The farmers daughter – Part 1

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Living out in the country could be so boring for a freshly turned 18-year-old like me. We lived near a small town only a few miles away, but even then there wasn't much going on in the rural town of Barnesville. The only thing I had to look forward to were the new releases in the theater. Still, I was much too busy with chores on the farm to go out and see movies much. My only source of entertainment were the farm animals and any gossip I could glean off the hired hands. 

Though, recently my mind lingered on more than just gossip. I had heard that one of our hired Wranglers was packing. My heart fluttered when I found out it was Sheamus. A handsome Irish immigrant with fiery hair and freckles over every inch of his visible body. He was a jokester who'd stop in and trade lighthearted barbs with me and the ladies. I enjoyed his spunky nature, but my attraction to him remained hidden. Until now. 

“I would rate 10/10. Took me less than and hour to chat with the first woman and plan a meeting. I think the site overall is intended for older people and mature women seem to be very active. But can also find some younger girls.”

– Edward T.

After hearing about how well-endowed he was, my ravenous virgin mind couldn't help but fantasize about him as he worked in the fields and with the cattle. My body would flush with a need filled heat as I watched him toil from the balcony of the main house. Red fiery hair tousled and damped from sweat, his soaked shirt clung to his rippled torso. Thick and strong from hard labor, my tiny crush was suddenly too big to ignore.

“Cat got your tongue, Maribelle?” Sheamus’ intoxicating accent drew me from heated thoughts as I watched him towel down after a hot afternoon of work. 

I stood dumbfounded with a glass of lemonade in my hand. I had intended to give it to him, but my mind went blank as he tugged his sweat soiled shirt off. His chest emblazoned with scarlet curls. “Huh?” Lost for words, I just stared at him like a doe in the headlights. 

Sheamus' expression became serious. “Are you alright lass?” He leaned down, coming eye level with me. His coarse fingers brushed my forehead. 

Hypnotized by his verdant eyes, I froze and sank into the forest of his gaze. The touch of his callous digits against my head snapped me from my trance. “Oh my goodness. I'm just fine. I don't know where my head went. I must just be tired. What about you? You must be tuckered out. I brought you this,” I stammered in panic. 

Sheamus smiled and drew back, accepting the drink. “Thanks, lass. I was just asking if you were going to the Harvest Festival tomorrow?” 

“Oh yeah, of course. My pa is the host after all.” 

“Right, right.” Sheamus paused, mulling over his next words. 

“Why,” I pressed. 

“Oh. Nothing, Just curious, that's all. A beautiful lass like you must have dates lined up for miles,” he teased. 

I blushed. “I do not. Well, I mean, there's really only one person I'd like to go with.” My mouth seemed to shrink the closer I got to my confession. 

“I know—I'm the best looking stud in this stable, I reckon.” Sheamus was joking, inflating his machismo for my amusement. 

I smiled at him, but the sultry want in my eyes gave me away. His brows rose when I didn't join in on his self mocking jest. “Oh, come on now, lass. I’m old enough to be your uncle.” 

“You're only 27, older brother at the most,” I retorted. 

“Watching too much of the hub, girl.” He huffed back. 

“Oh, hush, who doesn't watch porn nowadays?” I scoffed. 

“Quiet down, your old man will hear you,” Sheamus warned. 

“Is that it? You're scared of my pa,” I teased him. 

Sheamus' eyes darted around. “More fearful of your pa's gun collection.” 

“Fine, Come meet me at the outer barn after the opening ceremony.” I tempted him, walking closer till my breasts pressed into his chest. “Everyone will be in the pumpkin patches on the far side of the field. Ain't no one going to bother us there.” I wasn't sure what had come over me, but I loved the look of lust and Sheamus' eyes at the thought of my insinuated proposal. 

“Do you think me a coward, lass?” 

“I'll just have to wait till tomorrow to see if that belly of yours is yellow or not.” I tittered, taunting him again. I could feel the tension in the air as I turned and strutted away. As soon as I was out of earshot, I let out a huge sigh. My heart thundering. What had I just done? Now, if I didn't show up, I'd look like the coward. 

Still, I could not deny the rush I felt. A burst of adrenaline coursed through me at the thought of our risque rendezvous. I could get in so much trouble if pa found out. Even so, a rebellious voice in the back of my head told me I was an adult now. My father couldn't dictate my life anymore, and for once, I wanted to live a little. Tomorrow night was going to be a new chapter in “demure little Maribelle Reeds” life. 


After setting up the decorations and the welcome signs, I waited by the main house as guests filled in and gathered round the big the makeshift mainstage. While everyone was distracted with pa’s opening speech. I slipped away, heading to the barn where Sheamus was supposed to meet me. It was dark, save for a few electric lanterns here and there. The animals had been put out to pasture, but the damp, musky scent of hay and beasts remained. 

“Sheamus,” I called out into the darkness timidly. My breath hitched as a large hand grasped my wrist, drawing me into the shadows of the nearby haystacks. My heart leapt into my throat as a hard body pinned me to the coarse straw. 

“Fancy meeting you here, Belle.” Sheamus smiled mischievously at me. 

“Oh Sheamus, you scared the bejesus out of me.” I hissed at the laughing man. 

“Sorry, Sorry.” He apologized through a fading chuckle. 

“Why are you standing in the dark like a creeper?” I held back a chuckle of my own at the state of him. 

Straws stuck out of his bright hair, loose overalls hung lopsidedly on his too-wide shoulders. “Just keeping a low profile,” He shrugged, feigning his slyness. 

“So scared of pa you disguised yourself as a scarecrow, huh?” I pulled a piece of dry hay from his scarlet locks. 

“Suppose so. Would that make you Dorothy?” 

“Ha ha, sure. I left my Ruby slippers at home.” I joked with him as we lay intimately on the bed of straw. 

The look in his eyes became warm and sultry. “Shall we go looking for my heart then?” 

“That was the Tin Man, silly,” I laughed. “The scarecrow needed a brain.” 

“Right, and that's still the case being I'm laying here with the boss's daughter.” Sheamus wiped his mouth, attempting to rid his face of his guilty grin. “I must be mad,” he whispered as he gazed down at me lustfully. 

“I'm a young woman, Sheamus, old enough to make my own decisions, and I want this.” I beckoned him with the yearning in my voice. 

He leaned down and kissed me. My heart nearly burst. I had shared some awkward teen kisses, but this was new. Sheamus knew what he was doing. His lips pressed firmly and tenderly to mine. His passion radiated contagiously in his touch. I followed his lead, kissing him back with gentle fervency. Our tongues met and entwined in a sensual dance of dominance. I surrendered to him, falling limp into the hay beneath me as his hands explored my young taut body.

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