate onto him in my needy impatience. 

A breathy chuckle rumbled from Sheamus' chest. “In a rush, love? Thought I'd make this last,” he growled, bucking into me hard and slow. 

My body lit up like a sea of stars, stirred by the steady ebb and flow of his thrusts. My whole being reacted of its own accord, rocking in rhythm with his bucking. Our bodies crashed hard, the pace of our pumps synced with the flurried pace of our hearts. I moaned and cooed openly in chorus with Sheamus’ grunts and groans of bliss, driven wild by the heat between us. 

The walls between us gave way to carnal instinct. Sheamus’ thrusts became more frenzied and harder, blanching my sight with each ram of his huge cock as he buried deeper into me with each swing of his hips. I clung to him as he drove into me, riding the rippling waves of pleasure each solid impact summoned within me. My world narrowed to this clammy nook in the barn. My senses soaked him in—his smell, his touch, his taste—the clap of his moist flesh against mine. 

“Oh, Sheamus!!” I called out, tangling my fingers into his rich auburn hair. 

His large hands gripped my hips, holding me softly in place as his fervent thrusts reached a euphoric crescendo. The knot of pleasure in my stomach clenched tightly at my core—my mind whirled, going blank as an orgasmic current towed me in. I drowned in my arousal as I came hard, shivering violently as my entrance clinched to the barrel of his hilt. 

As my body seized, Sheamus moaned, trapped by his own arrival. I felt his strength wane as he struggled to pull out. Unsheathing himself from me and slipping off his condom just as his cock throbbed hard, erupting in hot milky gouts of semen that sprayed across my abdomen and chest. 

“You bastard,” I chuckled at him. 

Seamus gave a cheeky, though weak, smile as he fell back on his haunches. 

I basked in the afterglow of our romp and laid, starry eyed atop the hay as Sheamus slumped onto his backside. Panting, he caught his breath, and a hazy grin appeared on his face as he gazed at me. He still had enough strength to wink in my direction. Staring down at the mess on my chest, I chuckled back at him again. A rush of adrenaline still coursed through me at the thought of what we had done. 

I had lost track of time but suddenly remembered the festival and hastily grabbed up my dress to return before my presence was missed. 

“Oh? Leaving so soon?” Sheamus sighed at me, then froze up in horror. 

Tracing his gaze, my eyes met the furious expression on my father's face as he stood at the front entrance to the bar barn, shotgun in hand. He glared daggers at Sheamus. “You-you!! No-good bastard!!” my father hollered and took aim. 

“Daddy! No!” I flung myself at my father, pushing up the muzzle of his shotgun just as it went off. 

My ears rang, but I caught a glimpse of Sheamus darting around us and fleeing into the night. Pa gave chase, shouting more profanities than the Christian man should, and I followed after him, crying. “Daddy, no! You can't pa, please!!” 

To this day, I still feel sorry towards Sheamus, though I feel a little less guilty anytime I sneak out to meet him in the barn. What pa doesn't know, won’t hurt him.

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