Ebony Boss Becomes a Fuck Buddy

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Anthony Miller was a bright young lawyer just passing out from law school. He was starting his career out as a junior to the Nevada prosecution lawyer Aliyah Williams. Anthony was a topper of his class that’s why he didn’t have any problem in securing a place in the law firm of one of the most sought-after lawyers in Nevada. Yes, Aliyah Williams was a star in the state.

Although Aliyah was just 34, she was one of the most successful lawyers in the state with a 100% win record. Most of the aspiring lawyers looked up to her as their inspiration. The same was with Anthony and that’s why he was delighted when he got the job. There was another reason why Anthony was so happy after landing this job; he would be working with the girl he always dreamt about in his bed. Yes, deep down inside, Anthony Miller wanted to fuck Aliyah Williams. 

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However, Aliyah was not showing interest in Anthony, she barely noticed him in the office or the courtroom. Anthony was a stud. He was the prime example of what a young white American man in his early 20s should look like. Many white girls were into him and he fucked many of them. But, Anthony always wanted to fuck black girls and the ebony of his dreams was Aliyah William. 

He tried a lot to get noticed by Aliyah but he failed every time. He wanted to be her best assistant. Anthony worked overtime to impress Aliyah and also helped her by going out of his line to make sure Aliyah gets the clues she needed to win her cases. He was all over Aliyah. It wasn’t that he wanted to be in a relationship or he was in love with Aliyah, Anthony wanted to fuck her badly.

And why shouldn’t he have such a dream? In fact, many of the defence attorneys wanted to fuck her. Aliyah had a body to die for and any man would get hard by seeing her in a bikini. She had over a million followers on Instagram because she used to post her pictures wearing sexy lingerie and bikini. She was the perfect sex symbol and the dream sex partner for most men in Nevada.

What attracted Anthony to Aliyah more was her 34C boobs. He just wanted to have them in his hands and squeeze and suck them hard. Every time Aliyah comes to the office wearing her black suit, most of the men in her office will keep staring at her boobs. And, she knew it and that’s why she used to show come of her cleavage as well. Aliyah was smart and she knew a man’s needs. 

An Impromptu Meeting

Aliyah was fighting a very important case. It was a rape case of 23-year-old Alice Morgan. She was taking this case very seriously because the entire state of Nevada was looking up to her for the justice of that poor girl. She was also emotionally involved in that case and wanted to get the accused behind the bars for as long as possible. However, there was a vital clue that was missing.

And, she needed that badly and fortunately for Anthony, he found it. The accused was married and while raping Alice, he dropped his marriage ring at the site of the crime. And, Anthony, while investigating for Aliyah, found the ring. It was around 9 at night when he called Aliyah delightfully, “Yes mam, I have that ring with me. I will send it to the forensic and this case will be yours once again. Congratulations.” 

Aliyah said, “When is the next hearing?”

“It’s next week, mam.”

“Good, then you don’t have to go to the forensic tonight. Come to my place and give it to me.”

“Mam, your place, now? Won’t that be a problem?”

“Do as I say, bring the ring to me as soon as possible.”

“All right mam, I will do as you say. I will be there in 10 minutes.”

After saying this, Anthony realized that he was in his boxers and he didn’t have the time to go to his house and wear pants and then go to Aliyah’s house. His house was an hour away from where he was at that moment. But, Aliyah’s house was just a 10-minute drive from there. So, he thought, “Fuck! I will hand over the ring and storm out of the place straight away. I’m not going inside.” And, Anthony started the engine of his car to drive for his impromptu meeting with Aliyah. 

The Judge

When Anthony reached Aliyah’s home, he rang the bell of her house and Aliyah opened the door. By seeing Anthony in boxers, she couldn’t control her laugh. Aliyah was wearing a T-shirt and short jeans. Anthony handed her the ring and he was about to leave when Aliyah stopped him. She asked her to come for a drink. Anthony hesitated because he was wearing boxers in front of his boss.

But, Aliyah insisted that it will not be a problem at all. So, he went in and Aliyah gave him a glass of wine. They were sipping wine and talking about the case when suddenly Aliyah went up and said, “It’s good that you are here. You have to help me with something.” Anthony replied, “Anything for your mam, tell me what do I have to do?” Aliyah gestured for him to wait and she went inside the bedroom. Anthony was confused as he was curious to know what Aliyah wanted.

He had never come so close to the girl of his dreams. And, he was sure in his mind that he would fuck her tonight if there was a chance for him. After a few minutes, Aliyah came to the living room where Anthony was sitting. Anthony was spellbound because Aliyah was wearing a bikini. She said, “You have to judge which bikini is good for me for my next shoot. I am confused.” Anthony nodded.

After watching her in so many bikinis, Anthony’s dick wasn’t under his control anymore. And his bulge was visible clearly because he was wearing a boxer. As Aliyah was finished showing Anthony all the bikinis she had bought for her next shoot, she came and sat beside Anthony and noticed that his dick was up. Anthony tried to control but it was in vain because Aliyah saw it and Anthony thought it would be big trouble for him and he might get fired. 

Lose Yourself

Aliyah said after looking at the bulge of Anthony, “If you are having a hard time wearing those boxers, remove them and give your little friend to me. I will play with it.” Anthony couldn’t believe his ears. He was hesitating and that’s why Aliyah took the charge. She removed Anthony’s boxers and started to suck his dick. It was so magical that Anthony was almost in tears. He couldn’t believe that he would fuck Aliyah Williams.

While sucking his dick, Aliyah took off her bikini and she was totally naked. Those boobs that Anthony wanted to suck for so long were now in his hands. He could play with them. Aliyah kneeled in front of Anthony as he was sitting on the couch and receiving a blowjob from the girl of his dreams. After that, Aliyah laid down on the centre table and spread her legs.

She was inviting Anthony to eat her pussy and Anthony did that with eagerness because he wanted to taste that black pussy for a very long time. Once he was done eating her pussy, he immediately started to fuck her black pussy. Aliyah said, “You need to fuck me in the ass too.” Anthony nodded. Aliyah gave him a lube which he applied to his dick and Aliyah’s asshole. 

After that, he entered the butt he always wanted to fuck. It was like ecstasy for Anthony. He was having the best time of his life. After some time, Aliyah had an orgasm and simultaneously, Anthony ejaculated as well. Aliyah went up and started to suck his dick again. She wanted to taste her ass too. Once Anthony’s dick was up again, Aliyah told him to fuck her pussy and Anthony obliged. 

This time, Anthony ejaculated his load in Aliyah’s mouth which she swallowed completely. After that, Aliyah told Anthony that, from that night onwards, they would act like professionals in the office, and she would be his boss. But, once they get out of the office and when the clock strikes 9 at night, Anthony would come to her house every night and they would be fuck buddies. 

This was what Anthony wanted and now he fucks Aliyah every night. Anthony is living the life of his dreams. He goes on vacations with Aliyah and they know one thing to do if they are outside their office and that is to fuck. They decided that they would be fuck buddies forever.

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