A new desire

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Seated alone at the bar, Emily pondered her drink with a heavy sigh. Originally, she had plans to be in London with her best friend, but unfortunately, his second cousin or some distant relative had unexpectedly become pregnant, resulting in his presence being required in France to assist with planning a hasty wedding. Emily had reached out to other friends, inquiring if they could return early, but they regretfully explained they were still immersed in family vacations or engrossed in their internships. And so, here she remained, facing two more weeks of solitude until the term commenced.

Engrossed in her desolation, Emily failed to notice another patron entering the bar and taking a seat beside her. His introduction jolted her out of her melancholic trance.

“STOP! Hey mate, now that I got your attention I’d like to share with you this new site I found with literally anything you can think of, ranging from orgies, grannies, teens, incest and you know.. the kinky stuff. I made this review just to help a brother out. Peace.”

– Jake A.

"Is this seat taken?"

Emily startled upright and glanced over. Next to her sat a well-groomed, middle-aged black man. His head was cleanly shaven, his physique muscular, and his captivating smile enhanced by a neatly trimmed beard. A camera bag and backpack hung over his shoulder.

"Please, go ahead," Emily responded politely. He settled into the seat and ordered a drink.

"I can't express how refreshing it is to see someone your age. You're the first person under fifty I've encountered all day. I'm Kyle," he introduced himself, extending his hand.

"That's because school hasn't started yet," Emily replied, shaking his hand. "You're a bit early, about two weeks ahead, and until then, this town is rather quiet." She marveled silently at the firm and commanding grip of his hand.

"Oh, I'm aware. The university hired me to capture promotional photos of the campus for their recruitment materials. I thought I'd arrive early and snap some 'before and after' shots," Kyle explained.

"Wow! You're a professional photographer?" Emily's interest surged suddenly. She was an active member of the fashion club and possessed a keen passion for photography. She aspired to incorporate it into her future career in some capacity.

"I work freelance; I value my freedom," Kyle chuckled. "This gig for your university is more of a 'build up some savings' job rather than pure enjoyment."

"Interesting. What else do you photograph?" Emily inquired curiously.

"I shoot nature, fashion shows, and...other subjects," Kyle laughed.

"What kind of other subjects?"

"Nothing that would pique your interest. I also had the opportunity to shoot in Milan," Kyle swiftly changed the topic.

Emily quickly took him up on his offer and leaned in next to him. They spent the next hour or so looking over Kyle’s work. He also took this time to realise how beautiful this young girl was. She was beautiful enough she only needed a bit of eye shadow and mascara to make her face pop, her white shirt kept teasing what looked like a black lace bralette underneath, and the way her legs were crossed in her skirt made it ride up, leaving him tantalisingly close to seeing more. The girl was dressed like sin... and yet, she seemed oblivious to what she was doing. He was sure she knew she was attractive, but she had no idea how her persona came off.

They spent the rest of the evening together and Before she knew it, she found herself at his door and in his bedroom.

Kyle Slowly reached over and Emily allowed him to take her hand, as he placed it gently over the fabric of his sweatpants. She softly gripped as they both moaned. He took her chin and guided her lustful gaze from his cock to his face. They looked at each other only a moment before their lips met. Emily knew she shouldn't, with a man old enough to be her father, but she couldn't resist. His lips felt so good on hers, his tongue felt amazing, plundering her mouth in a passionate kiss. She kept rubbing his cock over his sweatpants, searching for the base as it seemed to continue forever. She kept moaning into his mouth, words lost in their fiery passion.

He reached over and unbuttoned her blouse, as she used her free hand to manoeuvre his shirt off. She moaned again as she saw his well toned muscles, as he slipped her clothes from her body, and deftly unhooked her black bra. They sat for a minute, staring at one another before he lowered his mouth to her nipple as she quaked. Emily had never felt this level of pleasure, a fire running through her body from the nipple in Loam’s mouth right down to her sopping wet core. She moved her hand from stroking him off over his sweatpants to free his cock.

Kyle jerked in shock and pleasure as he felt Emily's small hand around him, trying to stroke him under his restrictive sweats. He broke his lips from her breasts and captured her in another kiss as she moaned. As they made eye contact, they both paused, then separated, jumping up from the bed as Kyle stripped out of his sweats and briefs, and Emily unzipped her skirt and stepped out of her panties.

They admired each other's nude bodies before Emily's eyes locked onto Kyle's cock. He was so much bigger than he'd felt, if that was possible. His black monster stood an astounding eleven inches, and was thicker than anything she'd seen before.

She slowly reached her hands down, first running one hand down his entire length as he shuddered, then wrapping both around his hard cock. He shuddered as his cock twitched under her soft, gentle touch. She descended to her knees, almost as if in a trance, coming face to face with his head. The first thing that struck her was the smell. No, not smell, it wasn’t dirty and grungy, Kyle awoke something primal in her. She smiled up at him as she inhaled. He was intoxicating. She slowly moved one hand from his cock down to fondle his balls. They both moaned as she felt the heat of his sperm.

Kyle leaned back and let out a long groan as Emily explored. He'd had plenty of women, but none compared to Emily. They all either saw him as some cheap porn like conquest to be had after their boudoir shoots, or baulked once they saw how big he truly was. The ones that made it to the bedroom were never able to take his full length. Yet here Emily was, the first girl to be truly curious about exploring him. Other woman who had given him hand jobs just seemed to tug at him like he was some huge dildo, and here was Emily, gently caressing him.

Emily noticed his pre cum as she handled her new toy. She looked up at Kyle and saw his eyes closed and mouth ajar. She leaned forward, giving his slit a gentle kiss.

He twitched again in her hand as his eyes snapped open and made contact with her innocent face. She looked at him with those adorable brown eyes, comforting and mysterious at the same time as she gave him another lick, then another, as she continued to stroke him.

Kyle knew he was close. He could feel it as Emily tongued his head and continued to milk him.

"Emily, fuck that feels so good. You're going to make me cum."

Instead of backing off, she instead doubled her effort. She started trying to fit him, inch by inch, down her throat, moving one hand off his cock to start coaxing his balls. When she looked up at him with those adorable, innocent eyes it finally set him off. Kyle exploded into her mouth, spurt after spurt of his hot cum coursing down her throat.

Emily loved his flavour, loved his scent. He was salty and thick, as she happily gulped down his cum. She gently took his cock and laid it over her face, peppering kisses on his underside.

"Fuck Emily," Kyle moaned, leaning back, "You're going to make me cum again if you don't stop with that."

She didn't notice when Kyle leaned down to pick her up, tossing her on the bed until it was too late. Her legs spread for him almost instinctively, as he leaned down to capture her in a deep kiss. His cock quickly settled between her pussy lips, sliding in between due to her wetness. He slowly thrust, grinding the length of his cock along her.

Emily came immediately. His entire eleven inches rubbing along her clit, along with the lack of stimulation the whole night caused her to explode. She'd been so wrapped up in making Kyle cum that she forgot about her own needs.

“Go slow. You're so fucking big." Emily kissed him as she stopped stroking him and positioned his head at her entrance.

Kyle could feel her anticipation as he slowly thrust forward. She was so fucking tight, this nineteen-year-old virgin who he was about to deflower. He felt her breathing become more laboured as more of his cock disappeared inside of her. And they fucked like horny bunnies all night.

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