Sex with my babysitter story

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Mina was working at James’s babysitting his son as his wife passed away. It was a good job but there was a problem: the man was sometimes too hot for her to handle and today she just couldn’t help herself but go into his room to fantasise about him.

His scent was intoxicating, and filled her mind with naughty thoughts that sent a shiver down her spine, her virgin pussy tingling in response. She couldn't wait until she got home; she had to come here and now in his bedroom, surrounded by everything he owned. Did she want to be owned by him, she wondered.

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James  entered the house and quickly noticed the stillness in the air - no television; no crying three year-old; no teenager on the telephone. She must be upstairs putting Kevin to bed, he thought. He decided to not call out her name just in case Kevin was already asleep. Making it to the top of the stairs, he heard a noise that surprised him - a soft moan coming from down the hall.

Sex with the babysitter

James  walked to his son's bedroom and peeked in - sound asleep. He closed the door and continued softly down to the end of the hall, his ears attuned to the soft, muffled sounds coming from his bedroom. As he drew closer, the source of the sounds became quite obvious. His heart-rate quickened and a tingling sensation passed through his body as he heard the soft moans of pleasure coming from the mouth of his babysitter, Mina.

Standing to the side of his bedroom's doorway, his mouth felt like cotton as he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Mina was on his bed, her skirt bunched at her hips as her fingers caressed her still panty-covered pussy. James 's cock grew rapidly in his pants to the point where it ached. But what blew him away was when Mina brought one of his t-shirts to her nose and inhaled deeply as she lightly caressed her sex.

Fucking the babysitter 

"Fuck me," he mouthed, his hand unconsciously adjusting himself to relieve the ache in his pants.

Every guy had a list of fantasies: the pinup girl with the hourglass figure (that was Sarah, his late wife); the secretary with her glasses and tight skirt; and near the top of the list was the babysitter - barely legal, petite, blonde, and innocent. Mina fit the bill to perfection.

Mina slipped a hand underneath her pink panties, her soft, girlish moans echoing in James 's ears. "Please," she said barely above a whisper, her eyes shut, her fingers busy, "please, James, fuck me."

Mina moaned again as James 's mind raced. She was so close to breaking him and she didn't even know it.

"I'll be naughty for you...if you teach me."

James  hadn't had sex in two years, and here was a tight, young teen on his bed touching herself and fantasising about him. What was he supposed to do?

He waited a few moments before opening the door all the way, allowing it to lightly hit against the wall. Startled by the sound, Mina sat up and quickly pushed her skirt down.

"James," she panted, her pale, white skin flushed in embarrassment, "I...I'm sorry I'm in your's just..."

James  closed the gap between them as Mina still sat on the side of his bed, her face almost level with his crotch. "I saw what you were doing."

"I'm sorry-" she started, searching for an explanation that didn't lead to total embarrassment.

James  placed his fingers on her mouth, silencing her. The warmth of her skin and the fullness of her lips was exhilarating and triggered something deep within his limbic brain. James  sat next to her at the side of the bed and leaned in, inhaling her intoxicating scent. Reaching down, he grazed his hand over the soft skin of her inner thigh, lifting her skirt in the process.

Mina's breathing was erratic, the swell of her pert breasts rising and falling as James touched her lips, sending electric shocks all over her body. This was what she had wanted but could never have hoped for; yet, here she was in his bedroom...with him. What was he going to do to her? What wouldn't she do for him? The feel of his hands on her coupled with his musky scent in the air made it hard for her to breathe. She watched his hand slowly, hungrily, traverse her thigh. When he reached her panty-covered pussy, he lightly grazed his fingers along the length of her slit, lingering each time on her clit. How did he know exactly where to touch her, she wondered. She wanted to scream out as she clenched the bed sheets in her tiny fists, relishing the feeling of his fingers rubbing her pussy better than she ever did.

Without another word, James brought his hand up to Mina's pussy delicately rubbing the length of her parted outer lips. 

"Oh, God," she moaned, as his fingers rubbed her clit.

His hand moved from her breasts to her neck, squeezing gently as her hips began to grind in response to his touch. Mina wanted to scream out, but at the same time loved how he was in complete control of her body. A tingling sensation began in her toes and fingers as a familiar but heightened sensation emanated from her gut. Then in an instant, her orgasm overtook her with a force unlike anything she could have imagined.

James  looked down at the babysitter who was sprawled on the bed, her skirt bunched at her hips, her panties wet from her orgasm, her eyes wide as she stared at the bulge in his pants. In that moment, he knew what he wanted...and he was going to have it. As he unzipped his fly, Mina's eyes widened, her mouth agape in surprise as he slowly released his cock.

Mina watched in amazement as James took out his cock. It was thick, with a large head and bulging veins, his balls hanging heavy and low. James  couldn't wait any longer. He gently took her hand away, unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down over his hips.

"Suck my cock."

Not exactly sure how to proceed, Mina tried to imagine what would feel good. Wrapping her fingers around the base of his cock and feeling it throb in her hand, she took him into her mouth, relishing the taste of his skin against her tongue. The feel of James's thick manhood between her lips as she slowly bobbed up and down on him gave her a tingling sensation between her legs; she reached down and felt the evidence of her arousal.

He then pulled away to strip off his clothes and told her to do the same. 

"Turn around," he said, a command barely above a whisper.

Mina stepped out of her clothes that were gathered at her feet and turned slowly to face him. James  took in the site of the 18 year-old babysitter: smooth, white skin with a hint of a tan; toned legs leading up to a firm, heart-shaped ass; a trim, dark blonde triangle of hair providing a teasing hint of her womanhood; a flat belly, a result of her youth and cheerleading; small breasts with nipples erect, begging to be sucked; and a youthful face that was at once cute and alluring. Mina was exactly what he needed at this moment.

He closed the distance between them in one, fluid motion and kissed her with such urgency she gasped in his mouth. He suckled her hard nipples, eliciting a delicious moan as he caressed her pussy and felt how wet she was for him.

"I want you," he whispered in her ear.

"Please," she whispered.

He pushed her down on the bed - forceful enough to communicate the seriousness of his desire, but not so hard as to sever the growing intimacy between them. James  reached into the bedside table and pulled out an unopened box of condoms. (He had bought them months ago when he thought he might have a use for them.) Feeling impatient, he ripped it open, pulled out a single packet, and tossed the box to the floor. As he unrolled the condom down his shaft, he got a good look at the girl's moist pussy as she was sprawled out on his bed, legs open and inviting.

Unable to contain himself any longer, James  climbed onto the bed between Mina's legs and kissed his way up her body, licking her sensitive nipples along the way as his shaft rested heavily on her stomach. Kneeling between her legs so he could watch his cock penetrate her, James  placed the tip at the entrance, Mina taking in a sharp breath in response. He watched her closely to read her reactions - her eyes were transfixed on the point where their bodies met. He felt his cock throbbing in his hand as he positioned the head at her entrance, feeling the heat of her womanhood. Pushing forward, he immediately met an obvious resistance. He was going to take her virginity, he realised; a small part of her would forever belong to him. And he did so by fucking her into the oblivion and Cumming inside her non stop. 

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